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Everywhere I go I'm high cotten fleece silk and wool dress that bitch up like a


Troll pull it out watch her qweef is that squashed or do we got beaf weed liqour speed and crack pack that pipe man pack it fat skinny fat short and tall 23 seconds on the wall I got the chronic that you wish you had come to the pad and i'll skimp your bag I'll fuck a bitch when she's on the Rag I'll fuck a bitch until she's mad I'll fuck a bitch and I work my abs I'll tell your bitch that your a fag this right here be a brand new mix Hit me up when you need a fix I need some trix some trix that need some dick in my kicks Catch these hoes like a baseball mit Don't quit, switch your positions, having hoes twitchin got repitition lemme take a look...I'm a pussy technicion if your under 18 you better get permission work freaks in any condition ...huddle with my homeboy to make the decision Ya I get commission...listen to my gut and follow positive criticism.....rank high fuck the rat at the division I'm high and it's fucking up my vision I'm high man thats just the way i'm livin until I end up in prison.... homie thats a given...it's self demolition make the decision based off suspicion on a mission to get nutrition in the kitchen I'm reminiscing,pump like a piston hit the ignition.... smoke weed and my eyes still glisten Fuck A Bitch is the shit you been missin Shhhh I always listen...thats where I get everything that I'm dishen keep guessin, keep fishin, you twacked back Hoes are gonna keep on wishen infliction...snapped backlike a rattle snake hissen ''Fuck A Bitch Homebase...Report your position'' "This is Justin Kase, I've completed the mission...requesting permission to skip the deposition" "I used excessive force to make 'em listen" "Thats a damn good decision, where any left living" Come on dawg you must be kidding,thats a given,my next step is breaking into prison to get the rest of their division, tonight was just their women Yeah I did 'em then I Hid 'em Fuck A Bitch sends me out..man...I get 'em I slingshot and Dickies is how I attracked my chickies firstimpressions can be tricky, so, I duck out quickly I Leave her like, "Who is he" she's getting dizzy...if she miss me she can come and kiss me slip me $50.00 and we can get busy grab my Whiskey give her a sippy...she's a hippy..I aint picky...Only got time for a quickey with each chickie she's got cash , she's got class, put my hand in the air and I Smack that ass she's trash..hooked on glass Switched rooms and I hid my stash splish splash, it's ash...I'llpack a puddle that will give you whiplash peddle to the metal White Devil and I smash Everywhere I Go I'm High Everywhere I Go I'm High I''m Higher than You