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A palindromic word reads the same when the sequence of its letters is reversed


In this unit, we will look at a list of palindromic words in the English language. Aha is an exclamatory word used to express satisfaction or a sudden realization of something. Bib is a small cloth, like a small apron, fastened to an infants neck to protect its clothes while feeding. A bob is a quick up and down movement. Boob is informal for a womans breast. Boob also refers to an embarrassing mistake. Civic means something relating to a city, town or an urban centre, as in civic authorities. Dad is informal for father. Deed is an intentional act. Deed also refers to a legal property document. Deified means being worshipped as god. It is the past tense of the verb deify. Dud is something that fails to work properly, as in an explosive that fails to explode. Eke is to make a living with difficulty Ere is an archaic word for the term before Eve is the day before an important occasion of festival, as in New Years Eve Ewe: A female sheep is called an ewe. Eye is the organ of sight of most living organisms Gag is a piece of cloth tied over a persons mouth to stop them from speaking. Gig is a single performance by a musician Gog is the synonym for excitement and eagerness Kayak is a narrow canoe that is propelled with a double-bladed paddle. Kook is a mad, eccentric person. The word originated from cuckoo which also conveys a similar meaning. Level is a position as marked by a horizontal line. The verb form of level commonly means to flatten Madam is a polite way to address a woman Malayalam is an Indian language spoken in the South-Indian state of Kerala. Mom is the informal term for mother. Mum is stay silent or close-mouthed. Noon refers to twelve o clock, of the day. A nun is a member of a religious institution who live under vows of chastity Pap is a soft, bland mashed up food suitable for feeding infants. Peep means to look at something secretly Pep means liveliness and high spirits. Pip is the hard seed in a fruit. Poop is the solid waste excreted from the body. Pop is to make a light explosive sound. It is also the abbreviated term for popular, as in pop music. Pup means a young dog A radar sends out pulses of radio waves that bounce off passing objects and are transmitted back the source. Radars are used for detecting aircraft and ship. Refer is to make a mention of or speak about. Rotator is something that rotates or moves in circles. A rotor is the rotating cylindrical part of a machine. Sexes is plural of sex, which is a reference to both the genders, male and female. Sis is the informal term for a persons sister. Solos is the plural form of solo, which is a musical performance given by one person on one instrument. Stats is an abbreviation for statistics which is a branch of mathematics dealing with collecting and analysing data. Stets is a printers term meaning let it stand. It indicates that the matter previously marked for deletion is to be retained. Tat refers to anything that looks cheap or of low quality. Tenet is a religious principle or belief Terret is a ring on a harness through which the reins pass through Tet refers to the Vietnamese New Year, Tit is a small European bird that eats insects and seeds. Toot is a sharp sound made by a trumpet or a horn Torot is the plural for torah, Two torah scrolls of the Hebrew bible are called torot. A tot is a very young child. Tut is the sound made to say that you disapprove something. Wow is an exclamatory term used to denote wonder and astonishment. Yay is an exclamatory term used to express triumph and happiness.