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Hi! Everybody should see in the beggining of this year that Netflix brand a new


Series called Santa Clarita Diet starring Drew Barrimore and about basically a woman that suddenly start wanting to eat people and well, it's very nice I recommend you to see it. Especially it has drawn my attention the advertisement with Drew Barrimore saying If you have whim of eating pizza and you miss eating pizza, eat someone who has eaten a pizza. So I thought especially with my lifestyle and I want to make a video because it's similar with what are we doing day by day Someone said that we are what we eat and that's the true, because there are studies that demonstrate that each month all your cells are renuewed based on what you eat and pregnancy women all they eat shape their baby, too That's something that we are not very aware and some cravings may have sense and others just hurts the baby So, I want to talk about that because I really believe that we are what we eat I'm going to explain this All of us know that a bad nutrition can carry us to diseases like obesity, diabetes type 2, cardio diseases, bone's problems, low self-esteem, eating disorders... And it's very important, like we always have listened, the nutrition, but we ignore this words because it's showing that we are eating worse. That's because the rush, that's because the new foods are full of substances that makes us to want more and more like de GMO which prevents us to know that we are satisfied, and it's very dangerous because it stucks our arteries, like the sugar which is highly addictive. Many people around the world are leaving the sugar and uploading their experience to internet and there are really awesome changes in their lifes. And I don't mean just the weight, the skin... and all that stuff. They really feel it in the energy, in the mood, and they do not have as much craving for the sweet flavour because finally if you raise your glucose peaks in your blood drastically with, I don't know, a coke or something very sugary what the body does when experience the glucose lowering, because it's already consumed, is asking you for more, so you just can't get enough, you'll always want more. So, it's proven leaving the sugar increases the health a lot I think that's very important because we only have this body and it's our vehicle to travel through life. Although it sounds boring, you shall know you are not having another one and as much as you take care of it, it's how you are going to arrive to your final days. So it's your decision if you want to be a car like GTA videogame and getting to the finish line without a mirror, without a door and half of a person coming out the window or if you want to get to the finish line being an old car that actually works and in good condition for it's age So, that's for thinking and I think it's important because all of us like the McDonald's, Burger King, KFC...food and the others, but What are we getting into our bodies I mean If someone gives you a taste of something new and you answer "What is this", "Nothing, it's made with tar." You don't eat it! But, nevertheless then you eat food with things worst than the tar. and when I say worst I mean highly carcinogenic, highly acidifying our blood... At the end it's worth it to stop and say "Wait! Ok, I've been doing it wrong, I have known but not anymore." And you are going to reach this body you have always want to this energy you've always want and make your mother happy and all you want to add as benefits. It's for you! If you don't love yourself and don't take care of yourself, nobody is going to do it for you. No one is going to come to you like when you were a little baby and put into your mouth a very healthy mashed vegetables you have to make this mashed vegetables for you and you have to eat it. This process can take you years, but if you don't start today, then when I, personally, start a journey to take care of myself since 6 years ago now in June 2017 and the true is that now, 6 years after that I keep it because each day I feel better and it really worths it for all those people that are skeptic it's not a secret, it's not a miracle and lately it's listening around so much that may sound like a sect but it's called veganism and it has a lot of definitions maybe the most colloquial or accepted is "To not eating animals or use them for any reason." And for me is this thing we have been taught to all of us since we were kids "Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you." If you don't want to be eaten, you shall don't eat. If you don't like to someone pay for your killing, then you don't pay someone to kill anyone. If you don't want to be enclosed in a cage, don't lock in a cage or pay someone to enclose in a cage. If you don't want anyone to test in you or do experiments with your body yo shall don't pay somebody to do experiments with someone else's body. If you don't want anyone to rip off your skin then don't pay to anyone to rip off no one's skin. and a long etcetera And I know it's like "Yes, we all know it but my comfort zone is so comfortable" It's not just because the animals, Nobody is so silly to constantly sacrifice for a being who he or she doesn't know and don't know if it suffer or not because it's "not proven". When you start to be a vegan or vegetarian you feel better. Not only morally, this too, but your body feels healthier. This has a very logical explanation. You increase consumption of fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds... All