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You know I keep trying to teach all of you to look for the similarities rather


Than the differences well it looks like Bionicpig and I actually have a whole lot in common what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you new to my channel my channel is all about mental health and what I like to do is pulled into topics from the YouTube community to try to teach you how to improve your mental and emotional well-being so if any of that stuff make sure you subscribe and ring that notification bell and I got exciting news check it out just got in our brand new rewired soul mercy Chris and I for a little Christmas present to ourselves like we don't own any rewired sober so I got myself a hoodie and then and then for all the people out there who think I'm a narcissist what a narcissist wear something like this huh I didn't think so I'm taking the sweater off because I'm kind of high and speaking of merch my beautiful talented girl friend Tristan designs all the merch and check out this new design up in the merch store now link is down in the description so if you want some good vibes and want to rock an adorable Wyatt t-shirt or hoodie or get yourself a bug go check out the link down in the description below or get one of my shirts and we could be twinsies oh yeah before I forget use coupon code solution to get yourself 10% off anything in the store actually it's your entire purchase so use the code solution alright so BionicPig welcome to the Thunderdome Bionic pig is he's a commentator here on the platform Tristan has been a fan of his forever she actually introduced me to his channel and then I saw that Bionicpig and Elvis the alien they're actually friends and they did some claps together absolutely hilarious so buy the pig you know he started out by doing my commentary on like Instagram stuff and you know different YouTube channels and recently he dope into singing my critiquing people who sing especially youtubers and twisted actually told me this about Bionic Paige she's like told me that like bionic leg comes from a family you know of musicians he like you know went to music school he can like play so I can really fascinated with seeing him make these these reviews of different youtubers and I made a video about Tristan Paredes to where I talked about like I I'm a huge fan of like vocal competitions and stuff and like it's really fascinating to me I just I like learning about how likes singing works of what you could do to like actually work on it it's very fascinating to me right anyways but my perception watching by on a pig he's very fair and he's he's nice and my you know he you jokes around and give some people some tough love and isn't afraid to call him out but he's been getting a lot of flack for it right and the main topic I want you guys to pull away from this video is perception versus reality okay not everything that we perceive as being real is actually real alright so Bionic Pig just made a video about joji alright those of you who don't know who Joe ji is he grew to YouTube fame with his filthy Frank character he's friends with a bunch of other awesome creators and things like that recently he last few years you ditched YouTube to pursue a singing career and buy the pig I remember seeing him tweet about this and like he knew he knew what was coming right and again like I said in the intro we got to look for similarities rather than differences and this is kind of what I talked about in my Tristan Paredes video like Bionic pig at somebody even though he's not a vocal coach he's educated on this stuff right he's gone through vocal training and he's admitted I've seen him admit on Twitter like I know I'm not a perfect singer but there are things that people can do you know what I mean and here's the thing at the end of the day as human beings like isn't the goal to just improve ourselves on a daily basis like I I just I just don't see the point and sync thinking that people are flawless that's part of the misconception that we get like so many people beat themselves up because they're not perfect at something and part of it is because we suffer from the delusion that thinking people are perfect right and by owning people was actually very very fair in his critiques of Joji right like he talked about like this guy has a good voice he just to do certain things so I actually sent out a tweet to bionic Pig I'm like hey dude damn it I'm making a video about you I want to talk so I asked him like hey I'm gonna be talking about perception versus reality so like can you just tell me like what what is your intention like when you make these videos what is your intention so about it pig replied with my reasoning for making these videos is when I see potential for someone to do so much more with Joji was singing how he was it was irritating because he could sound so much better if he learned how to sing without straining and damaging his voice exactly exactly like that's that's one of the things that I try to explain with like tough love and like let's let's put it this way I'm gonna be harder on my son then some random kid I just walked past and it's because you know I care about my son I want to see him improve like the best people in your life I always say this the best people in your life are gonna tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear right and basically what I'm doing here on the platform is I'm analyzing different things that are already public what I love the most is when people like you're taking their confidential information like you guys I don't know how much have to explain this to you like anything posted on YouTube is not private come on baby but anyways I'm looking at this stuff and like I don't believe that anybody's hopeless when it comes to their mental health everybody can improve so when I started doing this kind of shift and using youtubers as an example I never thought in a million years well I never thought that I would ever get to a point where youtubers would ever even see my videos right I was doing it knowing that you're already watching their content and maybe you can learn something from it right so for example like maybe you know maybe Bionic pig knows that people are aspiring singers twisting piranhas talked about this he makes his videos for the fans for the people who are consuming the music right like what if people are aspiring singers for example Bionic pig says this about Adele singing properly does not mean singing pretty that is nothing to do with singing pretty there are plenty of singers out there who sing properly who don't sing pretty taketake Nirvana for example he doesn't sing pretty it easing the traditional pretty but he's singing properly he's not ruining his voice by the way by the way he's screaming by the way he's yelling he's yelling correctly he's screaming correctly and so in turn he's not ruining his voice take Adele for example oh she does she sounds traditionally well she sounds like she's traditionally trained however she's singing him properly and she's singing wrong and in turn she had to get surgery on her vocal cords because she's singing wrong exactly exactly you guys like it's important to realize that with everything in life with everything in life that we do there's a right way and a wrong way to do things so well Bionic pig is saying is like if you do not sing correctly you are going to strain yourself and somebody like Adele have you actually get surgery and bone and PEG actually talked about how you know a lot of people like their voice will