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Hello everybody we have a special off-cycle video for you today Gabriel is now


35 weeks and 7 days so 36 weeks Yeah, look Gabriel is now 36 weeks old and that is special because he was born When I was only 35 weeks 6 days pregnant, so he has now been out of The womb for one day longer than he was in it so we thought we would do a special video Telling you about his birth story So keep watching if you want to see more and know we're not going to get graphic grades they promise We mentioned briefly in our very first video that we got pregnant through IVF So we got pregnant very unnaturally so to speak so it was really important for us to have a natural birth with no interventions or medications We signed up for a natural birth class called birth bootcamp It was a 10-week program And we learned everything we could about having a natural birth and a lot of tools and resources So that was our plan the good Lord gone that nothing would be bad. No complications We hired a doula because we wanted to have that support as well So my due date was January 31st and on the morning of January 2nd my water broke which was a total of four weeks early which we knew was a possibility because I do Infertility treatments you have the possibility about delivery early so we knew that was on the table But everyone even our doctor assured me that because I was a first-time mother. I would not be delivering early hmm I could go past my due date. Everyone said that so we weren't concerned about it therefore We weren't quite 100% ready Who do we're not ready at all well Basic Grady things, but we had packed a hospital bag. That's how I'm ready we were to give us three percent for Paradise So I'm asleep and my water breaks at about 6:45 in the morning And I lay there for a good 30 minutes convincing myself That was not what would happen had happened because it was too early we were a month early So when I finally decided to get up and investigate my water had in fact broke And I realized I was in labor Jacob is asleep through all of this I Go over to him when I shake him awake. He did you hollered at me from the bathroom He said, baby, and I jumped up he said my water just broke and I don't know if I said really or They can't you can't have it can't cuz I just remember thinking We're not ready today was the day we were supposed to get ready we can't have a baby today Yeah, you know that everything's bathroom so that led to I Threw myself out of bed and immediately didn't know what to do just kind of ran around the house. Okay, um, okay Cuz ever in our class it would you know they tell you your water will break And then you're gonna have you're gonna labor for fifteen to twenty hours and when your water breaks You need straight back to sleep And you need to sleep and rest and do all this eat something eat and make sure you know it if you're a first-time Because your labor is gonna last for days on it. Yeah, and This is a knock in the class because we absolutely loved it, but of course it It's almost described like you're sitting in the Garden of Eden and animals are surrounding you and it's just beautiful time music organically just floats out from the air, and you know and it would for us it wasn't quite like that because Sarah liked her water girl and The kid the contractions, Oh what we called the doctor told them that my water broke And not till she asked me did I realize that I was having them And we started timing them and they were like three minutes apart from the get-go yes So you know they're supposed to be like like 15 minutes that really starts And were like okay, she's gonna have contractions, and you know they're gonna be really far apart, but we gotta woke up Sarah's water broke and that she got out of bed, and she was already at like hour 15 of the labor process I mean everything was already happening so We didn't have anything packed we planned on packing our Hospital bag and getting all that stuff ready that Nick we were going to the store to buy things You know we were gonna pack up the bags go ahead and put them in the car That's why everybody had said you know just go ahead put everything in the car I'd already installed the car seat, so that was already done, but Everybody said put it in the car get everything ready You know in case you need to run to the hospital real quick And and We were gonna do that that day, so we didn't have anything packed Gonna, be gentle and our plan our birth plan consisted of laboring at home as long as possible then once our doula thought it was Time to go to the hostel Then we would go which we did in fact labor at home as long as possible because unbeknownst to us Sara labored while I threw things into a duffel bag. Oh, I also packed and In one of the tips are dueling Big cookies for the nurses the labor nurses you know though They'll like you more if you have cookies Jacob makes excellent chocolate chip cookies. I was gonna make cookies While he's bagging he's making a grocery list. I was like because he still intends to make cookies but in my mind We're not I was like okay. We still have some time. We're still laboring at home The doctor had told us you're a mom Come to the hospital. Yeah, so we were packing to go to the hospital, but he was still convinced. He was gonna make cookies Well, you know and I was thinking if we get there, and then they they check you and they send your home And we have to stay home for a couple hours, and I was like okay. That'd be my chance. He'll make the cookies then I We get to the hospital And we don't even bring our stuff in with us because we're fully prepared for them to tow us Oh, you're like a 1 go ahead and go home in labor some more so we don't even bring our bags in with us But we get in we tell them I'm a month early the doctors already called the hospitals to prepare them for our arrival And they go ahead and have me gown up and get into a room and we realized at that point this may be happening They do the initial check And I'm already dilated to a four and the nurse call me looks at us and says you're gonna have this baby today You're staying Because if she knew we were kind of like She's kind of looking as though you're staying Okay, this is happening so meanwhile. I'm having contractions, and they're two minutes apart at this time So Jacob furiously calls and texts all of our family members letting them know that it's you know. It's d-day. It's Labor Day It's happening today Hey Sara's mom Had booked a flight for a few days before the due date scheduled a date because she was gonna come in be here late and help Sara through the labor process and everything and So I had to tell her Well, actually I called her that I called her and I called my parents while we were still at the house. I said This is happening. We're one of the hospital. We'll update you a little later and everything and So I called her back after they said you're staying and she said okay. I'm on at the airport and she was able to Get a flight for that When her flight