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GB Fighting with my family is the comedy drama based on the 2012 The Wrestlers:


Fighting with my family documentary. I was getting some serious Billy Elliot vibes but with wrestling. The last time I enjoyed the underdog sports story as much as Fighting with My Family was Eddie the Eagle. I love the underdog narrative formula in film, but when was the last time this idea was with a female character Is got laughs from the get go and never stops and it is full of heart. There were moments were I was laughing so hard but also felt like I was being cuddled by a huge teddy bear. You can tell it is a screenplay by Stephen Merchant as it radiates with his humour and I love how Nick Frost and lena Headey sparkled with his sarcasm and quick wit. He knows when to inject comedy and when to remove it for something serious. He tunes into the mental state of when hopes and dreams are not reached or even shattered. Stephen Merchant continues to impress me over the last few years. I never really took to Merchant that associates with Ricky Gervais, but as a standalone creative I think he is marvelous. Writer and Actor. Now, lets get excited about Dwayne Johnson but not too excited as his role is a cameo but every appearance he owns. Dwayne John'son's first appearance is hilarious and the next two are pretty cute. I especially liked the references surrounding Dwayne Johnson's life and where The Rock starts and Dwayne Johnson ends. The Vin Diesel line was a cracker. Hardcore film fans will appreciate seeing Dwayne Johnson and Vince Vaughn back on screen together. Vince Vaughn got his character just right with the right amount of Vince Vaughn. How much Vince Vaughn is too much Vince Vaughn That is the question. Jack Lowden is unrecognisable in this as I'm so used to him in period drama costume and wigs. I really do have a soft spot for him after this film as he perfected his character arc with such intrepid integrity. Every moment resonated with me. Florence Pugh does have that spark just like how they describe her character. If I was to have one gripe with the film it is that she didn't have the same physique as her real life character but she nailed the acting. With this and glow, I now want to get into wrestling, I'm serious, sign me up! If I was to become a wrestler what would my wrestling name be pop your answers in the comment box below. otherwise, pop your thoughts and feelings in the comment box below on Fighting With My Family. Please do like the video, subscribe and thanks for watching.