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What's the most ridiculous comment that you've heard That I was getting divorced and was pregnant, at the same time. Chi-kit-sak. Chicken what! Sunny, thank you so much for coming to the 5th episode of ScoopWhoop Townhall. Sunny: Thank you. Sattvik: We are extremely excited and thrilled to have you here. I think you are one of our favourite internet celebrities. I think everyone at ScoopWhoop is a huge fan of your work. I wanted to take you back to your growing up years. You grew up in Sarnia, which is a small town in Canada. Just take us through some of those years and from what I understand you grew up in a traditional Sikh household. What was that like I went to school smelling like "aloo ke parathe" everyday. Until I was like "Okay, Mom. No more Indian food in the morning". I had a very typical childhood. I played a lot of sports. I was a bit of a tomboy. I made forts not princess castles. I think I had a pretty normal childhood. Sattvik: I'm sure in India it's all madness. We all saw what happened in Kerala. You went there for a guest appearance and people went berserk. There was chaos all over. But, when you go to L.A., things must be calmer. What do you enjoy more. Is it the madness you find in India or the calmness you find in L.A. Sunny: I think I have the best of both worlds. I love every single day that I can work here. India's one of the most amazing countries to do business in. You guys are all really young. This is it. If you have an idea that you want to do, do it now because soon everyone will be hip to the game. They will be creating these things, and you'd wish you'd done them a long time ago. It's such an amazing market. In America, I drive my own car, I do my own groceries, clean my own house. Both my husband and I, we do everything together. Sattvik: When you were asked to come to Bigg Boss, you had initially turned them down. But, finally you agreed. Were you prepared for the kind of love that you got after Bigg Boss. Sunny: Oh. Absolutely not. I figured that as each week passed, something good might be happening out there. Because I knew that if something wasn't going well, they would have kicked me out a lot sooner. So, one week goes by, second week goes by, then a month goes by. I'm like "I'm stuck in this freaking house. How do I get out". But the weeks keep going by and I wanted to go home. But, I figured something pretty amazing was going on outside. I calculated that in my head. When I got out, the weirdest moment was the first fan interaction. This gentleman comes up and says "Can my daughter take a picture with you". I thought he was going to bring an adult to me, but he brought this young girl. And then the aunty came, then the mother, then a baby and all these people came up to me. I was like "Dude, why do you guys want a picture with me Why are you handing me your baby This is insane." I've never taken a picture with a baby. This is just wrong. This is so wrong on so many levels, because I wasn't from the mainstream world. Babies and children were a big no-no. I think the people that didn't know who I was were just watching because they were fans of the show. Then they saw me making chapattis, cutting vegetables, trying to speak Hindi, trying to do all these different things, dancing. I have two left feet! Sattvik: We all disagree with that. Sunny: Well, it's taken a lot of practice. But, before that my idea of dancing in a club was a two step in a corner and not on the dance floor. So I think that maybe they saw that, maybe they saw the effort, maybe they saw this weird awkward person trying to do all these things, maybe I made them laugh because it was so awkwardly bad. So, that's my analysis. I think someone from the audience has a question, yes, Ishaan. Hi Sunny, hope you're having a great time at ScoopWhoop. I am, it's only been four or five minutes, but it's awesome. Alright, so you were talking about the Bigg Boss's house and how crazy it was, how much of Bigg Boss was real, how real is it It's crazy. It's like, getting stuck in this room with each other but no phone, no computers, no whatever's going on over here and no access to anything. You guys would end up pulling each other's hair out. We already do that, we spend eight hours with each other everyday. Exactly, now can you imagine not being let out and going home. I think, with the show they set up scenarios, right. So they'll go, So, today you guys are going to do this activity, Bigg Boss tells you what to do but what happens in people's personalities and how they connect and most of the times don't connect, that's all real. Maybe some people might be playing this game. This thing like, "Oh! I'm going to go on the show and this is what my character is going to be like, this is how I'm going to act, this is how I'm going to speak and look and blah blah blah. Well, what happens and I'm sure you guys probably would have noticed, it's only a matter of time before your real personality comes out, and who you really are comes out. And, it's crazy. So, my follow up question is that as a celebrity you're always in the public eye and with all the love also comes a lot of hate, as