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Sure You really making sure though


So what was that So that was the wrong floor. My AFAM didn't chat me that it is needed. They tried to open the wrong door. This is so epic fail. From AFAM number 2. and it's so cheap like OMG this not a loft. One bedroom unit No. This is just a studio type. So we'll be doing a photoshoot. Is this a photoshoot or a p*rn Don't sing like that! This is the one she wanted to achieve. And this is what happened. I can't take it anymore. Jinga time! You chose the complicated one. I'm gonna say "Ey!" Easy! Go! Go! Go! What Blue! Blue! Blue! OMG! Risking life (HAHA) Ow! Make sure though. Movie marathon! Hi Sha! Hi Black Mirror. Bandersnatch. Tell him more. Seriously, what does that mean I don't know. What the f.. . From the early 21st Century. We're getting fooled. I don't know what that means. Stop the conversation. Stop the conversation. Tell him more. Tell him more. Okay. Go. You're not making any sense. Can you make sense Netflix is damn good. Amazing. It's like a TV, but online. I control it. Amazing. I'm gonna believe it if our faces are there but it isn't. I'm gonna freak if our faces are there. I'd be more amazed if our faces are there but it isn't. I'm so amazed with Netflix. Amazing. OMG. I'm being controlled. Yeah, what do you think F*ck yeah. F*ck yeah. She got angry. Nice. What the f***! What are you waiting for Fight her! Fight her! Fight. Fight her. Mortal Combat moves! Oh my. . .. What! Kick him in the b*lls! Kick him in the b*lls! Alright! Maybe scene may matter. Okay. We have to go back again. This is the most tiresome (episode). What! Don't get fooled with Bandersnatch because it has one conclusion. So we have to go back from the start. The lesson learned is you can't kick your father's b*lls. Don't kick just chop instead. Chop instead. We'll go back from the start. Who's there. That one. That! Who's there That one! That! Com'on If someone is there, just give me sign! Give me a sign! Okay, that's the sign! If someone out there, give me a f****** sign! Okay. He don't know now what is Netflix. We are the one in control. It's the Director. For the writer. . . Kill Dad. Kill Dad. We have to go back again. Fight scenes again What the fudge He killed his Dad His father died so easily. We have to go back No. No. His Dad is dead. Neither kick the b*lls of your Dad or punch him with an ashtray. Oh. His dead. We have to go back from the start. It's unending story. We don't have right decisions in life. Why did you chose that Chop up body. Oh! This story won't end. You killed his Dad. You already killed him. Let's just finish it. Oh God really We're not a God. You're happy now He finished the game but he chopped his Dad. And is it a happy ending Happy ending The head. Why Coz you killed him. Is that the ending I don't understand the episode. Is that a true story We didn't had a choice. It will go back again if it is a wrong choice, right Yes. It should continue. Good morning. We're still here in Chezka's condominium. Hey! What are you doing Sasha Gray! Look at the view guys! And here is the view. So later we'll dive in their swimming pool. Coz they have pool here. We just spend a night here doing the chubby bunny challenge. If you've seen that one, that's great. If not, check that out on the description below Hey guys, so we're here now. That's Sasha Gray. We are here now. We just paid P150 each. Take a shower first and after that. . . Hi Guys! Catriona Gray! My friend. Someone was tired but she's just riding. Wait my friend. Let's do it this way. Cheerdance! Don't do that, my friend. Rewind! Boomerang! We're done taking. . . . a bath We're done swimming! We're checkin' out now. And that's a wrap. We're going out And that's a wrap! If you like our video, just hit like. And subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Comment down below if you have comments and suggestions. Voltes V This is Reck and this is our adventure!