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If you are called up on stage for some reason, like you one a contest or something, you are going to enter from this side of the stage and exit. You're going to walk all the way around and sit back down. Everybody clear with that situation Very simple traffic pattern of entrance. Exit. Victory lap. Sit down. Thank you. If you ever do that again I'll smack you. Hi, everybody my name is Ross my partner in crime over here is, I don't drive cars we're the guys organizers and creators of the TVXL film contest. This is our second year. This year we had eight teams register. And four teams were able to submit entries. When I say submit entries that means they had to write, create, film, produce, a film from 6 a.m. as early as 6 a.m. Thursday turn it in by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. So we had five - correction four great entries. And my partner, I don't drive cars, is going to start showing them now. Thank you. Hope you had a good - all right so I got another issue that security system you set up for me isn't working so can you call me back when you get a chance. All right. Hey, man, it's Robert. Las Vegas, more importantly how is that - has been a mess. Seriously. I heard you just got back. Call me back. Andrew, where are you How many more days are you going to be away We have clients trying to stay online. Seriously, call me immediately! Your boss just called me what's going on What are you even doing You need to call me right now or we're through. Hey, man, I haven't heard of you since Vegas. What is going on I'm having a party this weekend, my security system is down, I need you over here as soon as possible. It's fair for me to wonder if you are honest operator, operate in good faith with me when you have not turned up for work in three weeks. I don't know what you think you're doing because it's not working here any more. It's been almost a month. I don't know what is going on with you but I'm not putting up with your shit any more. I'm done. I'm fucking done. I hope she's worth it. Meanwhile, no unheard messages. Press one to replay messages. What do you mean he's not there It's the damnest thing. The whole thing was one big hoax that son of a bitch has been on the run over 70 years now. But you'd think that - That's the thing. The CIA knew there was ex Nazis for years. They hadn't expected the whole thing was a diversion, a ruse to distract them while the big man himself set up shop in the strip. Find out only a few things. What is he doing at DEF CON Sources tell me he plans to release massive zero data in one of the presentations tomorrow. What I heard make back office look like child's play. What are you going to do about it Well - Shit. Take this. Is this red hat the right detective Yeah, who the hell are you This moment for a long time. of course I'm okay. All seriousness my life flashed before my eyes. I think I know ho I can stop him. How can we stop him Chances are he'll be signing up for the beard and mustache competition tomorrow. If we can get to him before he starts his talk we'll have a chance. That sounds like a plan. I'll go there. We'll leave in the morning. First, make it - the contest isn't open yet but I think he's going to show up to it early. He's trying to - Is that him over there That's the worst - we've been looking for. I don't think, definitely not - I'll go to the lounge. 999 how the hell am I supposed to release the zero day when all these pineapples shitting up the network. I've been running all around this place for 20 minutes. I've been pawned twice still can't get a good connection. Ruined. Will be over before it begins. Got him now. RX modulator. Back door to the GSM system. Initiate a SQL injection. Might end his miserable life once and for all. What the fuck, this is a burner phone. Nobody has - and that's why you don't try to take over the world at DEF CON. Nobody actually lives in Las Vegas. The suckers at the blackjack table are just visiting passing through town on way back to their real lives. For us poor saps, these are our real lives. We're passing through to somewhere else. Move to Vegas to start a new life, to create a new identity and get on my feet before heading somewhere better, some where permanent. 23 years I'm still not sure where that place is. I decided to head into the office, at least that's highway I thought of Joe's bar combination of bar, gin joint and waiting room. Waiting. So Vegas detectives was outside the alley that he was waiting for CSI. The conversation was short, got a glimpse of a body. Joe's has always been like a second home to me, someone bumped off in my back yard I take it personally I decided to duck through, just like me. 23 years, the last thing I said to my old man before I had to fake my own death to get out of the agency, projects didn't scare me it's what they were doing with that information. I'm sorry you feel that way, just another way of saying, whatever. I grabbed some pain killers headed out, I got this little man he lives in my chest, that let's me started to squeeze looked like the corpse developed an interest. I wonder if he was dead. Victor working project like bull run possible, when they decided he'd out grown American intelligence agencies. I knew he had a plan. I didn't have any idea what he was up to these days. Nobody knew. Victor played the long game, something bad happened on the Internet, odds are he was behind it. But type the hold a grudge and Victor could profit from it, chances are 'require new tools, another time you realize who you can damage with them and convince them in corpse had been a writer, hard boil detective stories, maybe 60 years ago that might earned him some scratch. Come to Vegas after a failed marriage somehow ended up with a bar with small group of packers decided to go modern. Sounded like he managed to worm his way into their crowd I doubt he ever really earned confidence, get enough liquor in anyone they start to talk. The corpse had been taking notes. But after 2 years of notes, come together, DEF CON 7, tells story about a guy who DEF CON 11 early bird and wizards speculate on just - DEF CON 13, amidst the alcohol haze. These guys were smart, they probably never realized they were talking about the same guy, Victor. 