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With people you love the cast is incredible like this in this picture so I think


Just knowing that I am very fortunate and watching Chad Danforth graced the halls of his high school once again can you tell me what it was like the moment that you found out that you were cast oh wow yes of course jumping around and super excited but at the same time I got a pack yeah such a monumental kind of experience none of us had really felt anything or experienced anything like that before I think I was definitely like a lot like Sharpay and this much fun and people liked it that much I must be providing them some sort of service coach yes I'm going all the fans of High School al lots of love because they get it and and the fact that I get to share her story with the world is something that's a bit of a responsibility I grew up watching and being a part of this film and even a decade later but I actually have a high school musical key chain on my cage at the airport walking with a high school musical backpack well I have a guy have a kid that that's my thing okay so that is my life funny because my character is so not about musicals and it was that led you to this and white white white playing this character ever since I was young honestly as weird as it may seem I wanted to play a character here like they did because I mean it's kind of the ultimate thing it's it's like the furthest from myself that I could get fun to talk to so you guys closer to my age to get it during interviews or I've seen any of my movies frankly you know I think that we were just holding each other's hands every step of the way we were right there side by side he was incredible I mean he had this energy about him that made things when they were extremely heavy seemed light-hearted it was we were so happy we're just friends doing what we love you know so it gets a really nice like easygoing vibe on set a lot of people I meet that are our inch have seen High School al or maybe they've seen definitely don't want to admit it you or they're like like working but they don't want to start talking about it like that so sometimes I just make the ice and be like High School al another like yeah I have to say that Lucas out of like everybody in the cast like his voice he can hit any note like I mean he's just the best singer out of all of us I'm sorry but he really is like it's insane how good of a singer he is I feel very very blessed and I know how lucky I am to been able to do the things that I have done was a feeling that I experienced growing up watching yeah it's hard to compare them to