a celebrity how do you deal with that Is there an imaginary wall that you've created around you where you'll only let certain things come and affect you Or just like the rest of us you're also human and sometimes hate gets to you Absolutely I'm human and it does get to me. If I start reading it, it naturally is going to affect me. But then, I sit there and I go, this person, let's just run through the process, right. He's gone to my social media page, whatever it is. He's now gone through how many tweets or Instagram posts. Then he's analysed what I have said. From analysing what I've said he's now trying to figure out what he's going to say. Now he's typed it out. Then he's double-checked it, spell-checked it, made sure whatever he's said is like, that's it, that's really going to hit home for her. Then he posts it, and then what does he do On my social media page, starts to scroll down the page to see the comments, right You have to keep doing it to see when people start commenting. So can you imagine, that's like a great fan! That's amazing. That's kind of how I see life. I sit there and I analyse that negative and in my head I have to turn it into something different or positive or something that makes sense to me. So all those people that, they're just like Howard Stern, the statistic he was given, people who watch Howard Stern would watch him for an hour. The people who hated Howard Stern, watched him for two or three hours. Why Because, they were curious to see what he would say. But sometimes hate also comes from people who are in position of influence or power. Yeah. A lot of times these ridiculous comments surface every time there's an incident which happens that directly or indirectly, this is what is leading to that. What is your take on that We all know it's ridiculous but when it comes from a general user you can say that is trolling, but when debates are happening on prime-time, when the front page says a certain thing, what is your immediate reaction and like how do you deal with that My immediate reaction is, that news channel really thought that this was news-worthy. Seriously Are you guys out of your mind for posting this I mean, I know they want to get viewers to their site or their channel or get people to watch their show, but that's what you find news-worthy Why not give clothes to the kid on the street who doesn't have it Why don't we talk about that Or why don't we talk about the air here or the air in Mumbai or how do we clean our city up. I mean, why can't we talk about these things on the news and figure out how to make everything around us a little bit nicer, a little bit better and be able to feed people or help people. What is the most ridiculous comment that you have heard or gossip about you that you have heard That I was getting divorced and pregnant at the same time. At the same day, I'm like, this is interesting and then my mother-in-law calls and says, Do you guys have something to tell me Yeah, that was pretty funny. Yeah. Aakansha here has a question. Hi. -Hi. So basically my question is, I have seen you being very graceful in situations where anyone else would have probably lost their composure. Like that interview with Bhupinder Chaubey How do you maintain that cool I think even people from the entertainment industry wouldn't be able keep calm against questions like that. The best thing that you can do is just stand your ground and stay strong. Don't let that person get the best of you because if he got the best of me and made me feel like I should leave or made me feel like I should lose my cool, then that just solidifies everything that he is saying. It makes him in the right instead of him in the wrong. I mean, I had no idea, I thought like after one question 'okay fine, this is going to end now', 'oh my gosh he has asked me another one, okay', 'now it's another one' and then another question and then it gets worse and worse. But there's nothing.. I feel it's better to face it than run away or step away and you can always face bullies and you can always face mean people or people that want to put you down. In a way, that will get the message clear that it's not okay. You know, I believe in killing with kindness. You know the criticism with biographies and especially in India is that there's a lot of whitewashing involved. So, you would see, for example, Rajkumar Hirani made Sanju and the biggest criticism that the film got was that it only showed him in good light. Do you think with Karenjit you have been able to, sort of, keep that aside and show the true story I was really adamant that whatever we were going to show was going to be real, real conversations and real stories. Real things that happened. Of course, the setting is different, the clothes are obviously different, I'm way better dressed in the show then I was in real life. My parents didnt have a lot of money so we just wore a lot of the same things a lot. But I think what weve shown is really really close to the truth if not the truth of whats happened. And that was really important to me. Especially the family stuff because my parents are not alive anymore, I cant even consult them or I cant say, Hey, if we change