of them, unfortunately, are not very present in our culture. And you stop eating burgers, fried food, pizzas, chicken wings... and other junk food And, finally, obviously, your body sais "THANK YOU". "Why so late" And then you don't want to come back to all of that. You feel tempted sometimes. In fact, all vegans passed a stage like "Well, in my house i'm vegan but when I go out it's horrible to search for a place where I can eat. And I don't want to pay 8$ for between breads, lettuce, tomato and onion that is a salad sandwich so I allow myself to eat cheese, egg..." But, finally, you pass this stage saying "Why I am putting this crap into my body" And finally you become this healthy person you were meant to be since you start that way In fact, many people who start that lifestyle (I follow some youtubers) They say they came to veganism or a healthy lifestyle from obesity, eating disorders, abuse of toxic substances... But not in my case. I think I always have been this way. I've never really liked fish or meat but I liked pre-cooked food that all of us like like junk food I've never been a fan of a big steak or something. No, I don't really liked that so it has been easy for me. Some people finds a difficult on it but at the end everybody stop eating it and find it disgusting. We all have a concept that meat comes from an animal that is in the field grazing, one day it goes down a hall, and someone hit its head, and die, without knowing a thing and then they cut it and becomes beef and it's healthy. It's not this way anymore. I don't know if once was like this. They told me this, but I think it really never was this way. Today, you start to watch videos I know anyone want to watch them but if you are going to do this, at least you should know where your food is from. You watch this videos and they're, for true, terrible, and as far different of what they told us. And the animals suffer, yes they do, a lot, and yes, they are conscious of their lifes, a lot, and you can see it in their eyes, you can see it in their attitude, and you can even see tears... I plead for the veganism because it's a very ethical choice, so much healthy, more empathy, with the sentient beings of this planet, very responsible and, at the end, is what this word needs, according to the most recent studies, to stop with the global warming, yes it's related to it. It's prove that cattle raising produces more CO2 emissions (There's no need to say where they come from) than all vehicles in the world together It's not just this, the deforestation for making pasture fields, all this water invested in this animals to drink, and the crop exploitation for this animals to eat it's proved if we wouldn't overproduce this animals and they'd live in the countryside and they would eat grass, like it's supposed to be, by the way, many problems they have and affect directly to us it's because they give processed food to them based in cereal flour, and it's not the proper feeding for them. And that's because the E.Coli and much more, but basically, if all of those cereal wich are planted for the won, will be planted for the people, there will be not world hunger. And that's very studied, to. So, they say that, at the end, we all are going to become vegan. I don't know, certainly, I'd love to, for real, for the planet, for myself, for my own benefit, and go to the places and buy vegan without looking at all the labels. Because it supports a healthy lifestyle, too in most cases. And it's the best for everyone, EVERYONE. And I repeat. The people who are vegan o vegetarian we are not dumb, if we'd feel worst we wouldn't go into this lifestyle. We would come back to the easy way. If we are making the hard path it's because it has its reward. If it wasn't this way, nobody make a thing for something that is hurting him or her and also doesn't produce any benefit. So, that's my advice. Love yourself, enjoy yourself, love everybody, enjoy everybody, And with "everybody" I mean other creatures, to. Not just human beings, also animals like us, but other species. Don't be speciesist, have a look of what were you doing with yourself, rethink it. If watching this video is useful for being more sure of wath you're doing it's OK, if watching this video you doubt of what you do it's great. That's my idea. Question yourself what are you doing with your life. You're gonna feel, if you chose this way, incredible improvements on your health, on the planet, in your pocket, and the way you see the life, in your emotions, so Get up of the coach! Or the chair! Learn new recipes! Love yourself! Live! Have energy! Move around the world! Know all you want! Because this life is short, and if you don't do anything, it ends without doing a thing. Here finish today's video. I hope you like it, if you like this themes, I can't keep on doing videos. (As long as you let me) And you can write what are you interested in, what would you like me to do. If you like that I make recipes, if you like to see studios, if you like a question and answers, if you like to see invest and facts of what I am affirming, if you like to know what else channels there are related with the helathy lifestyle and the veganism, if you want me to do some challenge, if you want me to do some activism, you can pose me everything in the comments box. I will always answer to everything, we are in touch, any question you have you can ask me. I will try to response, with the most of the basis and respect. Thank you very much, and see you in the next video!