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In Winston Churchill brings together a group of eccentric inventors fight against


The Nazis applying the spirit and wit British and using salad bowls condoms and corks build strange weapons but ingeniously effective we need innovative inventions that we give an opportunity to counterattack with the country on the brink of disaster they challenge the authority to defend Great Britain in its darkest hour mariano that had to be done not the rules worry but when the war ends they erased the records so that nobody knew that this supersecret unit had existed this is the story of the overcoming more of chorche overcome them more than church and 1946 one year after the end of the second world war the laboratory is closed of the world's most peculiar secret weapons only five years before it was the center of the secret efforts to prepare before a possible German invasion building dozens of inventions amazing using from pills to the headache up condoms and candy and endowing soldiers allies of the necessary tools to fight against the most machines dangerous of the Nazis called defense ministry one gets from one it's winston's favorite project churchill as explained by the former captain of the British Army Patrick Mari isach intends to find inventors of different areas to join some little military strategists conventional and thus help great Brittany what he wants is something a bit extravagant a little unorthodox a bit as churchill the prime minister he appreciates so much the m1 that he is known like the churchill toy store and it was so secret that there's almost no archive images of your operations broke rules to create a succession of highly advanced weapons experimental in weeks instead of years and it was partly where he was already inspired fleming on cu the james bond arms supplier but like this unique and exclusive team secret built such an organization amazing in 1939 the war for which germany I have occupied Austria and Czechoslovakia Great Britain is far behind in the arms race Germany is miles away He has been arming himself for years 30 building tanks boats increasing its air force and expanding Your army Great Britain has promised to defend poland of a German attack but it's far from being prepared south chile without belong to the government is doing campaign for churchill rearmament is given realize that we will not be able to match the in terms of the size of forces we need innovative inventions that we give an opportunity to counterattack and an opportunity to stand up if the Germans invade us and these new weapons will need creators not conventional in london stuart mccray is the editor of the magazine am sains e inventor of weapons frustrated stuart macri and has military experience in the World War I designed a system to throw grenades from airplanes and is desperate to return to the weapons industry in June receives a mysterious phone call the caller demands that macri provide information about the magnets but will not reveal why intrigued macri convinces him to see in a soho bar the caller is the commander milisieverts a decorated soldier who enjoy developing and detonating weapons explosive his son John remembers his little focus orthodox exaggerates his energy exceptionally your concentration your strength to produce ideas and a way a bit stubborn unusual I would say that was a genius jeffers receives a mission of veteran soldiers in the war office amarilys de fer and it tells him to propose small arms to operations that can be used by saboteurs who can use the commands because he realizes that can fill the void while Larger projects come true after several cups jeffers reveals a idea for one of those weapons by accident my father had the idea to do what he called a magnetic mine that was something a saboteur a diver could put on the hull of a ship would stick the by magnets would have a timer it would be after a certain time and it would sink the mother ship and is delivered and the two men reach an agreement to design more together this whole operation it's improvised they do not have facilities they do not even have an office so that macri and will have to devise all of the nothing Macri gave up his job and passed quickly to join the army armed only with a stack of magnets to The whole plan is to create a prototype present it and once what accept to get money to get resources that help the German war machine does not know what what awaits you gordon rogers has spent years investigating the history of the ORGANIZATION. the facilities to build the mine but in a workshop instead of the workshop Novi Clark Soldier and Inventor retired I did not see clark is an old friend of macri and the two plan to create a hermetic device packed with explosives that you can connect the the hull of a ship that detonates with a timer has to be what small enough for it can take a frog man decide to use a metal salad bowl with lid for create a flat surface of animals around the edge so you can stick to the metal they need to find the way to fasten it to the diver solutions a metal plate with a strap tied around the waist it they realize they can use the own mine magnets for ensure trial and error reveal the number of suitable magnets now they just need a kind of timing detonator that activates it will have to dissolve in water to a determined speed before exploding to allow the frog man escape the small problem is that a device like this does not exist yet while he reflects on his dad he let go a few drops of anise that lie on the workshop and eureka realizes that a each ball takes the same time dissolve in the mouth the areas of anise they were an answer because they were would compose at a regular rhythm in waters of different temperatures and salinity the couple immediately bought all the balls of anise ford pet depriving the children of the candy village for love of the country building a simple detonator consisting of a hammer loaded with springs held