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How are you guys doing today I hope you're having a fantastic day. Got smile on your face And you're ready for a brand new video if you're not yet apart of the family Do me a favor specialist drive on term post notifications to never miss out on a brand new video So the other day I was actually driving on the highway and I had a situation No, I did not get in an accident, but I could have because of what actually happens Maybe you guys know I tend to keep fire extinguishers in my car. You never know what's going to happen and Well, I'm gonna roll this clip but with no audio because your boy was not happy Yes The fire extinguisher went off in the back of my car and basically ruined the whole entire interior I'm gonna show you guys what the inside of the car actually looks like now since that whole entire incident Here we go Open this on up and yep, the whole entire car is covered And what is known as it dry Kim aka dry chemical which is what is inside a fire extinguisher As you guys can see the whole entire up. There we go. We just made some dust move The whole entire car itself is actually covered if you took a look over there these seats were all pushed forward down like it was laying flat and Next thing, you know when the fire extinguisher went off and went through the whole entire back of the car But it also went all over this door it got on that seat Even though that seat was pushed down come over here even in the front of the car. I had to clean the seat So I could drive and clean my steering wheel, but if you guys take a look everywhere This stuff is absolutely everywhere and it is a mess what I'm gonna do is take my car to one of the best car washes around in the area have my car get washed and Then also have the inside of the car itself get cleaned out But before I do that I'm gonna get my mom's reaction to the mess of my car because I sent her the snapchat of the whole entire thing when it happened So mom, you know I sent you that snapchat yesterday of my car basically doing its thing. So go ahead open it up Take a look It's a mess Oh Yeah, yeah, yeah that's that is what happened Better your car. Yeah mine. Well, this was your car at one point. Yeah, and I bought it off you It's yours in a mine a check. Check the front yeah It's it's everywhere. Oh, they're gonna hate you at the car wash I know Yeah, that's bad, isn't it Yeah tried driving in it. I had I've had to drive with the windows down just so I could breathe. That's Ridiculous, I wouldn't do that Really yeah, well, I hope you enjoyed that My car It's bad I know I get it just Think I was considering buying it back from you not now, why would I like my car I don't want nobody to buy my car. That's pretty much how I thought my mom would react now I got your gas in the car and then we're gonna finally get this thing cleaned out and then we're gonna go to the best car wash around just so My car does not continue to look like this and we got a line But there's a reason because this is like the best car wash in the area. So everybody comes here to get their car wash I am gonna feel bad for the people that have to actually clean the interior of my car there currently I am last in line and like honestly, I'm fine with that because the whole entire situation with the car itself I just hope nobody else pulls up behind me because I feel like they're gonna have to wait longer just because of the mess of The car I don't know how well you guys can actually see my car, but it's right there and they're starting to vacuum it. So We're looking good already. Here we go I love a special done by the way The floor is lava Five four three two one. Okay, you know that was like three years ago I already lost the guys actually came in to talk to me He's like hey We got the car as clean as we possibly could right now because nobody wants to get that stuff in their lungs Which I don't lend them dry camp. It's at the greatest thing debris. I do appreciate their honesty. I'm low He's gonna keep coming back here to prove weight Fry just every couple of these until I could just get the car itself fully cleaned. So I am now leaving the car wash I'm gonna show you guys the interior of the car when we get back It's a lot better than what I was expecting because a big mess I didn't know exactly how much they'd be able to get like off the car This is why I think this place is definitely the best car wash in my local area Just because of the fact of how good they actually are. Well, I'm finally back to my parents house I have not seen the back of the car I've only seen the front of the car like inside what the car itself looks like after the pole fire extinguisher thing happened and Let's just say I think this place did a fantastic job. This is going to be my reaction to seeing the Wow Okay It's a lot better than what it was They told me they wanted to not have the guys breathe it in. So the guy as much as they possibly could Cleaned up, but you know what this I'm fine with this stuff. I can just wipe down I mean the seats clean again just the back this stuff I mean one of the things they're telling me is like that I can come back and do the full detail service which I might end up doing which will just clean the whole entire car itself out, but I mean look in the Back seat here and show you guys. I mean you guys remember this whole entire seat was green So for me, honestly, I am happy because my car is not covered in that fire stuff anymore I mean, I still got a little stuff right there, but I think I'm gonna end up getting a full detail done anyway because why not my car hasn't had a full detail in a while and I'm gonna show you guys what the front looks like, which is what matters the most to me Here you guys go the car is Basically nice and clean again in that sense. And to be honest. I am happy I mean Things happen in life. The fire extinguisher went off. There's not much I could do about it because the pin fell out, but other than that, I mean, I got a nice wash cleaned car and Inside the car is mostly cleaned. So I'll take this as a win before we get any further into today's vlog I would actually like to thank audible for sponsoring this video with audible you get access to unbeatable selection of audio books including bestsellers motivation mysteries thrillers memoirs and more audible has the largest selection of audiobooks on the planet and now with audible originals the section has gotten Even more custom with content made for members one book, I would recommend. 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Let's get right back into the vlog I have to say the weather is getting so much nicer right now in New Jersey. It's like 70 degrees outside I got my one puppy Rex. Hi Rex say what's up to the camera Buffy and we got willow over there willows, obviously Rottweiler I still don't know what Rex is but the thing is right now. I'm trying to find a tennis ball somewhere in the backyard Just to throw to the puppies. I mean, they love to play they play fight with each other all the time and He just took the bucket run Rex run run from willow there dog See like they're gonna play over things like that But be cool if I could find a tennis ball and just throw it for them. Not a tennis ball But this shall do let me actually switch hands here puppies who wants the ball Who wants the ball willow Rex you guys want this You ready Huh Yeah, go get it. Let's see if they'll bring it back Come on up. Nope, they're just gonna fight over the ball. Well, come on I swear my dogs are not the smartest dogs ever the one that is the smartest is Bo and he's inside mom Why are our dogs not smart I Wasn't supposed to train them that's supposed to be you and Dad Well, I mean you got him when I was even living here so come here Rex Hi puppy guys, this is like my far apart like my one of my favorite dogs ever. Yeah you guys go play So with that being said sacks of family, I hope you guys enjoyed today's vlog If you did do me a favor drop a like on it hit that subscribe button turn on post notifications To never miss out on a brand new video. Remember guys, you could do anything you put your mind to ever stay positive I love you guys, and I'll see you next time. Peace