23 years of careful notes started to look like a different bird's egg. It was right there in the Corp's book. He had tried to make that blackmailing Victor. On the laptop that story had Victor behind bars. Probably back behind Joe's bar. Is to one starting to smell. Seemed like open and shut case. The little man wasn't buying it. Popped a couple more pills. 23 years. The novel DEF CON. Drinking contests, 2 years at the same bar. Then - It was my first time in Vegas. The city was great. It was all I expected and more. It's just another day. Or so I thought. Did you get a badge I was just down there. The line - I know. Want mine I'll sell it for a hundred. I just got it. Yeah, sure. I think I got enough. Perfect. Thanks. By the way, don't count your chickens before your eggs hatch, all right I know what it does. We're going to be super quick here. Winner of this year's contest is the 23rd badge the film you just saw by lake state studios, like to thank the Seattle film institute for their generous prize of $5,000 scholarship. Scholarships. It's huge. Video maker magazine for giving everyone who participate a subscription, like to thank DT, DEF CON and we hope to see you guys next year and make a movie with us. the videos will all be online. Okay. Our problem is we don't use any wireless microphones for obvious reasons. Let's get this hooked up. All right. Thank you. This is our official closing ceremonies as if you hadn't guessed. I'm the dark tangent we are here for a journey for the next about an hour to tell you what happened, what you missed, who the winners are of all the contests and villages. Make some special announcements of what to expect for next year. Yeah! That's me. And to my right with the great full Mo is Russ Rogers. Awesome. Russ really made things happen this year. As you know the first year in a new hotel is always exciting so I want to thank everybody for putting up with the chaos of that first day. And we really tried to make some changes. Next year obviously we'll make some more changes and, you know, what is this, we're huge in Norway What's that all about That was voted the best thing left in lost and found. Every year we end up with a big - it's yours Who does it belong to, render man I think you just trolling us. What we're going to do we're going to go through and give you a little report from what happened at the networking teams, some of the other teams, some of the contests, the villages. Going to make some pretty cool announcements. But I am going to tell you ahead of time, yes, we're back at this hotel next year we're not masochist not changing hotels next year. On DEF CON forms, we're looking for your feedback for what worked, what didn't work. The stuff that was really painful obviously we figured that out. I remember I was speaking at the opening session I came out for the first talk, first day, opened up the doors it was just packed with people and I'm like, he's mad at me, he's mad at me. She's mad at me. I could tell this is not working. Then by lunch time we got a bunch of it sorted out and so, yeah, that stuff is obvious. But all the non-obvious stuff really let us know like we really want to try to improve it. Also, by show of hands who thought having a theme was cool We don't ever really announce themes. You like the theme Theme is okay I mean we're doing a convention anyway we may as well have some organizing principle, so next year we're running with a new theme "Rise of the machines". Yeah! One of the new overlords is here next to me in the cyber-grand challenge box. Just getting ready to look at it's new territory. Next year we'll have more of those. So I figured it's pretty appropriate next year. You can expect movies and short story contests and imagery to be around. And badges. Think about the number 24. And think about "Rise of the machines" and you'll have really cool idea on how to maybe if you are organizing a contest or making art. I wanted to give that I heads up. Also give you quick heads up if you like staying at the Paris or Bali's any of the other hotels we already have registration open for next year. That's online. If you go to the tab in the upper left hand corner DEF CON 24, you can start grabbing a block or getting rooms you want now. And we've never managed to do that before it took us 23 years. So for those my administrative announcements I want to move on to the first team that keeps us all connected that's the infrastructure team. Or the the NOC team. You'll see wearing on the back of the shirts we have the teams. EFFFFN here represents the NOC team I'll pass it off to him for making us - helping us stay connected. EFFFFN. Hello DEF CON. Is everyone alive still A little bit So, I have five minutes so let's do this very quick, this slides will be online on the URL that we have at the end of the presentation. What do we do We keep you all - connected so the wired network for everything that you see on the slide can barely see that, but you can see on your computer later. The DCTV who watched on their hotel rooms in Bally's. The video man and Morgan. And the wireless infrastructure our ugly child of all the time. It worked. We did a lot of planning as DT said it's always fun changing venues especially for us. Having two hotels was very awesome. And it worked out really well, the hotel staff was awesome. We had a few concerns as you can see there, the DC-TV streaming to both hotels was a little bit of a challenge but our team, so that's good. Not everything goes as planned, right We got some new gear this year so we got some new access points, a little faster, got more powerful controller to run everything from there. And some new raspberry Pis for big shout out for the sound of knowledge people. For actually being able to put the slides, I don't know what's happening here. It's not me. We're being Dos'd again. Upgrade is blue. Anyhow, again shout out for sound of knowledge for putting the slides, when on DC-TV you're not only looking at the speaker or speakers. I'm not going to go through this. This is the timeline for the set up since Monday. We got here, we'll be here for a week, trust me it's fun. Challenges that we have is like mapping the boards, all the connections right, we have a lot of V-Lans. That have IOS and Windows instructions was enough for you. Sorry. Next year we will - including for Linux but if you run Linux and Wi-Fi you have - And we obviously didn't