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So you guys are familiar with those prescription drug commercials on TV Theyre


Always bring up some sort of situation. Some sort of illness you may have or that somebody you know may have. (Voice over) Do you have trouble sleeping Is insomnia keeping you up Do you feel like youre not getting your 6-8 hours of sleep each night and they always present to you their product as if... Oh if you take this its the miracle cure. Were going to cure you of whatever. Itll go away immediately or shortly thereafter you take it. Now you can finally do something about it with Deceivea. and then they tell you of all the good stuff that it does. Itll make this go away. Itll make you feel better like I said before. Which is great though. I mean. Thats awesome. With Deceivea you can finally get that sleep you have been looking for. Deceivea can easily correct the problem and finally give you the rest that you deserve. and everything is all nice and fine and dandy. Until they say this. Deceivea is not for everyone. and have you noticed that when they mention the side effects its always against some sort of peaceful or calm background or even random background and its almost like if theyre saying, oh yeah theres side effects. But you know what Youre not gonna get them and if you do its not that bad. Ok so it comes with the territory. Theres going to be side effects and some of them have a short list. Side effects may include nausea, dry mouth, itching, having trouble breathing, diarrhea. Some of them have a longer list. Additional side effects may include gambling, nightmares, drowsiness, hallucinations, an urge to go hug people, the growth of an extra limb, thinking you are Batman, Switching from Apple to Android and vice versa. and some of them have a really really really long list. Other more severe side effects may include. An urge to begin a YouTube channel, turning into a zombie, Minecraft vision, for women an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, for men menstrual cramps and or PMS, alien abductions, contracting every phobia known to man, creating a rift in the spacetime continuum, and even death. and then thats when you realize, wait a second arent the side effects so much worse than the reason why Im taking this in the first place If you start believing you are a Jedi Knight please stop taking Deceivea. If you happen to die please contact your doctor immediately. People on planet Earth should not take Deceivea. So the moral of the story is if youre feeling bad dont take something thats going to make you feel a lot worse because we all know self diagnosis is so much better than what the doctor tells us. Deceivea because we can get away with it.