for a ball of anise the ball will decomposed and at that moment the hammer he went out to hit the detonator and another problem but for course they had to be dry until start all that process and how what they got with a condom that's why these guys became famous as sexual athletes running the region the forum in search of condoms his strange contraption turns out to be completely hermetic with just a few items for the home and a spark of ingenuity have invented a weapon completely new blade the for mark 1 here we have the final product looks clearly a type of steel casing Coated two bolted detonators here for the frogman or why is arming the device and here inside are the explosives and you see the magnets this is the innovative part that is happened to jeffries magnets pretty thick to stick to the helmet of a boat or a tank you also see the belt here that would be for man RANA if I had to swim to the ship and that it would take around the waist to the hunt and hit the helmet is to show you how fast they can pass a salad bowl and an anise ball to become a mine of destruction that was quite effective now it only remains to exploit something macri and clark prepare to teach a metal plate a serious choice your contraption works perfectly improvised is able to drill the armor thousands are produced during the war and in an operation 14.2 allies will use mines to sink seven ships of Japanese war his success could not have come in better moment on September 1, 1939 germany invades poland the second world war has begun and the eccentric British inventors they need to put the fifth gear with any material that may fall on your hands Great Britain has declared war on the Nazi Germany but is under pressure Great Britain is essentially playing to catch up increases the size of your army and how the army is more big they need more weapons the improvised laboratory of jeffery si Macri has become the rapper will have that skip the rules to survive it's still only two people still has very little money they do not have sufficient resources and lack of priority with almost no space carry the secret packages with explosives to your small room and store them in a 1 filing cabinet despite its official role the store of toys still has no consideration was a unit of novices in the game totally carefree and negligent with the rules and of course I'm irritated the leaders who lived under the rules but your luck is at point of changing a politician whose Hipster instinct and reputation matches yours is about to get inside the game churchill sees that britain is at defensive and he knows that politically it needs some offensive operations to give people the confidence of that britain can win this war although he is not yet prime minister churchill is now in charge of the marine and as the attention of Nazi turns west towards France and Great Britain recognizes the need for strike back churchill decides to attack the ring could seriously alter the German army supplies the ring is the soul of germany is a vital route to transport the industry and food throughout Germany churchill think so I can put something there that strangles the ring something that stop a time could stop the German industrial production and spread terror among the population but to succeed churchill demands a new type of weapon On November 10, 1939, Jeffery attend a meeting to hear the churchill plan and the idea of churchill is to get mines that can be thrown to the river that float downstream underwater and that explode using a timer but the problem is that that weapon has not yet it has been invented jeffery promises to invent the mine churchill in two weeks the two are going to make sketches for design what they plan to call water or pump w of your particular specification it was that it could sink to the bottom rest there for a while, float to the position right under the magnifying glass steve arm your fleet down river going up and down 60 centimeters below the surface until achieve a goal when the pump is submerges a tablet dissolves chemical this triggers a spring that lifts the lid and releases corks that prevent the pump emerges the surface Almost at the same time, antennas designed to fire the bomb at contact a matter of days macri and jeffries start to build a prototype in fact he got a design in two weeks and with a model to suit you but they struggle for finding the perfect tablet to dissolve and the balls of anise take too much inspiration comes to mccray in an unusual place the pills for the headache they have to hand to deal with the usual you take out through repeated tests they discover that the pills dissolve constantly in five minutes few days to show the weapon the el and manage to build a version definitive but they have to try the jeffery si macri and they go to the thames and they launch the prototype to the river unfortunately they forgot to release the insurance and the pump sinks to the background and the case disappears forever but they will not allow you to only have jeffery shows a second prototype to churchill in a midnight meeting and recognizes that my father was a man with a great wit I think he used the word brilliance that It is very flattering to someone like churqui churchill was a great judge of the personality and recognized the ability to the people and always cataloged them by its merits instead of ascending the for its antiquity without george church and he was obviously impressed with this surprising presentation of what he asked in December 1939 the pump w is ready for exclusive tests Churchill is determined to see his great idea in action it is clear that he was attracted to why chuchi loved those things they loved weapons has called the explosives he liked to watch while things the nine kilograms of explosive weapon are prepared mounted for the show chile is delighted with the pump we immediately accept it for a use Operational macri and jeffreis are now in charge of the churchill toy store jeffries had ideas every