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Interviewer: Avengers fans very passionate


What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever said to you Scarlett: wow you're really short. Paul: Really Scarlett: Yeah. You're much shorter than I thought you were I'm like how is that ever like okay to say to someone So bizarre. Yes you're really short Paul: I guess it's been recently there's a theory about Ant-Man and what he might do to Thanos. Scarlett: Oh, I don't want to it's too gross. Paul: So so a lot of people. Scarlett: yeah yeah it's gross. Paul: It's gross so a lot of people have asked me. Scarlett: it's very odd. Paul: Yeah if I do that Scarlett: That's as far as we'll go with that. Paul: Yeah it's probably best to... Interviewer: You ever been sent anything weird Scarlett: Yes. I've been sent crazy things before I usually have a I have a good filtration system now where I'm like just don't send me anything I'll never open it don't send it, don't send me anything. But yes, I've gotten all kinds of weird stuff. although sometimes you get really cool fan art which is great where people really put a lot of work into drawings and paintings and like that stuff is all cool I did get a really um when I was in Korea someone made me a book that was all cartoon versions of every character I played but like even like like 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' and like 'Lost In Translation' and it was it's really super cool yeah it's really neat Interviewer: Out of all of your Avengers co-stars who was the one that you're most sort of starstruck or nervous about meeting Paul: There was no one I was really nervous or a star I was I when I think when I met Robert for the first time I was pretty erm pretty taken with a guy and you know I've grown up watching so many of his movies I mean 'Growing up with him,' he started young so.. so many films that he'd seen and there's You know he has such a larger-than-life energy about him and he's the guy that kind of kicked this whole thing off so when I when I met him it was you know I was I was very aware that I was meeting the guy and it was cool I don't know Scarlett: I don't know.. Although it was kind of a trip to work with back when when we did winter soldier, we worked with Robert Redford who I haven't worked with since I was 12 and hadn't seen in like over a decade of time so that was amazing and weird and I was like I'm holding a gun to Robert this is such a weird world but it was really cool to see him again and work with him in this like whole other weird context and finally I was like 'Oh you're coming to my set now' you know It was very very different dynamic it was neat. Paul: I must say actually as soon as I answered I thought: Oh god of course: Michael Douglas! when I worked with Michael Douglas for the first time and I met him when we're on set it was overwhelming Interviewer: What is the secret to your eternal youth Because I'm sure everyone has been you look Scarlett: He does his own botox. And a lot of fillers. Paul: Erm.. The times stone. Is there a the time stone Scarlett: Yeah the time stone. Paul: Yeah that's one of the Infinity stones I lifted it from the set Scarlett: He's just constantly injecting his face Paul: Mid interview!