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Welcome back to Celebrity Family Feud I'm your man Steve Harvey!


.. even though I don't really look or sound like him ...I am but oh boy do we have a good show for you today! The winner of this competition gets.... nothing you're all rich anyways we have two teams here today: musicians versus actors.Our first contestant on Team ians is rapper and producer Kanye West! I'm receiving word from our producers that Kanye couldn't make it today because he's currently at church isn't that nice hope you're having fun, Kanye. For our next contestant on Team ians ... she's definitely not at church, Cardi B! Aeeeww Well said. For our next celebrity musician, if you've heard one of his songs, you've pretty much heard them all... Adam Levine from maroon 5! Hello everybody! How've you been Adam oh I have been just amazing now that imagine dragons has replaced maroon 5 is the worst pop band that sounds nice now for Team actors you know him as Iron Man you also know him as Robert Downey jr. everybody hello everybody great to be here Steve thanks Robert now for a next contestant on Team actor she's another big Marvel named Captain Marvel herself brie Larson hello Steve she really is a strong independent female character set like a personal attack or something no next on team actor we have the Joker himself Joaquin Phoenix hello Steve Joaquin I've been a big fan since signs that part when you saw the alien and then you were all like aah and you got scared that that was good that was a good scene now that we have all the contestants let's begin the game if the first two players from each team could come up here please we asked a hundred people the same question top seven answers are on the board tell me something that the average person does once a week party be slit poison into a man's drink take him back to my place and then steal all of his money a crime ooh that is a shame turns out most law-abiding citizens are law-abiding Robert Downey jr. tell me something that the average person does once a week you know what Steve I'm gonna say star in a Hollywood blockbuster okay star in a Hollywood blockbuster I mean I guess team actor would you like to play no what we would not like to play the other team can that's never happened before okay team musician Adam Levine tell me something that you do at least once a week I cry a lot I rewatched my atrocious Super Bowl performance where they almost played sweet victory and I just cry ah okay crying darn it cardi B what is something that you do at least once a week um y-yeah yow oh what a shame Adam Levine we're back to you tell us something you do at least once a week ooh on behalf of Kanye I'm gonna say pray Kanye would be proud pray oh wow team actors are you ready to steal yes we are we're gonna take Nicki Minaj and Halsey down that's not even close to who they are anyways brie Larson tell me something you do at least once a week well Steve I'm a woman Wyatt and every week no every day I try to diversify the world one step at a time if we want gender equality Steve we're gonna have to fight for it and that's exactly what I'm doing well okay whatever that was Wow Joaquin Phoenix tell me something you do at least once a week Steve I'm a method actor you know that right what's that you wouldn't get it anyways while preparing myself for the role of the Joker I would place bombs and giant buildings full of innocent people boom boom that is illegal I only did it to prepare myself for the role of the Joker of course although I've been doing this for a while now since about 2001 September 2001 okay what's your answer in fact there's one in this building right now don't play with me like that I have the detonator right here can I get terrorist attack on the board no Steve you can't yo nobody