Unplanned movie

Hello everybody we have a special off-cycle video for you today Gabriel is now
35 weeks and 7 days so 36 weeks Yeah, look Gabriel is now 36 weeks old and that is special because he was born When I was

GB Was Luck By Chance the first story you wanted to tell It is the first story
That I actually completed writing. Does Ranveer Singh have Redbull in his veins instead of blood No. He is one of the most

GB I went to school smelling like "aloo ke parathe" everyday
What's the most ridiculous comment that you've heard That I was getting divorced and was pregnant, at the same time. Chi-kit-sak.

( ) (footsteps) You guys seen the pump for this (crash) Always with the fucking
Boxes. Did you really have to bring him, Eric He said he was gonna help. Trouble doesn't help. (mobile phone clicking) Bill

GB Hi, I am Pankaj Tripathi and you are watching me on ScoopWhoop
The viewer knows where he is watching me. The audience is not so stupid to not know what he was watching. He would be like,

Sure You really making sure though
So what was that So that was the wrong floor. My AFAM didn't chat me that it is needed. They tried to open the wrong door.