get requirements some time and we have to work through the last-minute changes. More challenges, there's a lot of those here. And when vendor area opens we get a lot of those. And that's always awesome. Major issues that we have again, port mapping, we plugged something in - we expect people to see one thing they see other things, thanks for letting us know so we can fix it quickly. The debacle was fun. And hopefully it's going to be fixed next year, it's not our fault. And we couldn't get any of the devices to authenticate the server side certificate. And there was another small glitch that I'll talk about in a little bit. Numbers, not going to go through this. You can download and see that. These are some key numbers that we have, how many terabytes of data we streamed or you guys downloaded or uploaded. But the little red thing there that's when the Wi-Fi got very tired and we put it to sleep, right The Xanax and it went away but this morning it was up again. We had a little issue there. And you guys are very creative. When you pick your passwords for the Wi-Fi Reg these are the kind of PG ones. More stats, you guys like graphs, stats, what kind of devices we have. You can look this online. And one of the most important things is give it up for my team these guys are awesome. They're here all week. I cannot see anyone but if they're here, thank you. They're probably working. And also thank Jeff, Russ. The Caesar staff, Encore always helping us with the network drops and everything else. Big shout out. If he couldn't fix wireless nobody else could he was my default out there. Thanks thanks for all of you for this year behaving as much as you could on the network. Thank you. All right. So, see if we can get started here. I do want to take a minute thank all of the departments that worked within DEF CON. It takes about 300 people to put that on, if you add up all the hours we put in just at con it's about four years of full-time work, that's just for this weekend. I can assure you I worked about that much over this year with Jeff and Sheryl and the rest of the team trying to get this planned throughout the year as well. So, thank you to all of the departments, all of the Goons all of the volunteers, all the contest POCs, the hotel, everybody that really helped us out with. This I really appreciate it. You made my life much easier this year. So, next call Agent X here for speakers. I'm going to use that wireless mic. It is now. Quick. Own him. We had 218 speakers speak this year. 132 talks. 28 hours of content all compressed in. I'm abley assisted by 21 speaker Goons who just work like 18 hours a day for me then party like rock stars every night. We did something new this year, Nikita organized workshops we had seven of them running for total of 24 workshops and 104 hours of workshops. People went in there all day long and basically learned a ton of stuff. Who went to workshops Yeah! Do you want more workshops So, yeah, that's the quick one. One of the things I was enlightened to this year was our closed captioning system is amazing. And you know, you're like, we feed them audio they type really fast. No, they take last year's talks, they do frequency analysis on the words so they know what we talk about this year. Every year they do that. And they unlike the speaker operations staff read the bio and know what the person is going to talk about ahead of time so let's give it up for our closed captioning people spread out all over the world. They're real. This is not a test. Thank you. All right. So, one of the best parts of DEF CON every year are the badges and all the hidden clues and everything else around the conference that includes all of our artwork, our floor stickers, our program, the badges, everything at this conference is now been tied into his master plan. Like to introduce lost boy to talk about his badges and his badge challenge. We had really good year this year, I was really happy with the camaraderie and participation, actually seeing teams help out other teams. There were teams that camped out before us even starting the conference this year when I tweeted out a certain - people actually - where we were on the conference floor we were like on top of me within the space of like a minute and a half. Russ looked at me like they just already found you dude what's going on Another couple quick things looking at the lanyards thought you might find it interesting that the lanyards were both based on current literary works you had Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Dodson. It looked like it was two separate ciphers but it took all six lanyards to solve, it took 12 hours to get just past the part that involved the lanyards. I get all energetic. I get excited when I talk about this stuff. You actually had to take and realize that each of the codes had a similar number of pieces and you formed a core - that mapped out physically on a keyboard which letters it was that it popped out. So it's actually coordinate system based on keyboard that's what the - side story that we didn't give out in the opening ceremonies, people keep asking me about flying with these. As an experiment, I put six of these in my bag, the uber badge, the radioactive badge flew here with them. So as we're going through the check out, TSA pulls my bag. I was like, here it goes I'm going to have the story to tell at DEF CON but they pulled me aside they go right past the six uber badges that are in my bag two vials of uranium and other - no, it didn't. Which is - maybe I shouldn't say that out loud. One of the vials actually had a sticker on it that said radioactive with the little symbol on, they didn't. Reason they pulled me aside is for part of the challenge this year they had to - you had your team had to present me with a $2 bill. And I had gone around was collecting all of the $2 bills I could get my hands on, I did that around the hotel as well, too, to try to make it - so the thing that they thought was interesting I had this fat stack of cash because it was $2 bills it looked like a whole lot of money when they pulled my bag out they're like, radioactive, radioactive, okay, why do you have this stack of money So I just gave the lady a dead pan look and I said, I'm going to Vegas. They said, go ahead. Get through. I guess they had been collecting these, you can see. I'd like to - Tell them about the - The tritium vials. Those were in the other talk how you can actually buy tritium in U.K. but you captain in the United States. I found a guy in Singapore who had a machine for packaging coffee and when I ordered the tritium vials from him they would ship them over hidden inside packets of coffee. When they first - I was like, crap, I'm going to have to tell Jeff I wasted a bunch of 1999 guy totally fleeced me on the Internet. But he sent them, you rip open the coffee packet, there is all your tritium. Good to the last drop, I guess. Not really sure what that is all about but it's probably not legit. Wait, sorry. That was hypothetical story. That didn't actually happen. Nor would I advocate that. Anyway - They're like, what is the URL of this individual The only other thing like I said you all heard me, this badge was my homage to Richard fineman this year. The only other point that I'd really like to beat you over the head with is I asked in opening ceremonies how many heard of - I pronounced it wrong, Wassinar that is sad and scary, the reason we did the record this year now you all have a recording having to come to DEF CON. Important for those of you that are security researchers are hackers these laws are going to affect us going forward, it's really important that you know all know about that go home, look this up. The guys that are on the winning team, where is the council of - come on up. Send someone up. Everyone is tired. These guys were like a well-oiled machine. They had like covert operatives from their team hiding in my room in the corner like acting all quiet and listening to everything that was happening. So at one point I actually turned to one of them I said, don't think I don't know what you're doing. Because there's guy back there, every time - sees a phone come out somebody whispering into the phone they had actually also set up an - teams that set up an auto - had hacked one of the badges from previous years to flash L.E.D. whenever I sent out a tweet they used a badge from previous year as an alarm for whenever I tweeted out. Anyway, I want to - got very limited time if you have - they apparently they have pair of grifter shoes. Do you have a spokesperson from your team that would like to say a few words about what it was like going through this Hurry, hurry, doesn't matter. So there's a part when we were about half way through the challenge you put up - we thought it was part of the challenge it had two coordinates on it. We went to one of those coordinates and there was a land cable hanging from the ceiling that wasn't connected to anything at one end. That's all I'm going to say about that. To explain that a little puzzle pieces actually was a sequence that they found in the online integer sequence database that was submitted by person who had the last name of herring. So, anyway, I'd like to present the first black uber badge to the council of nine for winning this challenge. So we're doing this - did you want to talk about this real quick. Going to do actually a book next year we'll have much larger presentation. But so we are actually registering all of the ubers that go out from this point forward but I would just like to say I encourage all of you every year to play with the puzzles. I put very easy puzzles in as well as some very difficult you might have noticed there were some in the program for when you're bored standing in line. But also may be coding about half way through. Play as much as you're comfortable. I encourage to you talk to each other, get to know each other that's why I put stuff on the lanyards so you have to talk to other people. My favorite part about this year was the team that, some that have team said, I was new last year, I met these guys, we worked together and they stayed in contact all year long. And that kind of stuff is what makes it worthwhile to me. I'd like to thank Jeff and DT for letting me continue to do this because apparently you guys like the abuse. As you saw this year was non-electronic badge we're going to continue with our tick-tock cycle. Electronic badge next year. That's it, thank you. I'm looking for uranium vials under the podium here. Okay, so, one of the things with DEF CON is that over time people come and go. They get tired of doing certain things, if you have been here more than 15 years you've seen me in about five different job functions. Well, you retired last year I thought. Three years. It has worked out well as you can all tell. So, these aren't the only two people that are retiring. I know we point them out specifically because they're department heads or seconds, Agent X who has been running our speakers for well over a decade. 15 years. He thought it was 15. So, he's - then we have flea, where's flea He's at the Goon swim. He has actually retired. Yeah, he's been here for a long time so if we can give a round of applause for him as well. So, we're going to give this uber badge to both of them hoping that since leaving us hanging the radioactive components will take care of them for us. Thank you. Just to add on to that there are - quite a few other Goons that are either transitioning to other departments, want to do something else or moving on because you've beat the crap out of them for 20-plus years. So, we've got this strategy that because we're so community driven that you shouldn't do something you're not interested in and people are creative they want to - try to create an environment at DEF CON where you come and you can do stuff, get burned out, you leave, you can always come like family you can rotate through. So, I am not convinced that we won't see the last of X. Might see you again, maybe. And so that is the environment we want to create. So, like you guys, sometimes you come to DEF CON, sometimes you don't. But we really try to create an awesome environment where you can come and do - and so, I think for the next slide want to talk about all - grifter. Contest, who stepped up now, right, grifter used to do one thing now grifter is running our contents events and villages a new role for him he came in sort of at the last minute and really did a fantastic job. Let's give round of applause to grifter for stepping up. Somehow ended up being the contests, villages, parties and the penthouses and demo labs. No pressure, I've lost my mind. We were trying to