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Make it today. We have a special guest chase Pete and Today we're gonna be reviewing the victory lap threes. These things are wild so For those who don't know the victory lap three was made for our artist named Nipsey Hussle. His album was called the victory lap He's had mixtapes called that as well. But this is his first album So Jordan Brand did a tribute to him by giving him a sneaker with his low going on it It was kind of weird because nobody's actually seen ties with him Jordan Brand But for him to get his own sneaker is kind of cool as you can see there's a couple of differences with the low going Compared to the original sneaker and then that outsole massage from that nothing really different on the upper Let's go ahead and hop into a couple pictures just to show you the differences. Here's og, and Then here's the victory lap as you can see as the clear blue sole and nothing really different besides from that Going back to the og you can see it has the gray with the white pod a red Back on that back to half of the sneaker You can see nothing really different besides the sole as well here on the inside of the foot You have the victory lap logo and then on the original obviously, it's nothing there aside from that Like I said again, it's pretty much the same shoe. But this one's worth $4,000. What's that Yeah, $4,000 you kidding me crazy, huh And the other one's only worse than 250 just to put things into perspective Let's kick it back to the boys and let them finish off the review So first first thing what do you think about we need to see these two shoes Does this one compare to this one is the og better than you. I wish she was better Oh Personally I'm gonna go about three just because it's super familiar a super iconic Next to each other from far away. You're not even to be able to tell the difference like the soil it is clear It's blue but like after a while it's not going to be clear blue Right, so pretty much I'm gonna have to go with this one right off the bat especially for the price It's hard to be a classic like a white cement or a black storm in three This colorway is obviously very very somewhere on the upper the sole like you said and then the hit on the inside Those are the only two things that are really different So again, yes, I'm hardly have to go with the same shoe as well The classic is I mean, it's hard to be you can't be right so that I feel the same exact way about the sneaker What do you guys think about the shoe comment down below in the comment section Which one do you think is better the og He's about to hop on YouTube with us in a minute So what that being said, this is a great comprehensive look between the two sneakers You guys got to see both of our opinions if you haven't already make sure you go check out chases channel super dope Got some great content. We're gonna be out in LA together having a good time. You ready for that trip. I'm ready, right It's gonna be good. It's gonna be good. So but that being said make sure you like comment share and subscribe Let's see you in the next video. Hey, where you at I've missed you, bro