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Cause we koreans have flatter faces hello friends, what's up its your girl, gmoonii


It is 6:30 am and I'm on my way to go swimming but omg look at this dust in korea usually you can see everything but you literally can't see anything now so crazy hello friends i am back from swimming as you can see its almost 9 already i took a shower and right now im literally just working i was rewatching the intro that i took at 6:30 and oh.. yeah im starting this vlog off verrry very energetically but I'm feeling good, endorphins are running after swimming im good so im working now i have to power through and i have to finish work and i have to get ready because I have to go to school so i will see you guys later when i go to school im done with class and im finally eating something im going to eat this and im going to go to the gym yo i decided to walk so i could get some cardio in but i don't think that was a good idea i don't know if you can see seoul looks literally gray af because of all the dust my eyes are watering i keep coughing and i really think it's because of this dust even with this mask stay in people, if you are in korea stay in! update i said i was going to go to the gym right after school well guess what your girl didnt your girl was too tired so she went home to take a nap and i just wanted to chill but i fell asleep, slept hardcore i had a bad i had a really bad nightmare and i literally just woke up feeling really yucky im going to the gym now people are coming so bye! good morning fam going to the gym my mom she just got off she doesn't know im here mom! so expensive have a present for you whaaat what is it takis! hello CoLa! are you filming for my vlog hi friends its the next morning i forgot to close off the vlog last night because i came home after the shoot and i was so so exhausted i completely forgot as you saw I collabed- im sorry for my mask this is really annoying as you saw i collabed with Coreanas Latinas and I got to do junny's makeup, idk I had so much fun and im really excited to do more more collabs with them more videos and i think they are gonna do videos with me too for this channel, so stay tuned for that let me know in the comment section down below if you think i should make more videos in spanish if you like this video then go ahead and like and subscribe to my channel and don't forget to hit that notification bell and I will see you guys in my next video! bye!!