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So ladies and gentlemen why are the Marines invading the great state of Michigan


And coming to the city of Detroit. Detroit represents actually to me the lofty ideal what is truly it means to be an American. That if you try and you apply yourself that you can get ahead that is exactly what we offer in the United States Marine Corps. We're not here to recruit anybody. Our purpose is to reconnect with America We're strong you know we're resilient and no matter what we will find a way to make it, you know, and I'm happy to see them come back of the city and well I won't even call it a comeback. I'm helping I'm happy to see things improve. I'll be happier when it's more widespread but I'm happy to see things improve and proud of my city. we are more than willing to face adversity and continue on because we will find a way to adapt and overcome. The city of Detroit is in the exact same way and it's faced hardships but it hasn't given up the fight. There has been talks of bankruptcy and and all these things that people are wondering candidate city make a comeback being here with boots on the ground I can see that it has that exact same fighting spirit. The city does not want to give up is coming back and hopefully seeing the Marines with that type of inspiration and putting the Detroit together will help amplify it and help it continue to grow and become a better city. With the Marine Corps sponsoring with us a wrestling you know it's kind of getting into the kind of a market of these these younger kids and the kind of what the the CG was talking about as far as like the warrior spirit, the mindset you know coming up in wrestling you know as a kid I did it for 12 years and there wasn't a lot of opportunity to go from there. You know having that that courage that kind of inter part of you to step on the mat and you know go at go at some kind of conflicts with somebody you know one-on-one and so I think I think that's more like a lot of combative sports wrestling, jiu jitsu, we did to martial arts comes into play with with the Marine Corps in general. When I first found out about the contest this was the first picture that I thought of. To me she exemplifies what the Detroit know stands for You two can do better you two can can reach the pinnacle of what life offers the United States Marine Corps will stand behind that effort for as long as I hope that I'm in uniform but really as long as the Marine Corps defends country.