come up with something for the eye but we were saying pelvic. Events. Labs. Anyway. Fundraisers. We have obviously every year we have lot of people who put a lot of time and effort into just doing something for others. These people stepped up in that regard we have Eddie raised $2,590 for the EFS. Awesome. He raised $4,590 for hackers for charity. Then we also have Mo, there's quite a few Mohawks running around out here, thanks to Ed and her crew. Mohawk the EFF raised $2,434. And for hackers for charity additional. $995. What's that 1,070. There's an additional donation there. Then crash and compile while they're doing the contest they raised money for the EFF as well they raised $700 for the EFF. One thing we also do the blood code is out there again. There were 84 donations given. People out there giving blood which is awesome. And that's for the match. Awesome guys. I have an interesting moment where some attendees came up in the contest area they saw the blood code stuff out there, if you saw everything they were like, holy crap. Is that where people go and they get hurt, why are all those people laying down It's a blood bath in here, get out. Then also just two quick things that we have hackers for charity, we have a misprint badge that will be - yes, only one of these. And it has some artwork by Eddie Mize on here after we're done with the closing ceremony we'll be auctioning it off for hackers for charity. I'll show you something. It's black. It's not a Black Badge. It just happens to be a badge that's black. Anyway, then also I want to talk about the EFF. At their booth with everybody raising money all over the place, parties were raising money, different things, they have raised over $80,000 and climbing this weekend. So thank you all. We have somebody from the EFF here just with a few quick comments. So, thanks everybody, thanks for your support. Your support like yours let's us do our work, this year we followed more than 15 new lawsuits, major progress and 11 more, something like amicus briefs all over the country at every level that's tens of thousands of hours of work. Just this week in - told more than ten security researchers representing, hopefully kept everybody out of jail, so thanks a lot guys. DT and the Goons thanks so much and to our supporters who raised money for us, waffle Con, wall of sheep, mohawk, hacker jeapordy de. The DEF CON parties, check marks and crash and compile. Thank you everybody. And he lost his voice, thanks for that. Is that it All right, so moving on. We have a lot of villages around here, we had 12 villages this year all different venues kicking off everywhere. Something we started at DEF CON 14 it's just grown and grown. It's fantastic. We always say you can make this con your own and these folks help us do that please give round of applause to all of our villages for helping. So we have something for the organizers, they don't have a lot of contests and things for the villages but for the effort. We have really cool custom T-shirt that we're going to give three of them to each one of the villages. Agent, hand sewn and Agent X will be modeling it for us. Give him a turn. I don't care if there's nothing on the back. Turn anyway. So this is a limited edition shirt that Mar made with a Daisy running, she hand stitched every shirt with conductive thread that ties it all together and so we're going to give the organizers of the village - they can do with what they want but relegally want to give them something special and limited because they don't run contests, they never really get recognized with Black Badges or anything. They really do awesome work. We want to recognize the village organizers. If you are one of the organizers of the village, please come over here to this side of the stage and we'll get you guys set up. This slide says, other contests and events. You can imagine what it's like for us going into planning this. Like Jeff said, myself and Panadarro who is running - there he is, he's waving giving out those shirts. We put quite a number of hours, I didn't realize quite how many it would be when I got the phone call from Jeff and Russ. It's all good. This is all that stuff out there. Please, give a huge round of applause to all the organizers of all this content. Also if you're interested in doing something like running a contest, hit me up at grifter@Defcon.org. Once we are moving forward on a contest we put together stuff on the forums, get on DEF CON forum say this is what I want to do. If I don't see it somebody will let me know and we'll get planning. The sooner the better, the more activity the better. Moving right along. Our uber contest. So we have a number of badges up here, we're just going to start running through them. We have our social engineering CTF guys up here He's coming. He's very sneaky. I came up the exit. These guys are incredible. They grew this year, we gave them double the space, we thought that that would be enough and it wasn't so we'll have to discuss that for next year. But it was nuts. You guys absolutely loved this village. Thank you. Thank you. I think we need this room for next year, right You think It's been great this year, I tell you the communication with grifter and his team, if you guys had any that have it was really awesome. They were just so on top of stuff. So thank you grifter. Russ, Sheryl, reason we got stuff done so CTF we had first and second place winner our second place winner was John Sherpa came win over a thousand points between the report and the calls. We're on the screen if you can see this one. We made some really cool awards. I'm blocking it. Really cool. For you, John. Whole bunch of cool hacking stuff. We had Raytheon came in, I don't know if you're going to trust us, Raytheon came in they gave us some devices and said, this is a puzzle. If you would like to solve it you can plug it in your computer I went I'm going to give it to the winners of the contest. They're both getting one. Thank you, great job. Great job. Now we have real serious thing, guys, this is the third year in a row a woman has won the SECTF. Third year in a row! It's awesomely beautiful. Come up here, Jen. You also get a clipboard full of awesome hacker stuff. You get a Wi-Fi pineapple-like device. Bigger thing you can hit someone with and hurt them. But now here is the - look at this thing. If