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GB Welcome ! Today what we'll be talking about is while investing the do's and


The don't's we need to take care of. So, three things we must do and three things that we mustn't do. In terms of introduction, what we can say is that when investing the first and foremost thing is that we'll need savings because without savings we cannot invest. So, we try to reduce our expenses and budget and from the income we receive we take it for expenses and the rest can be saved for investing. Also, whatever we invest in we must understand what to invest in otherwise if we don't understand the product, we mustn't go into investing in them. This is what is an introduction we can say off. So, we'll say in detail what the three points that we'll need to be careful about while investing Firstly, when investing in anything invest with a purpose. Invest with a Goal What normally happens is is that we just invest but if we were to question the reason for investing, they will not have an answer. So when to we sell, when must we allocate more assets; not knowing such details Such a situation will arise. So whenever we invest what we need to know at first is why is it that we are investing here. And using that objective we must monitor it and when to liquidate, we need a clear idea on that we must have an idea on the beginning and end of the investment. That is the first point. Now, the second point is a very important point is Diversify and along with that what we need to see is what our entire net worth is and what portion of that will we be using to invest and that how will that help our wealth creation is such that when all the asset were to be brought to invest in one thing then it becomes very risky. Now some people say they have diversified that they have put some in stocks, some in Mutual funds So when we look at Mutual Funds what we understand is that they are putting it in equity fund So, total asset, so to speak maximum part of it stays in equity and so there is no diversification there. Mutual Fund placing in that doesn't mean it will be diversified. It will depend on the category of fund that then will determine the diversification. So, the second point is to diversify and at the same time try and understand the wealth creation for your portfolio before investing Now the third point is that you will need the help of a financial planner or a financial advisor to invest. what needs to be said is that everyone will have a different profession so if it is a doctor, it will be doctor's profession if it is a CA, it will be their accounting that is what they are an expert in. If it is a lawyer, they will known to be an expert in that. Financial planner means they will know how to plan an investment and what kind of asset classes must they invest in and along with that with every investment there is a monitoring done by them and corrective measures can be suggested by the planner. So, that job it will be best to leave it to the financial adviser. Now, even a expert sportsman will have a coach now Sachin Tendulkar who is a highly respected cricketer what is the need for a coach to him you may ask because we doubt if anyone else will ever play cricket better than him but he too had a coach and because of that he could turn into a legendary player and similarly for our wealth creation journey, we will need the presence of a financial adviser These are the three points that must be there while investing and now we'll talk about what mustn't be done. When investing never ever fall for a sales pitch Now, if we were to enter a bank or walk on the street may be a salesperson will come and then they will tell buy this insurance, buy that tax savings product. Now once december is done, january, february, march that is a time everyone is submitting tax savings statement to the HR. That will be the time salespeople come with a tax product so if we jump into it without understanding the product specification we jump into buying and investing in that product. and will mostly end up being a mistake. So, let's not fall for such pitches is what is the main thing And now the second main thing is while investing never take a loan and make investments. So sometimes people take loan and invest in equity and shares they hear will bring them good growth opportunities. Loans will be taken at 9% or 6% interest rate sometimes we hear people from the Gulf that they take loan for 6 or 4% interest rate and then they use the amount to do invest in businesses. So, when there is a loss in business when will end up in a pickle So, taking loan and investing is what we must not do as a main thing And the final main point is and this is a very important point when doing any investment. Now, if you were to invest in a business account or if you were to invest in fd or if we were to invest in bonds try and understand that product specification If you were to invest in gold, try to understand about the gold, how much can i sell it for, what are the making charges, where can one sell it all these questions must have definite answer at your end So if there is any asset that we do not understand whoever is selling it to you, ask them clearly understand and as long as you don't receive a convincing answer, you mustn't invest in it. This is the last third don't in investing. These the do's and don't's If we just implement these things our investment will have a returns in a good way and we will without any bottlenecks create wealth. This, I hope has been useful to all. If you have any doubts on this also about investments like the kind of investments you need to get into or if you've heard of asset classes but couldn't understand it call us to understand better or know more. We'll answer your queries. We'll meet again with yet another informative and wealth creation related topic. Thank you so much !