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An Interesting thing happening last week I told people that I was going to be taking


A few pounds off my body. Most to them laughed at me because I'm kind of a skinny guy, why do I need to lose any weight That's just ridiculous right But the difference is that I don't necessarily wanna lose weight I wanna lose volume. And I want to do in a healthy, respectful way to my own mentality. It's not some body image issue, it's a literal, physical discomfort that I have with my body. I watched a video on Shay Carl's ShayLoss channel about how he had lost about a hundred pounds over the past year and he talked about this very specifically. He said, you know, there's a lot of people that told me 'Aw you don't need to lose weight, blah blah blah' he's like look it's a physical comfort thing. I really wanted to lose the weight and I feel exactly the same way. I've never been in this position where I feel like I need to lose weight or like volume or whatever I need to get healthy. But I've been in the other position where I've told people 'you look fine you don't need to do that' and it made me reevaluate that whole feel comfortable in your own body thing I'm all about being comfortable in your body in feeling beautiful no matter how splotchy your skin is or how big your thighs are or how easy it is for you to get blown away in a hurricane cuz you weigh forty pounds. What I'm beginning to question is the idea that we always tell people they look beautiful no matter what and so they don't need to change and therefore they shouldn't change so we stop encouraging them to do something that they feel is going to make them feel better either mentally or physically or just all around better. I've never been on the receiving end of the 'you don't have to change you look beautiful as it is' thing because I've always been kind of a skinny guy but being on that end of it kinda sucks. I was a little weirded out that none of my friends were being exceptionally encouraging to me. As I said I'm all in support of the idea of feeling beautiful no matter how you look, but if you don't feel beautiful then I'm always in supportive you changing and making the choice to do something different. It's a complex issue because sometimes people feel bad about about the way they look because there's an emotional problem and not necessarily a physical one. For example anorexics, bulimics, people with eating disorders, that kind of thing. There's a there's a mental problem that is happening and therefore causing them to feel bad about their physical body. But a mentally healthy person that just wants to feel better about their body like me I just wanna feel more physically comfortable in my personal being, I don't care how people view me, I just wanna feel more comfortable in my body. My bones hurt and that's a problem. And so it's a complex issue because you're not sure which version of the person's desire there is. If it's really an emotional desire or if it's a physical discomfort desire or what. But I'm telling you that it's a physical comfort desire for me. that I'm uncomfortable in my bofy and I just want to feel more comfortable and so I'm going to start riding my bike more and I'm going to stop drinking as much soda I'm going to start drinking more water and eating slightly more healthy things because I want to be healthy. I don't even necessarily even wanna lose weight, I'm fine with how much I weigh it's how much there's mass this volume on my thigh that rub together and it's the sucks it's uncomfortable. So I'm gonna lose it, I'm gonna take it off, whether you like it or not! So again, let me know in the comments what your new year's resolution is. If you've ever been the victim or the perpetrator of this sort of 'you don't have to change you can feel beautiful' idea and what you thought about how I made you feel. Anyway that's it I don't know how to end this video, tried a couple different takes so maybe in editing it'll come out but anyway. Thank you all for sticking around and and thank you to all the new subscribers that came just today, just this morning I'm pretty excited about that. Thank you for sticking around and hopefully it will be a good year. Yay bye WOOOOOO!