from what I understand this thing is like radioactive I'd be careful where you hang it on your body. Depending if you want children or not but there you are. Congratulations. Guys, next year we got to step it up. Got to step it up guys, three years in a row, come on, you got to represent again. Back to you grifty. Grifter. That's my pet name. All right. Badge hacking. All right. Open CTF. Open CTF. No applause. Open CTF. Open CTF almost didn't happen this year actually. Test test test. Close, can you hear me Open CTF almost didn't happen this year. I'd like to thank Sharelle and Betty from DEF CON, mark from Bally's, and the rest of legit for 11th hour save. Open CTF is jeopardy style catch the flag contest open to all DEF CON attendees. Out of over 150 registered teams, 61 teams scored this year. Unfortunately we had to turn some people away due to lack of space, but we're already working to make sure that doesn't happen next year and our winners, best write up, mad hacks, hacksters and Los scriptors. Third place was - with 1,960 points. Second place was Neg 9 with 2,710 points. And first place was OX8F who stayed up all night the first time to solve - I'm sorry, 1500 points worth of challenges although I do think he had some remote help. And he had 3,410 points. For donating we're giving to our winners. Keep what you kill. We're switching it up. I was trying to keep audio guys guessing. We have our next one is Warlock games, you guys here These guys a new organizers this year. I'll let him tell you about the contest. It was a lot of fun to have the contest area, there's always a bunch of craziness going on. The guys who are competing seem to be having a blast. Thank you very much. How many got chance to play Warlock games this year Couple of you. Nobody played Some up here. Fair enough. Warlock games is a capture - challenge-based CT if you have things that go in, forensics, digital forensics those kind of things, live malware analysis. We always bring in a physical security aspect because it's not all about the electronics and the security world. So you get in there you get a chance to give it a roll padlocks, those kind ever things. This year we also got chance to bring - bring in some old school like street fighter and Pac Man and what not kind of blast from the past. And that way we brought in entire gaming experience, the hacking challenge and physical security piece. So, we have two teams up here with us, our other teams had to take off. And we always talk about that this is a networking type event. Lot of you have been coming here for many years you start to see the familiar faces of people that you know. So, our second place team, I think they knew most - I think they picked up two people while they were standing in line. And they made up six numbers of their team other four already knew each other I'm going to let them come up and give few moments about their team and how they did the challenge. Super nervous. We did great. I think we - commend these guys for doing great job. But it was fun, it was awesome, you guys - I'd like to give it up to the guys that host this thing they do such a good job spending entire time doing it. Good job. Really good job. All of our team had to go back to their normal lives but I had a great time I want to thank everybody, myself, disco, Mega, Dick, molotov for their - thank you guys. Okay. So our first place team they're actually out of Samsung in south Korea we've had a few of their team members compete with us in the past. I'm going to let them come up and give a few seconds about their team and how they accomplished some of their challenges. I really appreciate Warlock. Thank you. Short and simple. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for that. We were told kind of as our contest closed out that we were going to be Black Badge event this year, it's kind of a humbling experience, if you will for those that put contests together to be acknowledged in this way. It does take a lot of time and effort to put this together and to get the nod DEF CON staff and from DT that we're there. I would also like to give shout out to the Goon staff that was running that contest, they did it and they were all over the place helping us out and they were everywhere, so, good job to them and congratulations to them. We'd like to do is present the Black Badge to our first place team from Samsung South Korea. Thanks very much, DEF CON, we'll see you next year. Hack fortress, where are you at Heads up crash and compile you're going to be next. You want to get ready. Hey, what's up First of all would the winning team come on up stand up front real quick. Go around up front. Because we don't want to get this shit on people up here. We're going to get - otherwise, our fifth year at DEF CON we appreciate, our first year at black badge contest we're super excited about it. For those that don't know hack fortress is a contest that we run, normally bring out to DEF CON, 30 minute combined team fortress 2 and hacking competition, winner moves on usually until they play jolly and friends at the finals seems to be the may it happens every year. This year the team is called not ready for this, the genesis of the name was, bunch of scabs got together signed up a team they didn't know each other we need a team name, we're not readied for this. Sweet, that's your team name. That's what they have been tagged with. They ran the gamut, they had a ringer, there's a pro running around here, actually a pro gamer, good job. Random chance worked out for them very effectively. So, on the hack side of this thing, the team fortress 2, who has played team fortress 2, best video game in the world, Whoo! Fantastic game engine that allows us to control the game environment. We can make realtime manipulation of the game environment, and so what we've done is then add a hacking element to it where there is all these different challenges be it forensic, database, physical, that kind of thing. And then what they get a currency where they can buy basically different hints or they can modify the game environment like set the other team on fire, blind them, freeze them, do all that kind of stuff. It's an interactive process between the hacking team and the TF2 team where they can manipulate each other's environment. Ongoing adventure and worked out pretty well largely runs