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"music" "music" it's good YouTube your boy Don I'm back at it again in another


Video I've been streaming a lot but um not as much as I would want to but I've been streaming so if you guys have been on the channel paying attention to that I still have those here we are with another nice little video here this week 15 I guess the Steelers and we just you know suddenly showing up on shore nonsense seeing what he does see what he likes what he doesn't like you know so he's just inside a little nothing really opening right here so I'll have to kind of run it a little bit with great he is trying to get a nice little run second and seven solid yards they're still running good got my man grunt one-on-one in the situation had to toss it up to him so we got to touch down there mr. su missed extra point but still up the TV yeah it was able you know kind of hold him but here I don't know what happened they I don't know if it was just because it was a bad throw by inaccurate QB but I was able to nicely do did and able to continue here I get the interception and can see what's up to see what he liked to do tossing it here for my man grunt again and he gets the one-handed grab Marcus Payne of Boston he set her down for rebid got the route that I wanted able to get a nice little run right went right inside touchdown was on Michelle be smoke now Abby so yeah again the ball back that's where the TV but I think I was just trying a little bit too much and you know now I'm stuck in the dirt in my situation here pass rushers come in and up fumbling as I twirl and now he's in the end zone he is dangerous I'm thinking okay as long as I just hold it so fearful and I won't be able to I won't be gay so I was able to tries to Juke inside and then here just was able to get a nice little picnic hoody jumps right on it like the canticle I'm trying to run these lose the steam so now he gets tackled there so hopefully he had x1 open but I guess I was trying to hit that he'll work for the TV instead I was able to get the nice little safety here you playing well defensively as far as in the first half goals see ya here I'm trying to try now come on him to get that will route to go but wasn't able to so you gotta settle for that flat round I gotta start hitting that more even though I know it's man to man I gotta be try to remember they are here missing tackles still ends up getting it shut up to next to subscribe it right on cue keeps us going to be manly building that we've been in that bar just gotta keep grinded it out here I don't know what happened here but the hits deep he's trying I guess run the screen but not really got got a nice little bit on the edge therefore he another screaming blitz when he misses the tackle so yeah one thing I gotta do I think he better roses that out I'm gonna re-watch them on my games I think just because you know benefit me to know certain place that I could have had oh yes well there even though his man didn't jump so he's able to settle for that yeah I'm thinking it's man so hey I'm trying to hit that real wide again and my man to us that was able to get it this time some of you man when you got the man routes out it was wheel routes is like one plate touchdowns to those to those plates if you can just get the speed that you want on there he's trying baited him into trying to go that and then he had to make a quick throw at it you see the one girl we're not here we sent on a full fill boat trying to get it and again you have 25 0 so that's pretty good send it down here second half is where I usually messing up because I don't know I guess as again the good read on you able to get a strip there so second half I'm trying to still be hungry trying to do better but um here and they're gonna pay the time I don't like maybe was supposed to lob it over the top I steady just kind of blew it at him so he's making some solid reads makes two throws I was one of the routes that he wanted but I was able to used to pick that and then Gilmore did a pretty good job defending that so comfortable at this point you know what I mean now I'm just kind of trying to see if I can show some place and I make it my main reason run trying to get the screen there sauna had the first down yeah that is just one of those things grow you know when they don't move nice little spin move there by hand I think I even don't have you full of my own devices a little times I'm always talking about like if Madden is trying to screw you like you're just gonna play it throw it and then like I found myself this season do you know what a lot of Madden vs and not listening to my own advice you know I'm coming out those places but this in any way and density yeah it was pretty funny on the street here just come as you know what I know he got a touchdown that's just trying to keep it simple and get around some need here just Brady throwing that guy because he was reading it on the way but he was a little late to it so he was able to get back there yeah I should have through it I should have do it to the back of the end zone but I'm getting hungry with without Gordon here easy read easy throw miss it settle for this if you ever watch my screens to defeat you'll see mr. easy TD it returns the TV second week in a row man I'll be giving up kick return in the road here got another out route there nice little read I'm faking I'm caught I see the cover one again so I'm like I gotta beat that kinda man to a set Tony Mendham will run same trees you just gonna be able to read them you know to me with you and man and man you ain't got no help out there I'm gonna I'm gonna beat it if you put a cover man I'll cover to man out there go for the middle routes yeah y'all should've been out here for the minis dining with you I guess he'd do it he decided to end up switching from Rudolph into Ben Roethlisberger's he's trying to make some solid add six of eight four yards this is it you never know man you never know never know what these guys he's a him breaking off tackles I was a little late to that route so shout out to him here dropping another pick any quality I'm telling you man man just one of those games Berg I was a little late to that he'd do a nice little dot there so he I'm only up 14 points so just a chance he could you know make something happen if he makes it quick interception or but we make them some solid read so doing pretty well as far as that here getting another read Gordon just been just been a monster for me man I thank you what kinda for the trade he's been a girl for me so you've been pretty good so here we have 20 we have 21 now at this point so now got the game in the Raps p.m. accordions everything on it makes a great read can you get here the Taku everyone Tania the typical is fast enough to catch 40 Madden gotta fix that yeah kinda he didn't know for sure on wood or really guard so I had to counter here I'm thinking I could get to the end zone dad to it with a nice little droops we as comfortable mojitos yes just running things kind of did a little too much as far as trying to put a point in town even throw one but still GG to my appointment Jeannie thank you guys for joining me subscribe like you know the drill