was supposed to land at like 1:30 or 1 something So I knew that I'd it lunched on the back of my head the whole time Our doula arrived probably about 15 minutes after we did so that was great She was able to come in for it and be there and she was wonderful. She was so helpful She immediately made it a calm peaceful environment She had a whole bunch of different birthing balls Once they had the initial check was done. I had to be on the monitors for a little bit I was able to go on to the external fetal monitor And I was really looking forward So I was able to get off of all the monitoring you know we were looking forward to being able to walk around the hospital And that lasted for all of five minutes I took like five steps and immediately started throwing know exactly where the five she got to the end of the whole And it was kind of a dead end or the door was shut or something and we get down there and Sarah Immediately says I don't feel good And we had she'd eaten some was a banana needed even a banana once we got into the room and she throws that banana up loudly Because as soon as we were able to walk again, and we turned the corner back towards the lantern delivery rooms the nurses were like Because she okay. It's like. Yep. She's just thumbing up a little bit. She's fun, and I proceeded farewell image She proceeded to throw up some Walker. That was one thing I did not expect with labour throwing up So few throwing up incidences in the hall, and then we got back into the room When labored in there on peanut balls birth balls on a chair on a stool On a bar earned them in the bed with a bar Yeah All over the place the hospital was very It was very good about they had a lot of options and things like that It wasn't just to lay down and you're done. It was natural friendly, which is one of the reasons we chose it and my OBGYN The contractions got stronger closer together Meeting And they were they were happening like it was every few seconds in yeah to where they were very very frequent and We knew was it was happening but It was getting close. You know we've like she delivered for seven hours. Seven yes, Sam was seven hours total and This is getting around noon. You know around lunchtime The time that we were expecting Sarah's mom to arrive her mom Had sent me a text and said her flight was delayed, and she wasn't going to get in till later till about 4 o'clock So I made the decision not to share that information with Sarah because we think that on some level she was subconsciously he's Smart boy, so we think that on some level she was subconsciously waiting for her mom to get here too before she had the baby and Then I checked me probably an hour before and I was already at a 6 And that was shortly after we got there like I progressed to a six pretty quickly Everything happened very fast because then they checked yeah, I think you said you were ready to push Yeah, I thought I needed to push and so the doula asked him to check me again and I was at 10 and she was at a 10 it was time, and they said this is happening now and So we you know they They let you push for a little while before the the hoard of people will come into the room and the ceiling Drops and all the lights come in So Sarah pushed for a little while and then Yes the people came in at a certain point The I guess the doctor could tell that it was getting Closer and closer up pushed for probably about an hour and a half two hours pushing was the hardest part I think of the whole process. I couldn't quite figure it out and couldn't figure out my breathing So I pushed her a long time And we think I pushed her so long because I was waiting for my mom to get there I wanted her to be there for the birth, but then finally. This is probably the funniest part Everyone is calm and quiet cuz the dual ahead set up this Environment and it was being very nice to me, okay We're gonna push and want you to breathe through it breathe in breathe out and nothing is happening Nothing is happening and then at one point towards the very end Jacob gets down in my face. He's like alright It's time to do this you're gonna push this baby out, and he gets real aggressive, but normally I don't take well to that, but that was apparently what I needed it Cuz I was like okay, so he started hollering at me basically Whenever I saw a doctor at 219 p.m.. 219, PA I got so good the cool Which I had not planned on doing originally I don't I did a lot of things I didn't plan on doing through this process, but I get I get a little queasy I'm not gonna lie I can admit that when he gets his blood drawn so they put the baby on Sarah's chest and We did delayed cord cutting so when it was time They were like dad cut the cord now. You just handed me the scissors, and so I was like Okay, and I just cut it. You know didn't didn't think about it So that was a neat experience that I had not planned on doing, but it was glad that I got to do So my water broke at 6:45 he was born at 2:19 There's about a seven-hour labor. Which is awesome for a first-time mom she just shut that baby right out Because he was considered late preterm at 35 weeks six days. They had a lot of folks from the NICU in the room and They wanted to check him and to make sure he was okay he didn't leave any NICU time or any special attention and They checked him out. He didn't he was totally fine. Just early. He was seven pounds three ounces He was ready for a month early. He was seven pounds three ounces does this look like a preemie, baby So and he had been measuring big my whole pregnancy Are my doctor said that you probably nine pounds weight born weight He would be nine pounds when he was born if he was born full-term so he was totally fine and healthy and happy And we were just completely surprised that was my number one feeling from when he once he was finally here Thrilled to have him we just couldn't believe that he was actually human, but it was a Really really good experience Everybody at the hospital was great They they we got the golden hour they list Then let we did a skin-to-skin and they left us alone Loving a lot as long as all. I'm saying yeah every now, and then it was like let's we want to he's biting my feet And yanking my leg hairs He's got leg hair grips on both sides and his body count almighty So After that we loaded up a cart and put Sarah in a wheelchair with the baby, and they wheeled us down to our room and we were covered for the next two days next two days, but It was a really special experience That happened a month before it was supposed to and we were able to do it all naturally which was what was important to us No pain medication then after even afterward they kept trying to offer me tylenol because I had a secondary Laceration I was like no, I'm good I did that whole thing without any medicine. I don't need an email. Are you sure Yeah, I'm fine And now we have this I love your believe Who's happy So we know that was kind of a long story we get a little rambly, but we hope you enjoyed it. 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