two weeks it he had a new weapon that man fantastic inventor but his genius is at point of being put to the test in the hour darkest of Britain on May 10 of 1948 and it becomes first Minister this just a few hours later the Germans launch a massive offensive against france with the French and British armies in A desperate situation churchill throwing his bombs w in the royal operation marin implied just push the mines downstream from the French area causing a quite large effect thousand 700 pumps w they float in the ring causing damage massive to boats and sources the weapon of jefferies and mapfre and has been effective but can not stop the fall ally is lost among the noise of the defeat of the French army the withdrawal of the British army and the evacuation of dunkirk where they remain huge amounts of heavy weapons and team on the beach and basically and churchill and then he will say that although the Royal Marine operation was a resounding success was lost in the script of the defeat with the army almost defenseless and an imminent German invasion xochitl seeks salvation in his tent Of toys in the first half of 1940 germany tour europe in June france is conquered and britain is in the Hitler's crosshairs the German tanks have crushed quickly france if they get to great Brittany the result will be catastrophic churchill demands a weapon to defeat the German armored vehicles in case that they cross the channel one that great Brittany needs is a cheap weapon and low technology that anyone can use from the popular militias until the nation's army against the shelves macri and jeffries play with the idea of sticking a bomb to the shield of a tank throwing the explosive at Tank you have to get whatever it was that came out enough time for it to explode and hopefully cause some damage an earlier version had used bicycle wheel cameras filled with explosives and glue covers were totally uncontrollable and a resounding FAILURE macri returns to the design table test several strange shapes with surfaces flat to provide contact but it is impossible to throw them correctly a ball seems the ideal way but if it's covered in glue it will adhere to the launcher adds a handle but now he needs the free ball somehow the explosive at the moment of the impact in a stroke of ingenuity the mother and comes up with a crystal ball for security reasons use paste instead of explosives shatters perfectly but the porridge spreads everywhere limiting the explosive effect as always your solution is simple but ingenious using a sock covered in glue the crystal ball will break but it will stick to a surface and will retain the explosive today what we have here is a bomb decisive as it is so sticky it needs a kind of cover and for that is this outer shell that covers it here in the center there would be about 600 grams of nitroglycerin you have to keep in mind something crucial that the grip points back when the pnv is launched, we must be careful because when the device starts to hitting that side starts throwing things but the force escapes by this side and the handle can be fired at one third of the speed of the real explosion and we would not like to be at the receiving end in a few weeks the device went from the drawing table to the shooting range the weapon similar to an apple of candies it is tested in absolute secrecy in 1940 with the prime minister observe New grenade is a resounding success facts he is delighted The design meets your requirement of Simple cheap and portable weapons that you can fight invading German tanks to the ruling class does not like how it can you imagine it was something extraordinary to throw a grenade at a thing the grenades had long existed but put a piece of explosive inside from a very thin glass container so fine enough to break when it reached THE GOAL live against the regulation is a nightmare of protection and security at throughout the year is repeatedly denied the manufacturing permit when churchill realizes the delays personally intervenes note from a line says adhesive pump makes a million w yes the toy store will continue producing 2.5 million with the weapon when the battlefields from the North of Africa to Papua New Guinea churchill wanted people to say what that he thought but only when it was impossible to communicate with him ordered that something be done in the summer of 1940 they move to offices Larger in Portland Place London with a template of around 12 people The toy store designs test and produce new weapons in weeks in place of years the speed of development was very fast two weeks three weeks or a month roncero once finished designed they still had to go through systems of control but its independent focus embarrasses the traditional government weapons departments they could solve something in a few days and you say it works or does not work and to the day next would perfect it what would change and make it work small unit is much faster than the great civil institutions graphics and this was also the apple of discord the ministry of supply is the biggest enemy of the toy store coordinates the supply of all equipment from weapons to vehicles and food to armed forces the ministry of supply was formed in 1939 before the prospect of a war in the making and his purpose was to supply all the army it is clear that it was a massive operation to King Idris are seen as loose verses that ignore to the chain of command in July 1940 a high-ranking official called windows is sent to find out what is happening in the toy store the department was struggling not to be weakened by the ministry of sourcing as there was a threat constant the brigadier u wyndham was going to inspect the in control visits mccray wants get your small group of inventors look like one more operative big wants to impress winehouse while macri and takes the brigadier to room in room the workers are going from one location to another with the clothes changed when the brigadier comes in, notice others technicians doing