this a little bit here, would you guys care Just something even small like that. So I just wanted it to be the truth and it had to be the truth for me to believe it. I had so many arguments. Im a Taurus and Im a bull and I like getting my way. So, I kept it pretty honest and really really true. And thats probably the hardest thing that was shown. Did you always want to be an actor in mainstream movies I didnt ever think it was possible. I always knew that I wanted to have my own company, my own business, I wanted to do something on my own, I wanted to be my own boss. Thats something Ive said since I was a little kid. I just never knew what it would be. I come from a typical Punjabi home that the second I said I want to be a model, theyd be like, What Shut it! What are you talking about Go to school! What are you doing Why dont you go study Sattvik: Thats like ninety percent of Indian families. Sunny: Yeah! I know! One of the things that I saw in the documentary, Mostly Sunny and I know that you think that the documentary doesnt portray you in the way that you wanted to. But one of the very interesting things that you said was that you know how to turn a quarter into a dollar. Lets just talk a little bit about that. Is that still the number one goal with which youre doing the things that youre doing I love numbers and Im sure you guys are here, so you guys deal with a lot of numbers as well watching how many people are liking things, looking at things, how many hits are going, on what page and what people are looking at and analysing it, how much time theyre spending on the first page of the site versus getting into it. So, all those things are extremely fascinating to me. Watching numbers, watching things grow. And I believe in steady instead of quick growth. Because steady is what builds good foundations and quick causes crashing. Thats my personal opinion. At what point does money become irrelevant so youre not doing things for money anymore When you have so much of it that you just dont care. Sattvik: Thats never right Thats never. You know what A lot of people here dont like talking about earning an income and making a living. I think that theres a fine line of working really hard and being proud of what youve done to maybe not working so hard and inheriting from your family. Like here theres a hierarchy system in families and businesses and the son or the daughter takes over. But that maybe just half a percent or one percent of this country. But the rest of everybody has to work really really hard. So I dont know why theres this thing that oh! we shouldnt talk about making a good living or wanting a nice car or wanting a nice house or providing for my family. I have three kids! Thats three college funds. Sattvik: Congratulations on being a mother. Thanks. So thats three kids, three college funds. Then theyre going to want their own cars, theyre going to want new things everyday. And diapers! Do you even know how much diapers cost! Let me tell you, I have two of them. So, imagine diapers times two and then everything else times two. My goodness! I think that if youre young and you work really hard and you make good money, you should save a lot of it. Sattvik: Absolutely! You should invest in these amazing funds and stocks that India has. Its amazing! I would put all my money here. The returns are amazing. I think that you always have somewhere to go or something to do and achieve. Whats the difference between Karenjit and Sunny Karenjit is very dorky, cant walk straight, can somehow manage to trip and fall but not be walking but standing in one place. I have that ability. Dont ask me how. Dont ask me to show you. I am a lot more private and quiet. I think every entertainer has an alter ego. Every entertainer has that little switch inside them that once the camera goes on, the smiles get a little bigger, you have charisma and all these different personality traits come out. But when the cameras off, Im sure youve seen it with other actors that have come in here, its totally different. I am a lot more quiet and a lot more reserved. I like silence. On that note, do we have more questions from the audience Sattvik you already asked my question. Im so sorry I told her Im still pretty new to this. What is the most ridiculous gossip or comments that youve heard about yourself Sunny: Let me think of another good one. I got this message one day and this guys like, Hi, I know its really last minute but we want to cast you for a role in Game of Thrones and I was like, Oh my god! No way! Whats going on Then they sent the IMDb link to see who it was and then it was fake! Sunny youve worked in different industries. Youve worked in the adult industry in USA, youve worked with Bollywood, youre working with the South Indian film industry as well, just take us through the difference Or the similarities between these industries. Do you think theres a difference in terms of ethics, professionalism, wage gap Just take us through that. Well, in the adult industry, everything is black and white. Theres no in the middle, between the lines. At least in my experience. I had a very good experience. I dont have any horror stories. So, everybody