without too much hassle. What they have got besides one Black Badge for the entire team, so if you could clear out we're going to do like a hunger game style thing right in the middle just let them all go at it we've got some shit and see how it works out. I thought it was really funny, actually. Anyway. What they also get is an opportunity to jump the line and buy a ticket so that they don't have to try to hit F 5 for those that know what that is. We are also shitty remembering who won. So this year we're going to mark them all with spray paint so that we can remember, they can show us their hands next year we'll let them in get the ticket. If you can just line uphold your hands up we'll spray all your hands. We'll chrome them up real good. We also were able to raise about $255 for 8 bit processors for EFF. That's not a lie that's actually how much we raised. We appreciate the bribes we got from all the teams. Very "Mad Max". One of the challenges was spray paint your face with silver, I can pick up the bumper from the scavenger hunt, around the contest area screaming "Witness" as loud as you could. It worked out very well. That's good look for you, X. I live, I die, I live again! It turns out I haven't seen the movie so I actually don't know - why it's funny. Anyway, I think that's it. Thank you very much. Hand out the badge. Here we go. Actually I'm going to buy Fiat because I like Bitcoin, I'm going to hand this guy the Black Badge because this gentleman here took motivation to actually commentate the video game for us. He's very good eight, his name is - Jaysup. Is that your God-given name. That's not a handle just sounds like one. He was very good at it. He did about five rounds for us, he's British it sounded even better. We really appreciate the effort that he put in so congratulations. If I may take the pulpit for one second be so bold not to bite the hand that feeds me, fewer cameras next year maybe Somewhere like where they're doing the closed captioning that person's fingers are smoking. Motor mouth potter. Crash and compile. So, those people that don't know combination of ACM - and a drinking game. So you get a problem, you solve it in code, and if your code isn't viable you take a drink. If it doesn't the right output you take a drink, if another team comes up with the solution before you do, everyone else takes a drink. Anyway, we've been running this for awhile and one of the things we change this year is we wanted more participation. So we actually ran our prequalification round at DEF CON. So we had more teams, we had teams try out for this, there's only nine spots available. So we had excellent showing, everyone had a great time. Our winning team - so this is a basketball size, crash and compile trophy. This is originally when we first started we had - decided to program in random program languages. Started out playing the game. And what better way to pick something random than a giant dice. So, the winner is - our second place team was Frank rules then third place was Meg 9. Like to present the Black Badge. Congratulations. What was the winning technique the winning technique it was the beer points. Thanks Crux, I'm missing others, team distraction, you were way for fucking annoying than last year. It's what we do. Thanks Ryan for bringing it home, I couldn't read by the last problem set. We've been doing Cons for ten-plus years. We did contests now the last three. I've met ton of people in the last three years, get involved in the contests, great way to meet people. Thanks. Thank you very much. All right. Next up. Scavenger hunt. Of course. Yeah! Hi, I'm Salem with the scavenger hunt, if your DEF CON experience is slightly weird, you're welcome. Or I'm sorry, one of the two. I have no - I have a bunch of stuff specifically for DT, a shirt. One of our trophies. Excellent. One of our challenges this year, last year we gave out floppy disks which was a lot of fun because find out where to find a floppy reader. This year we gave out VHS tapes. The VHS tape on the Scav list was worth 20 points it had a lot of fun stuff on it and really fun tie-ins with the gold of 23. We got one specifically for Jeff. We will encode this make it available to the public. of course,, on the list we had 220 possible items. The first place team turned in 104 items. Second place team got 96 items. There was literally a two-point difference between first and second place. And told - held out to eight items in that two points. Our second place team as well did end up raising some money for the EFF. We ended up getting $216 just for the EFF by one random Scav item, it was great. Any live chickens What's that Any live chickens this year No, no live chickens no horse heads. Because I didn't want to deal with them again. All right, so, before I call up my winning team. I can't do this alone, I'm Salem, I can't do this. My team here is what makes this happen on the end dual flip flop, Zora, evil Mofo these guy make this happen so much harder than I do even though my face is charge. This is my last year running this. I am giving my badge to this guy. I'm making him be in charge of this from now on. All right. Third place. I have no idea if you're here. Yeah! Don't bother coming up, go over there. Go over there. Go over there. We'll meet you over there. Like I said two-point difference between first and second place. Second place team, the national shit posting agency. Our first place team, our winners, grit greenwald Santorum, come up front get your Black Badge. I want to give some love to the people who gave us free prizes, no starch, DJ jackalope, Unix surplus, about six others. And a big thanks to Grifter and his team for putting up with us. All right my three teams, go over there for prizes. Go that way. All right. Before we bring up the last folks here I just wanted to say thanks to my team, the guys who were running around like crazy or at times just sitting on the couch. The contest and events team and especially to Panadaro who is back here hiding in the shadows without this wouldn't happen please round of applause for those guys. the moment you've all been waiting for, ladies and gentlemen, capture the flag. We've been drinking for a couple of hours. Get some beer while you're doing this. Beer is good. Okay, hi, everybody, I'm grump, bear we are the legitimate business syndicate this is our third year running DEF CON's capture the flag. We would like to thank DEF CON for having us back again. We want to thank all the fans that come by the room throughout the weekend, it was super rewarding to see the same people coming back again and asking even better questions than they were before. We want to thank the teams that played this year, everybody played with honor and extreme skill. How many teams tried to qualify 4,000 people registered for our qualifying. 