be hoarse because they're singing improperly so it's very you know raspy a messed up afterwards you see what I mean if you're doing things wrong you cause more damage so not only was singing but think about it there's a right way and wrong way to cook there's a right way and wrong way to fix a car it's the same thing with mental health right but the cool thing about mental health is you got options right there's a wrong way to treat your anxiety and then there's a bunch of ways to treat your anxiety there's a wrong way to treat your addiction recovery there's a bunch of right ways to treat your addiction recovery there's a wrong way to you know communicate in relationships then there's a right way to do it right and what some of my Bionic Pig and myself are doing we're trying to pull examples that you're familiar with to teach you about these things so maybe you can listen to these things and feel a mass bottom yourself even if you're just a fan of music that's one of the reasons why I like watching videos like bone a pig or twisting parentis you know what in fact twisting who's that other guy with the long hair and recently cut his hair Sam Johnson so another point is Bionic pig was about people get it twisted when you think that singing properly means singing beautifully and he talks about how there's a white way to scream and Tristan recently introduced me to another vocal coach on YouTube called Sam Johnson and a lot of his older videos that she was showing me he like critiques like what my death metal is that what it is I'm not I'm not in that niche it scares me I love that he's able to go between that frie scream and a really healthy high like whiny mix belt it's so cool that he's able to go between them because he's doing it well but he critiques it and that's something that bond and pig was talking about and he talked about that with disturbed so it's important to understand like some of this of can out of concern some of it is just out of like teaching people so that it's just so you can appreciate what you're experiencing even more you know but you know when bond a pig was telling me that you know he sees potential and Joji right now that I had a place where my channels bigger and other youtubers are seeing my content like I would hope that they would see that I'm not just spewing out hate but if they did take some of these suggestions like to go to therapy or to work on some things or to be more self aware or to acknowledge things or realize that what they're putting out on the Internet might be a bad influence to people I would hope that they take that into consideration and I've had an assortment of big youtubers see my videos and thank me a great example is elevation alienation has gone through you know different forms of mental health treatment and she thanked me because in my videos she learned even more about what she was going through you know what I mean but the problem is is that a lot of people's perception is that people i buy on a page or myself are attacking people and just because you've perceived that doesn't mean it's the reality like think about that for a second I don't know how many of you watching this or mind reader's but like do you really think that you can judge somebody's intention like I get that critique a lot not even a critique I get that comment a lot cuz that's not a critique that's just like comments where people like oh you know what you were saying you know what you were implying it's like he and I actually get a lot of the similar comments right so this one here says I really don't know when I why I clicked on this I know I was gonna get mad so this is something that I want you guys to work on this mindfulness comes it I think you I'm thinking about doing a YouTube mindfulness practice for all of you where you look at different thumbnails and titles and check in with yourself and say how is this making me feel is this anger arising is this curiosity right is it sadness what is that but we also have to realize that we are a lot of us are victims of something called contempt prior to investigation right where people judge something before they even try it I get so many people who comment on my videos before they even had the the possibility to watch it for example the other day I had somebody I posted a 15 minute video somebody commented in the first three minutes talking all this smack and I'm like you didn't even watch the video and they're like how do you know because I can see how long ago you commented how long I posted the video ago and how long my video actually is so you guys chill out be mindful and consume all of the content I found that a majority of people who do not like my content and disagree with my video all their critiques come from like the first three or four minutes of a 10 to 15 minute long video here's another one surely if you've studied singing for years you'd realize at some point that there's no one way to sing and basically like Bionic pig explains this like it's not just Joji style like he's doing it wrong and it could be better but here's the thing and here's why I use mental health as an example when you see relationships or you see somebody dealing with depression or anxiety or taking a break or whatever it is because some of this stuff has been normalized right so the ionic Pig is using music floor as an example but when I'm using examples of toxic relationships or depression or anxiety I'm trying to show you like I know you think that this toxic relationship is normal because that's what you've been in but that doesn't mean that it's right it doesn't mean that it's healthy this next one says I know nothing about music but I think the way he sings goes with his style of music I personally like it again like let's use like relationships for an example some people like I like I use myself as an example I used to enjoy being in toxic relationships because that's what I was used to that was my style right like I used to keep wondering why all this bad stuff was happening to me why me why can't I just find a good woman right but it's because I kept sitting in the same situation finding the same type of woman right and I would just be like well that's just my type my type is to find a verbally abusive woman oh my type is to be afraid when I go to sleep cuz I don't know she's gonna slap me or something right that doesn't mean that it's okay right so I want everybody who's watching this to realize that people like Bionic pig people like myself I think that's even like channels were like they're reacting to like hairstyles and like makeup and you know all that stuff right a lot of it is not coming in a malicious way I know I just talked about the makeup community and whoa girl that's a different story but a lot of us aren't doing anything in a malicious way we're merely critiquing and trying to use things as an example to educate the masses the people who are actually watching our videos all right but anyways anyways hopefully Bionic pig and I get to a level of friendship where I actually learn his real man that would be cool that's all for this video again don't forget to head over to the rewind soil merch table get yourself some sweet new swag links down to description use coupon code solution to get yourself ten percent off alright anyways if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if you're new make sure you subscribe and ring that notification bell because I make a ton of videos and a huge thank you to everybody supporting the channel over on page one you are all amazing and again thanks for watching I'll see you next