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So they told me I was only going to have four minutes so if it's all right I was


Just going to focus all my questions on Judd Apatows penis Let's do it. Yeah. Smart. Good luck getting done in four minutes. We could do an hour on that. It's a lengthy subject. A minute for every inch. Nice. So is that really Judd Apatow's penis or was this just a brilliant promo stunt We'll never tell but you should ask him. If you ask him, he'll tell you the truth. We will plead the 5th on that one. And I'm gonna guess his answer's gonna be "yes" Hypothetically speaking, if you were a big Hollywood producer, and you wanted to hire a body double with a really nice dick, and then make him sign a nondisclosure agreement, would the public ever find out that it's not your penis I guess it depends what kind of moolah we're talking about. What kind of wampum are we slapping down in whose palm The wampum gets He makes it rain on the set. You know what I mean He's fine in the wampum department. Suffice it to say, we're acting a little slippery about this. How long did it take to shoot Judd Apatow's dick If we did indeed do it and we're not saying we did I would guess if we were going to shoot it, I would say a couple hours But it did get cold later and I think he held up nicely. Was their makeup involved I don't know the answer to that question. There might have been some powder. Yeah, a little bit of powder. And they had to cover up the tatoo. Oh yeah, he's got some wierd kind of Let's just say German WWII kind of stuff going on and then there's like some shamrock stuff and then he has one of, it's a gnome, on a mushrooom, and he's smoking a hookah and blowing out smoke and in the smoke it says "Apatow". Alice in Wonderland kinda thing Yeah....I think he got in college. Did you have to take any precautions to keep Judd Apatow's dick from leaking out into the media You don't want it leaking out in any regard. No It's disgusting. Like on set, we were all praying that it wasn't going to start leaking out. We wanted things bone dry, so to speak. So that it would really stick to the window So it would just be all nice and legal. There's a nice shutter to it. Was there any post production effects applied to Judd Apatow's dick It was all practical. All practical. We really just did the scene. Two cameras. Him, me. I will say though, on the level, we shot it with a prosthetic as well in case people were uncomfortable. Is it easier to get an R-rating if the dick is a prosthetic This is interesting The MPAA saw the movie and they were so excited about that scene in particular, that they actually had a meeting whether they wanted to make it "G" just cause they wanted to have everyone see this in America. And then a bunch of those people got fired, and then the regular people came in, and they were like "This is rated R". That's true. Yeah. Without confirming or denying whether that's actually Judd Apatow's dick This whole thing is about it! I love this. If you're just picking a dick off the rack, wouldn't you pick one with a shaft that's more proportional to the head, than this one in the movie This is an age old question... This is about wang pref. This is a wang pref off-the-rack kind of a question. I thought it was fairly proportionate. Let's just be really clear about this we don't subscribe to wang nepotism. and we made you know, this is actually to Judd's credit his integrity as a filmmaker and our own for months, he was sending us pics. Before we had actually written the scene, he was just sending them out, letting us know "hey, this is here, if you want to use it" No pressure, I'm here, right here It would be like "Martin Sheen will be in the movie if you need him to be, also here's the pic again, just in case you want to use it." Did he have to send it from other people's phones, like Tori Spelling when she had to audition for 90210 Oh yeah just so you wouldn't know. I heard she won that part fair and square. Did you hear otherwise That's what I heard also. This is a very similar situation, because he said "just throw it in the mix" We got all the different "auditions" if you will, we looked at them all, and We looked at them vigorously. Over and over and repeatedly. Weeks of looking through these, and none of them had names, you didn't know who they were, and he would send them in different lighting, different scenarios, here it is if the scene takes place during the day, here it is at night, if it's grass, or in the city, What's if it's underwater Here's what that looks like. And here's what it looks like smashed on some glass You could almost say it was a blind taste test. You could definitely say that. Would you say it was a meritocracy Sure. Yeah, you could say that. I like that. If you wanted to, you could say that. I think you're right in league with what we're saying. I think YOU could say, I would never say that. If it is indeed him, he won the role fair and square. But it also might not be him becuase we didn't look at the names and we made the person doing it have a bag on their head. Plus when we were filming the scene, we were so in character all three of us are hardcore method actors, obviously. But also we're all three in the car, you can't see above, so we don't know who it was. But it was Judd. It looked exactly like the photos. It is him...probably. You guys can tell me the truth off camera. Ok. Ok. It's Judd.