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GB With Jurassic Park 2 you have to accept that it is a very different movie to


The first one. The casting might not be on par with the first film, there is no profound dialogue and the score has bongo drums in this movie. (I love to play my bongos in the morning) I love the fact that in the opening of Jurassic Park 2 the child asks the dinosaur if it is a bird Bird theory complex. Audience, you will agree with the Jurassic Park writer that dinosaurs were like birds and had feathers! So, the casting is quite hit and miss. Arliss Howard who plays Peter Ludlow is channelling Ray Fiennes. Pete Postlethwaite was purely wonderful always, and especially in this film. Nothing beats the array of working actors back in the day, he really is on his game in this film, that line, oh your breaking our hearts Some serious acting there Pete. Julianne Moore did this to pay off a divorce settlement. And, this is one of my favourite Vince Vaughn roles, always felt he was better suited to drama than comedy. I have seen many complaints about how Dr. Ian Malcolm is different in this movie than he is in the first. But, that is completely understandable, it is human development. Of course, you would change after what you experienced in the first movie, and there is a scene in which he argues with Peter Ludlow about how they treated him after the events of the park, therefore he has become this cynical human being, still sarcastic, more cynical. So, this film is set piece after set piece and I think once you have accepted that this isnt Jurassic Park 1 you can sit back and enjoy that. The T-Rex and trailer scene is still one of my favourite scenes of all time. It mixes adventure, thrills and humour quite fantastically. Hold on to something! Hold on to Something. But, just when you think the film is going to end it decides to carry on and do King Kong. It was a sequence they had planned for the 3rd film but decided to stick it on the end of this one. It makes the film undesirably long. If the film had ended on the island I would have walked away from the film quite happy. But that being said, it is an incredibly re-watchable film. Watching it again I realised I know most of the script by heart. And it contains one of my favourite bits of editing towards the beginning on the film. What are your thoughts and feelings on Jurassic Park 2 Pop them in the box below, dont forget to subscribe and it wont hurt to hit that like button!