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Warren Buffett said that if he was managing 1 million US Dollars He could have


Made 50% every year Is this possible This is what we find out in this video If you're new to the channel, please consider subscribing for one video every day to help you become a better investor What is Warren Buffett say that he cannot make 50% today is because of managing 700 billion u.s. Dollars It's too much money He has to go off to big companies such as Apple JPMorgan Chase Bank of America But if you had less money who could have gone To smaller companies and make much more money did appear set per year. He said that it is possible. So what about us How can we make 50 percent per year actually in 2017 I made 120 percent, but it was only because I invested in cryptocurrencies in Europe and also in Bitcoin But what about the stock market itself Is it possible if you look at the interest rate of near zero It's 2.5 percent right now the federal fund rate and even the bond rates are very low So yes, it is possible to make 50 percent per year in the stock market, but I never made it But I know how to make it The key is not to invest in big companies because if you are going to invest in big companies big companies It's harder for them to grow even Apple I don't think that Apple stock is going to grow by 50% Oh, yeah It's going to grow at a lesser extent than that And if you look at JP Morgan Chase even not any big companies Facebook may grow by 50-plus percent per year Another may grow by 50 plus per year it's all depends on how much the company can continue to grow and If you want to make money in the stock market you have to go and look at smaller companies not the big one and this is a hard things to do than investing in big companies because big companies everybody knows about them and Everybody wants to invest in them So the best chocolate they are going to invest in is a company that nobody has heard of that a company that analysts had not look at it before it's This is the best stop because you are the one of the first investors Investor in the company now, everybody knows about it. Everybody is invested in the company and the price is going up So this is how we money when I invested in Bitcoin, I would be gone at nine hundred gesture loss many people Most people didn't know about people corn But I made money when people started investing in Bitcoin when your millet man says to you that you have to invest in Bitcoin that's not the time to invest in Bitcoin the time to invest in Bitcoin was two years ago when ever need it so if right now if you want to make 50% plus per year, I Suggest that you look at some growing industries when you think that they can be gruff and then you look for the best possible Stocks there for example right now. I'm looking at the Permian Basin Because I believe that this is the place to make a lot of money in the oil industry The American oil industry is going through a boom right now. It's not really such a boom because nobody has seen it yet Most people under seen. Yeah, but it's going to come these companies These small companies are investing a lot into developing the whole production in the Permian Basin Of course, it will be riskier But if you want to make 50 plus percent per year you will have to take the risk and only invest in those great companies itself because a company you think will grow that you can buy at any price if You buy only if it doesn't it is at a great price if they have wonderful numbers, so I would suggest anyone Which was the inverse and the stock market for at least three years to try to make fifty plus percent per year This is not for beginners I know this series is stuck investing for beginners But I'm telling you that you should wait invest in yourself first invest in your knowledge first in your education if you learn Training strategies for example arbitrage trading then you can make much more money if you know what you are doing that is the typical stock market trades if you learn about option trading you can Try to make much more money there. So there are all these things first learn about how to minimize the risk and maximize Reward so this is what you want to achieve and so a complete begin it's impossible because I'll try to do all these things in the beginning and I lost a lot of money and but I learned my lesson, but today I can tell me that I'm still learning and Attending you think for example this year. I made my first avatar trade on seulji and for the time being it's working perfectly well and I'm looking for new opportunities for arbitrage and looking for opportunities for options to buy when I'm talking about options I'm not talking about trading options expecting randomly for to make big money 100 percent on Trade it's like this the type of options I'm talking about is the ones for example one perfect board in 2008 during financial crisis, he bought of trust that will expire in 30 years These are the types of options that are broken about If you had ever made fifty plus percent per year and how you did it. 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