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Koheun's awake


You want egg for breakfast I'm just gonna fry an egg. All right, so... life's often full of surprises some good, some bad. We gotta go. Yeah, I was walking down this street last and saw a light on up there and I was like "wow" It looks so like warm in that room. And I was like that guy was wrong. Koreans do like orange lights. And then I was like, wait a minute, that's our room. Alright, so we first gotta get on the subway. There's nobody out at 9 in the morning. Tuesday Monday. What else can we say about this Basically we need to get all the way to the other side of the city to... Well, it's like middle of the city. We need to get to the middle of the city. To uh, Where It's close to Gosok Terminal. Gosok Terminal Express Bus Terminal It's about 30-45 minutes. I gotta get back by 12:30... 12. Should be fun. That's all I can say. We'll tell you more about what we're doing in just a little. First we get to the subway. I went through the wrong gate as well. This day is going so bad. I'm so tired. I was embarrassed in front of all my Korean friends. I think it's exit 2. Exit 2 So, it's dark in here. The reason today is important is because Well, let us get out of the subway first. There's so many stairs. All right, so the reason today is so important is because we actually have to go to the doctor. Is because every day is important. We're not sick... Well, we'll be there in two minutes... one minute... 30 seconds... whatever it is in the video, we'll be there in a second. All right, we're here we're gonna have to switch to the phone for privacy reasons. Here we go! It's alive. The heart's beating at a regular rate of 147 bpm. And the position is also good. Do you want to know the gender Do you know Can you see Do you want to know if it's a boy or a girl Yeah! Let's find out. Alright, we did it. So we've actually known for a while obviously. WHAT Since it's so big. It's huuuge. I can't believe it. It has like elbows and shoulders and stuff. But anyways now, so we've told a few of our friends already we're gonna cut to some of their reactions now. Well, family mostly. Yeah. Family. Well, all family. Yeah. Anyways. This... can you look at this for a second Do you know what this is Is that twins No! Oh man, I hope not. We're not having twins, but we're having a baby! December 8. December 6. Oh 6 8 I think it's December 6. You could because they do it Where's that We can show you a video see one yes, it's been uh 12 weeks 12 weeks Now surprisingly, I hope so Yeah Pregnant 12 weeks December 6 You know what to wake up and becoming hunt Well, we found out in April, but then doesn't really tell anybody It's been 12 weeks, it's due December December 6 You and Judes are like asking a question at the same time My voice the whole time You can see me I know I don't know how to send it. Oh, here it is