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Welcome everyone to Junosuede just a commentary of course happy New Year to all


Of you I know you guys have been asking where is Junosuede, Well I was on a little vacation so as a result of that I was not able to upload videos because of my location or I was not able to actually do the reaction video while on vacation nonetheless it's a new year and I am back and for this first video for 2019 I'm gonna react to a video from one the most popular YouTube creator the most subscribed to YouTube creator that is pewdiepie i got a video request to react to pewdiepie's version of youtube rewind which I think could most definitely be much more interesting than the actual YouTube rewind nonetheless we are not going to deny the fact that it was awesome that bearhug was featured on YouTube rewind 2018 let us just go ahead and react to this video let's see. My name is jeff I heard that. he is doing like will smith it is rewind time. it's a burn to YouTube for not doing the actual rewind that most persons were asking we've got to admit, that they did not do the YouTube rewind most persons were expecting however they did give control to the creators so it is almost like a win-win that's Logan Paul that is definitely logan paul. let's put on the caption by the way that was logan paul ...that is definitely logn paul I reacted to a video for this. I loved it. I've not seen this one. That is the real YouTube rewind! 69 .... that guy is so funny and here is the chair. i've not seen this one. rewind time I remembered , that should be one rewind for real. 555 5555 5555 555 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Mark Zuckerberg ... should definitely be on YouTube rewind. oh my gosh, his eyes. That eyes is so creepy. I remember this one, when they did the dissection I don't watch family guy not to sure what this was about. the tide pod ... I remembered the tired pod. what are we forgetting Yes, I think we should also. I will never have those 8 minutes and 13 seconds back... I think this is in regards to the actual YouTube rewind. we did boys ... the most disliked video in the history of YouTube... By YouTube I guess the point is they still got the interaction on the video. Oh I remembered this dance. that is twitch is it ooohh wait wait wait....what Oh that's the girl! yes it just happened. what's her name Wang , something wang she copyright strike a YouTuber who was creating video by using her videos as a new video content And she copyright strike him, but the channel is back up. because the power of the subscribers voice brought back the youtuber. she retracted the copyright strike and the YouTube channel is back up. Junosuede did get copyright strike this year and I got two copyright strike but it expired... Of course it came from skizztv after I reacted to the video from Pasulol yeah I got two copyright strikes so I almost lost the YouTube channel we learnt our lesson I remembered when they revealed the How to basic identity Yes, they tried to get pewdiepie the most votes... oh sorry most subscriber that was between T Series and Pewdiepie, How was that not shown on the original YouTube rewind! Jake paul and KSI fighting, Logan Paul and Deji fighting why were they not on YouTube rewind Will smith has a YouTube channel. He just created one this year. Logan Paul and KSI , Deji and ... which every one. I don't follow them much YouTube rewind, so far so good. Oh my this is the serious part of YouTube rewind. I like that. Pewdiepie gets my respect for sure, he remembered them. of course Stephen Hawking's did pass away That is great that he decided to do the video like that. That is awesome. Of course Pewdiepie love the memes, he love them. That is from a movie I've never seen that of course the dance, we know the dance. I mean this animation I've never seen it before. rewind time everybody 5555 Usually I see her on David Dobrik videos. Of course Fortnight Mr. Beast donated 100, 000 sub... Ummm Dollars ... lot of money that was a good YouTube Rewind of course I am not familiar with... let's just say. Of course Tik Tok, I am familiar with this one.. I will admit I am not familiar with at-least.... half at-least article 13, I believe that is a copyright related article. Isn't it That was an awesome video course YouTube rewind 2018 of course by Pewdiepie YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good thank you so very much for requesting that I react to this video guys from PewDiePie thank you so very much and of course guys as I told you if you like me to react to a video leave a comment below I will try my most best reacted okay guys thank you so very much bye guys