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GB The Avengers is a wet dream for any superhero fanatic but for anyone who hasnt


Read the comic books its very light entertainment, however, with Age of Ultron they have made a film everyone can enjoy. I find this to be a much better film than the first one and thats because of the tone of the film. I think we have the phase two films to thank for that as the ambiance of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is constant in Age of Ultron. That being said, I did find myself missing a bit of Tom Foolery from the mischief master Tom Hiddleston. But there are plenty of performances to keep one entertained; Robert Downey Jr knocks it out of the park with some great development for Tony Stark, Chris Hemsworth may not to get to show off his abs like we would like but he does boast his comic timing skills, Scarlett Johansson gets to show us a different side to Black Widow and Jeremy Renner actually gets to do something! When it comes down to it its the relationships of all these superheros that drives the movie, the action sequences are just fun fillers. The new additions to Age of Ultron really do make an impression. James Spaders voice work is wonderfully creepy but also has a nice balance of humour. Paul Bettany is great casting for Vision as I found he has a mystical look he creates all behind the eyes that suits this character and the makeup department have done an incredible job at making him seem real rather than a plastic toy. The Twins are a great new addition, as the film went on the more I wanted to watch them more. For the first time ever I wanted to see more of Aaron Taylor-Johnson! Everyone knows how much I love Evan Peters as Quicksilver from The Days of Future Past but now we have two wonderful interpretations. They are both so different there is no need to compare letting you enjoy both performances as they are. There is so much going on in Age of Ultron it just about passes as coherent entertainment but the climax of the film feels all too familiar; fighting a never ending supply of robots can soon become tiresome. Its as though blockbusters just cant let Transformers go. Getting straight to the purpose of the film rather than assembling for an hour gives us an opportunity to become engaged with the characters and the action. That being said you will feel the two and a half hours start to paralyze your arse but your heart and head will feel alive. Now why not answer the comment question. Who is your favourite Marvel character