different jobs this amazing trick works to the perfection the brigadier accepts reluctantly toy store is too big to close having avoided the close by the hairs the unit will be rewarded in May churchill created a new ministry of defense to coordinate the effort of war that will direct the same decree that his first and only department of armament production will be the store of toys whose code name is md public will respond only to chuchi I had always looked for a small force of work under your direct control if had a bright idea could spend this little unit before in develop and perfect it without passing for long processes with a catalog of weapons growing the store of toys need an installation built especially for them Macri designs a transfer to a house of field in widgets 81 kilometers from London at the end of 1948 is in full working with offices delineation workshops and testing area in addition to its own bar the shop of toys is now an installation of production design and autologous tests not they worried too much about the rules and in fact which was known as vampires and it was always like that it expands with its own style characteristic in the absence of technicians train the barber of the place to make explosives quickly a structure is created to produce the designs of the store toys brought some young women from Welsh to direct the factories I think that the girls at the beginning did not they were enthusiastic about the idea but soon he developed an enchanted atmosphere in the place all worked in unison until 1941 the toy store grows up reach the 250 people linked to a network of suppliers and manufacturers from Scotland to London part of the design of weapons British unorthodox producing from explosive traps to weapons antitank at the end of 1940 the battle of great Britain is deciding in favor of Great Britain but germany still dominates europe western it's time for the toy store take the war to the enemy in 1942 the threat of an invasion of britain it has been reduced but Germany is far of being defeated special operations teams allies investigate the weaknesses in the Europe occupied by the Nazis if you are going to do something in europe and we are talking about small wars equipment irregular special operations commands and raids are needed different types of weapons that need small devices that when they're connected explosives can cause wreckage in the German infrastructure however these new small arms they have a problem with the switches Delay Jones is an expert in deactivation of army bombs British and police efe if you're a saboteur and you want carry out demolitions you have to enter to place the charges and move away of the scene when the device exploded the standard switch it known as time pencil but it is not reliable the problem they had with the pencil time was that the delays vary enormously and emme of 1 peso that could improve it jeffries has an idea dre had law and not somewhere that the lead came down tension was sliding it was expanding under load very slowly he comes up concept of a piece of lead combined with a spring the cable stretches slowly and finally it breaks what in turn activates a detonator the new switch is called lead delay switch here we have a delay switch of lead the basic operation is a mechanism safety with a lead strip made ex profeso latina de plomo It can have different thickness levels and that is what determines how much time it takes to cross it basically it's a spring that stretches slowly the cable to the point of breaking off the thicker the lead, the longer it takes in arriving is based on mechanics in understand the properties of lead to certain temperatures not and electronic is an innovative device it immediately becomes a military timing switch standard are made 5 million in the toy store during the war differed from everything that was before and was completely new was cheap was predictable and that's where the success of any invention not in autumn 1942 the allies are finally in full offensive in north africa the eighth army British gives a decisive blow in the mail today the victory in alamein is the Britain's first great victory anti war and what is more important It gives the allies the opportunity to jump to Italy and take the fight to the German and the European continent but the Desert war reveals that the weapons of British infantry are not effective against the German tanks in a battle the decisive bomb of the store of toys was designed for a defense desperate of britain and the army needs something with greater impact what they need most is a type of load explosive that gives them the opportunity to face a German tank the British need their own weapon portable anti-tank and they need it quickly the toy store has experienced with mortars from the beginning of the war to a mortar is a support infantry weapon close to red a mini-bomb by a blow pipe the firing mechanism goes off of the tube goes down and explode but it's not exactly he said jeffrey thinks that you can do better discover the remains of a type of mortar that instead of a useful tube order known as spike the projectile fits the rod that is pushed by a spring it fires a small charge that propels the projectile forward you know me this means that you can place a projectile of a diameter pretty big either seven centimeters or 15 centimeters in spike and instead of having to locked in a barrel of 15 centimeters of diameter can reduce it to a light device jefferies decides turn the spike mortar into a Shooting system from the shoulder this meant that it was something that you could carry and that I could use in any position on the side of peace of the hip in alb the first occasions proof shows that the spring of spike has a powerful recoil adjusting the spring develops the ideal balance between setback and force but there is another problem the pump You need to drill the thick armor of the Tank the genius attacks that frei a concept known as modeled load a Cargo projectile