4,000 teams registered our qualifying event back in May. Ten people were invited to come play here. Teams. Five other teams that we prequalified through other CTFs give everyone a chance. Highlights, Friday opened up with X86-64 binary. Later standard 32X86 binary. Then we opened an embedded form the CI20. And Friday night we had lightning round that we actually ran on a nexus 9 which is as you know android which is arm 46. Saturday for the first time in at least ten years we ran a Windows 10 challenge on Windows 10 station IoT core which is running on Raspberry Pi. Also for the first time the DEF CON CTF Saturday night which we took four of the best hackers in the world we hooked up to their computers ran capture cards and watched what they were doing for live hacking challenge. Check out our that's going to be post processed released to the world very soon. Cool. Yeah. Not a super big surprise. But PPP won that live CTF challenge. So if you guys check out our website pretty soon we're going to go ahead put up a capture of the whole game running in fast speed so you can watch the whole visualization. There is missiles that jump across the screen it's really super cool. Okay. Now I'm going to hand it over to the leader of legitimate business syndicate is Gyno Phage and give us the results of the game. In third place this year we had zero days sober. How many points. All the way in the back. Stand up. If you want, or not. In second place, we have the two-time champ PPP the plaid parliament of pony. And in first place a first timer at the DEF CON capture the flag finals we had Def Corps. Come up on the stage. Come on up, guys. The winners will be receiving eight black badges and eight jackets for their victory at the capture the flag this year. It is the only contest that gets the jackets. Good luck getting them back home. Okay. First of all thank you for the - for the hardest challenges ever. We really enjoyed the CTF we also thank all the other teams that competed with us. And luckily we won this year, we are very happy. And - secret technique We have the world best hacker, John. Also Windows 10 Raspberry Pi challenge he didn't even have the debugger he solved the challenge the second night. Thank you so much. We'll be here again. So the winning team gets to come back to defend in the following year. We're going to see Def Core next year. Thank you. Thank you so much. Predict the future but on every uber badge there's a Korean saying that says... Which means the Taffy Peddler can do what he pleases. and now - I have one final announcement about capture the flag. Next year, the Thursday before DEF CON, Darpa would like to show the world how far automated program analysis has come. Through the Darpa cybergrand challenge. In honor of next year's DEF CON theme "the rise of the machines" we would like to have the winning computer from Darpa cyber-grand challenge compete against best human hackers in the world at the DEF CON 24 capture the flag. Details will be available on our website, legitbs.net soon. I remember the day the machines took over. All right. That finishes it off for contests and events. Thanks to everybody who played and all the organizers again and now we'll turn it over to DT. So, this is the point where I tell you the closing comments. Which I've already told you at the beginning you see how I did that So, what we're doing is as usual every year, we'll do it faster this year going to release - two things. One we're going to release all the video that we've captured with the captioning. And, two, this year really what sort of DEF CON is composed of, what we get to pass on to those people who aren't lucky enough to be here, is all this video and the villages. And so this year I really want to step that up and so we recorded a lot of the speaking in the villages. Never done before. We almost - you heard how many hours of speaking we had. We have almost double that in all of the other villages. So we're going to be releasing all the video that we've captured in all the villages and all the official speaking tracks so that's going to be a huge amount of data. The other thing I want to announce which is not directly related to DEF CON but every year I do a data duplication village. And the last two years I've been collecting you a the videos from all the other hacking conferences around the world, curating it, cleaning it up, putting it in directory structure that's what you get if you come to the data village it's about 5.5 terabytes right now. And so, all of that data from all the other conventions will be online as well in the coming months so I don't have to do all this work release it just once. So in the next couple of months you're going to see a huge data dump all the other conventions I could find, all the speaking at Black Hat, and at DEF CON and I'll release Black Hat data, too. Give me a beer. Bring me a beer. I got a new beer. Full beer. Okay, new beer for drinking. I want - hacker jeopardy, Wyn Schwartauer won jeopardy this year. He didn't fuck it up. I want to give shout out to little Roo. Give a shout out to the hotel. Who sit, the - mark and Christina from the hotel for putting up with us in the first year. They were amazing. I want to say that video channels for next year now that we know the infrastructure will fix that. My point of it all is that we're super proud to have the biggest conference ever, we grew about 15% and we're super proud to have captured more of it than ever to give it away to the world than ever so with all that have said, this sounds like bullshit but it's true, DEF CON has become what we make of it and this year I think we've made a fantastic conference. So, thank you so much. We'll be around. I'm really looking forward to seeing you next year, get on the forums and give us feedback. With that I'm going to officially close DEF CON 23. Thank you everyone!