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Hey y'all, welcome back man today is it's kind of a sad day man, cuz I don't know


If many people heard the news but Wonderful man, mr. Nelson has passed away got shot in front of his store when he was in Los Angeles Si. They don't know the full details other than whatever else is going on, but just know that He was rushed to the hospital He got shot six times and he unfortunately passed away Sad day man and the reason I feeling some type of way about it is really four Three two, five girl reason man. One of the reasons is because every seemed like every time young black man from either the hood or Just a young black man in general decided to do something good man It's always some type of circumstance to come through and clip off the wings of those that are flying man I'm trying to put it in the lightest terms I can because you know I really want to go all the way in on some stuff but um It's not my place somewhat to say, you know, I'm saying to make speculations and I'm awaiting to everything actually come out before I really You know diving toward a lot a lot I'm just giving you all the reasons why I'm kind of mad that this is even happen, you know And especially to somebody like my homeboy XE hustle. You know I'm saying, I don't know the man personally. No, but through his music I felt like I knew the man personally because he related said almost everybody that I knew so with him passing is sort of like one of my people passing because He was he was kind of love like that and I grew up with his music's were like his underground head stuff I was I was on nipsey since I was a young dude, so I I knew I hero, you know I'm nothing but four years older than the do, but he'd been in circulating you know I'm saying since I was like a teenager, so I Didn't been hearing about him, you know, I heard about him way back then and way back when and it's ours respected his hustle man you know I'm saying he was one of the cast to turn down a major record deal in order to do its own thing and as he did his own thing, you know saying even when he saw this tape It's mixed a one they say for like a hundred bucks and people were laughing at me actual people were like nah, man That's kind of cool He thinks his you know I'm saying he feel that his work and his worth is worth Exactly that so that's what he charger and he actually saw a lot and made a lot on his own so People respect it, and it was like what who is this little dude So they checked the tune people got to know him He started buzzing rotating boom blew herself up, man. And for the last couple years they've been going hard you know I'm saying he cleaned up his act since a younger younger G and Got himself into a good spot in life, man. Just to be took out like this Now you notice in the second reason. This is kind of you get under my skin is because everybody's gonna make speculation because of the doctor CBD documentary now I May or may not feel some type of way about that. But I saved that for something totally different Now I was not the case if it's anywhere near link to that then Yall already know how to game go man. If you know too much then they gotta put you down You know, I'm standing that and that's kind of weak That's really quite bad, but that ain't studying for me to step No, I'm saying that ain't even for me to put on a pair of shoes and step to him. So I'm not gonna humming just gonna get any longer play just in the essence man It's just a horrible thing that another young black man. I was doing his thing was very respected Was climbing up in the charts is now took out going in the game why simply because of something in of Something neat didn't nobody known MC gonna have no problem with nobody like that. Nipsey didn't have enemies in the game like that You ain't hear nobody dips in there dissing MC, you know saying nothing crazy about Nipsey Hussle You didn't hear none of that in this and out here. You don't say it in the rap game You know I'm saying people respected him every time you heard about Neffs. He doing something it was like yo young, homie Nip, you know I'm saying Aloha mean that big huh me nip he doing stuff. He rotating he move Are you seen him with blood She's seen her Crips you seen her with GD. She never advice ladies anyway Everybody you seen him basically bringing people together molding a culture helping the culture man doing stuff for the culture man getting these young little gangbangers to say yo, you know We ain't gotta kill these cats man We can actually work with them Build something get something more and then pass that on to the younger looks that's coming up in the game Not only here in California in Los Angeles, but worldwide, you know, San Fran all the people of color you know I'm saying is basically was like helping people of color mentally get over the fact that it's a barrier in front of they face and they need either push it down or find people to help them lift it up and Throw it behind him, you know I'm saying so they can move on and that's what he was doing. You know I'm saying so Third of all, it's kind of its kind of sad that now he'd gone from his kids his family his girl out of The ventures that he was owned and now it has to be put to a halt and all the ones that's now got to be Took off the board because he's no longer in the equation You know I'm saying and I know if his mom and dad and all them is still alive, man I know this is a crucial blow You know I'm saying he was but if he was loved in the culture I know he was loved within his family and his close friends and all of them So that's got to just be a blow for everybody that was in his corner corner You know I'm saying and I feel for them most of all because I'm not attached to him like that I just felt that he helped our culture out a lot man, and he helped him use the game on a lot He helped a lot of people including myself, you know, I'm saying decided to go independent when it's time to go independent You know I'm saying so it was just a whole shock value You know I'm saying that was just me being a Michigan State Fair right after the Michigan State wins I I see this and I can't be super happy brothers winning cuz I got it now coming y'all and Make this video about my homeboy young Nip man, getting took out in front of just his own clothing store in Los Angeles May who who woulda thought of that man who would have put the eyes on that would have known Woke up this morning thinking I'm trying to go do something with life and I'm gonna do something with my kids and my wife's and something today and You not even be able to make it back home, man That is crazy man. So just in a nutshell man all my brothers y'all Watch what you do Watch what you say Be safe out here do it like then do it back clean yourself up, man. And Make something good out here. You know, I mean don't Sully your name don't throw salt down You know I'm saying even if you got slugs behind you just just dodging man, you know I'm saying so my condolences to Nipsey Hussle family His friends his close close friends and all his business partner man and rest in. Peace. Nip nip and Sad thing man. Rest. Peace, man. See you in there. I'm out You