that I worked with was the best of the best and beyond what people think it is. Its not like one big room where everybody is getting it on. Its extremely professional. Everything is organised, everybody is in a data system, everybody is tested. I bet theres a lot of young people here whove not done that ever. You should. I know, very awkward! But if youre promiscuous you should definitely get tested and use condoms everybody. You guys should have a... Sattvik: In India we dont talk about such things. dispenser in the bathrooms. So, there its extremely professional and here everything is so emotional. Youll get to set and people will say okay we agree to do this. Also, I always come on time and when its time to go, Ive worked my 12 hours, Im done. Theyll say, Just five more minutes, just five. Or theyll completely change the costume or theyll add completely new things. Oh the best part is who needs a script I mean you just write that thing as you go. What's going on here I spent so long learning this whole thing and now you are guys are changing it all. One or two words is fine but the whole thing How do you change the whole climax in five minutes I mean how does that happen You are like we are going to do this, we are going to do that. And I don't know how to explain it coming from outside but you've got to be there. You've got to be on the ground. You've got to be going with what's happening here. Do you think things are changing in India, especially in Bollywood Absolutely. I think that there are a lot of things that are changing. I think the idea that our consumer is not intelligent is slowly going away. I have been saying this for so long. I am like our consumer is so smart. Why do you think they want to see the same thing over and over again I mean you guys probably watch more Netflix shows than you do going to the movies. I don't remember the last time I went to the theatre to see a Hindi movie. Right, I am watching it on digital platforms. Which is why when Zee5 wanted to launch the show and put it on a digital platform, we thought it was great. Why not be on the forefront of this instead of on the back foot of it and jump on while everybody else is there. So, I think that India has changed so much. It is incredible. What's next for Sunny Well, I have my own cosmetic line ladies, if you want to check it out. Guys, if you want to buy something for your girlfriend or for your sister. I launched that this year and Im so excited. Like I have been wearing this all day. He just put more on earlier and I have been wearing this since morning. So, it's that good. Sattvik: So, this is a branded video guys to be absolutely clear. Right! You can cut it out later but as long as you remember and go look it up later. You can cut it out of the video. What is it called Star Struck. Sattvik: Star Struck, okay. I am also going to be shooting my first film under my production house this year, by the end of this year or early next year, which I am really excited about. There are so many things going on. That's like the two really cool things. It is a ScoopWhoop Townhall tradition that after we do all the important conversation, we do something silly. Okay. I see chits. Yes. Has your Hindi improved over the last eight years Yeah, totally. So we are going to test that. So we have words in Hindi here and you have to tell us what they mean in English. This is like an exam guys. Very weird. What the. Doom-rapan So, the first word is Dhoomrapan. Oh, I have heard this before. It is like, it's on airlines. I think it's smoking. Something. Right Yes. That's right. That's right. This guy is listening to the air hostess. I probably could rehearse the whole thing. Is it your turn No no. I will just pick it for you. Okay, so the next word is "Manoranjan". That's for you. Okay, I think it's entertainment. What does that mean I dont know what that means. "Manoranjan". That means entertainment. Dashamlab. Dude, this is some weird Hindi, like seriously. Is this how you come to work Yaar Dashamlab blah blah blah Like seriously, what is this I think you got the easy ones first. Sattvik: Even I don't know what this is. See! What nonsense This is bakwaas! What does this mean Decimal. Decimal Who even puts decimal in their sentences Your turn. Oh okay. Let's do this. Ah! Abhinay Oh man! Seriously I am not even going to dignify that with an answer. Okay, it means acting. Their appraisals are going down the drain. Who are you Chik-it-sak. Chikitsak. Chicken what Chicka who You guys, your mind is in the gutter. Let's just say that. Can you say the word again Chikitsak. Seriously Just one more time guys. Come on. Chikitsak. I don't know. What does this mean Doctor. Someone's going to need a doctor if they are doing any of this. You know the best word of today "Chikitsak" This I am going to steal. Hey Daniel, did you make sure you called the Chikitsak Oh my God. I am taking this home so I don't forget. Okay, Sunny thank you so much. It was a pleasure having you here. Thanks a lot. Guys can we give her one more massive round of applause please Hey guys! I am Sunny Leone and if you liked what you saw, like share and subscribe to ScoopWhoop. Chak de Phatte!