contains explosives inserted behind a copper cone when the projectile reached its objective the explosive detonated and retail with the detonation push the molten metal towards go forward with such force that it can pierce a thick metal armor in the firing range jeffries charges a projectile in his perfected system of shoulder throw and shoot a objective shielding the result is a great success the load penetrates the armor hardest used in the tanks german he suddenly provided the man in the first line battle to the soldier of infantry the means to combat a talk show there was no more running stay and fight the weapon is called the anti-tank launcher of infantry copy for short originally it was called shoulder weapon jeffrey sachs but they do not like it so had a name of people so they changed it apiat is a breakthrough with the day's advantage is triple to you first does not smoke and therefore can be use in dangerous situations and not shows the position of the pitchers second is portable and third the load is more powerful than it is wait for a gun of that size the 10 was used for the first time in combat in the Allied invasion of Sicily in several teams win victory crosses and the Canadian army classifies it as your most effective infantry weapon for now the toy store is a well-oiled machine and you are among the main manufacturers of country based on the success of the piat the md one becomes the designer and manufacturer of larger weapons for work on the redesign of the load of anti-submarine depth the depth charges only explode at a depth for established what which means that you have to guess to what depth is the enemy submarine the explosion interferes with sonar giving to the submarine the opportunity to escape the toy store uses the concept of loading mortar and spike in form of piety to build a weapon called hedgehog as it reminds the barbs of they are animated to a ship shoots 24 said rounds in a diamond pattern in front of herself towards the submarine enemy the projectiles are designed to detonate the contact if they fail there is no interference from sonar and can continue to track the submarine but there is such an action the submarine has been successfully reached he is a murderer of there in 1944 the Nazis are in retreat and the allies have the victory in the focus of invasion of europe is imminent and the inventions of the store of toys will be in the center of liberation of france what is important for the resistance French in 1944 was his support for the day of today in the period leading up to today they received many explosives and pencils of time produced by md 1 a support them disembark the allies the resistance has the task of destroying German logistics not the night of the day the railroads stopped Frenchmen came to be counted up 3,000 lines at multiple points in the three following weeks waits this emerged a great effect for prevent the Germans from working their reinforcement divisions to the field of battle the explosive detonators known as designed switches by the toy store help to make retreat the Nazis undoubtedly were used to cut the railroads and attacking them with boys were also used to divert three if you intend to cut a railway line can be made with a few explosives and he pretends to cause great harm must be done when the train is passing by that case you need a switch Pressure developed by md 1 with the landing being a resounding success the end of the war is in the horizon the future of the store toys seems assured their mines bombs and anti-tank weapons and have used in dozens of special operations and in countless battles but unfortunately his fall is coming churchill support to the store toys these years has been great aid this one is allowed to elude the bureaucracy produce new weapons and that they reach the troops as quickly as possible however the churchill patronage It has also been a double-edged sword has made the toy store be an annoyance for the military bureaucracy and depends on your support to not get to disappear shortly after the surrender born on 8 May 4, 2017 churchill loses the elections British generals and this is catastrophic for the toy store he has run out of support and when japan he surrendered on August 15, 1945 the military production throughout britain it stops instantly the war is over and with it the main reason for the existence of the toy store with churchill out to the store toys is in the line of fire the military bureaucracy has had to endure a lot what it considers a complete nonsense and now you can dismantle the toy store force on November 1, 1945 the ministry of supply officially took the unit and starts firing the staff military felix remains in the army and finally runs a secret school superior military engineering stuart macri returns to civil life where he works in the energy industry to maca what he destroyed he fought to maintain he had a wonderful institution Villa suddenly came all down the worst is that the toy store is systematically deleted from history officer of the war for a bureaucracy jealous of her special treatment for churchill and for his success he even rejects the idea of creating a museum of the toy store does not want to have anything what to do with that the departure of churchill brought down the curtain from a hidden part of the story British military was its own approach unorthodox that allowed the toy store succeed in its short life the toy store greatly to a representation of the personality of churchill is the idea of the absurd to try anything unconventional thinking outside of the established thanks to the very mentality of churchill was given the opportunity to some free thinkers to ascend to the top and while they could produce some goods that will work and be effective churchill would always be open to new ideas the cooperation between geniuses the breakdown of standards and innovation that allows 880 helped protect great Britain in its darkest hour and the would lead to victory and more