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Hi it's Thibaud! Today I'm gonna talk about a highly anticipated album! Definitely


The most anticipated pop album of the year. It's Taylor Swift! A highly anticipated album since it's the first for Taylor in 3 years. It follows the huge success of "1989" sold over 10 million copies. "1989" is the album of the bet for Taylor Swift the one to break into the pop music! And with two Grammy we can say that the bet was successful! This new album, her sixth, is the one of the confirmation. Confirmation that Taylor Swift is a pop star among the biggest and she deserves her place in the international game of pop music. And to succeed it, Taylor uses all means to create buzz. First in August: she clears all the contents of her social networks. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: nothing at all! For her, it's a strong gesture because she was omnipresent, it's her favorite communication tool and as in her songs, she loved to cultivate excessive autofiction. There followed the release of the lead single "Look What You Made Me Do" a very good song, with an amazing music video, ultra referenced but where Taylor continues to take on her role of victim bringing this time a new image the one of a bad girl, if you will, leaving the one of the naive little girl. From that moment she adopts the same strategy as Beyonc: silence. No interviews, no public appearance no magazine cover, no performance ... Taylor Swift does not communicate, it's a way to communicate! Only releasing a few bits of hier upcoming album on social networks. It's all very well orchestrated, well oiled, and the release of "Reputation", the name of this album, is a marketing war machine! I take one example: streaming. Taylor Swift did not put her album on streaming services on its release. It's a privilege that only big sellers as Beyonc, as Adele and Taylor Swift can afford to maximize their sales. We talked a lot about the release of this album. It's seems to be an ambitious project, but it's not really actually ... When listen to it, it's a good pop album, not the best of the year, far from being one of the worst! It's not as powerful and strong as the previous one. But, is that it was possible Taylor worked with a very restricted team for this album. First with Max Martin and Shellback which produced her huge up tempo songs, that are not really her, in which she drowns a little. These are clearly the least interesting tracks of the album. I will still be saved "End Game" with Ed Sheeran and Future that will be a hit single in streaming I feel it! And "... Ready For It" which is already a single. On the other side we have Jack Antonoff who has worked with Taylor Swift on "1989". I think he better captured Taylor Swift and better understand her evolution, he made the songs that match best for her character, to her new character, without necessarily being redundant. He offers a few hits on this album, with my favorite, the little sister of "Out Of The Woods", it's "Getaway Car"! My real disappointment regards the texts. They are too bland for Taylor Swift she had accustomed us better! It was what made her strength, what made her difference. And then I think they are without interest ... There are even some who are very bad, I'm thinking of "Gorgeous". "Reputation" is intrinsically a good record. I find it rather pleasant to listen to in its entirety. The only problem is that it is spoiled by its promotion, its positioning and by the character of Taylor Swift which is decidedly not really friendly. She starts pop projects which are very heavy, very well built, well marketed. But I find that, in fact, sometimes she does not have the charisma to take on these things. it does not fit her and she is not credible. Beyonc is not just anyone! And she has not changed that much! She continues to have this role of victim. I think of a sentence the title "End Game" she said: "I swear I don't love the drama, it loves me". It's a shame because it does not help to make her friendly. We can not identify with it ... and pop it is also that! That was my review on "Reputation" the new album of Taylor Swift! I hope you enjoyed it! Tell me what you're thinking: about the album and my video! If you are more or less agree with what I said. Keep like, share, to subscribe, and watching my other videos! See you soon!