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Hehehe, finally, the day Ive been waiting for is finally here! Hehehe


.. What is all this Is there a fire Im almost done... Jin! I made this. Do you want to try Who are you trying to kill No way. Cookie Day is coming up! Cookie Day... Nara, who do you want to give it to Is it Noah Of course! Ill make cookies out of a nice mold, put it in the oven... Wait for it to be baked... then I get Naras very own tasty and pretty cookies! Urghhh! Lub-Dub, Someday with You! Those who want to give Noah a box of cookies have to wait in line. Whats all that commotion! Thanks so much. Im sure Ill enjoy them. Everybody! Today is Cookie Day. Those who want to give Noah a box of cookies have to wait in line. I wont forgive anyone that wont follow the rules! Wait for your turn! Nara, you should give him yours too. You spent so much time making them. Huh Uh... I will, later. Wow! Look at all those cookie boxes. He is Noah from Friday. That looks about right. Absolutely fantastic! Good energy always has a good influence on music! Oh! Hera... Have you given out cookies to your friends too Im not interested in things like that... Mr. Jackie, I just realized the perfect mission for Cookie Day! Hm What would that be That country bumpkin wont have a partner. Poor thing... Youve been waiting a long time. Today is a joyous day. Happy sweet Cookie Day! Its a heartwarming day to hand out cookies to people you are grateful for! I brought some too. Please accept them. Its from the heart, Ms. Shirley. I wont accept! How could you... I will be gifting everyone with Lub-Dub, a Duet Mission! A duet mission It would be important to find a good partner then. But its not just any regular duet, but a male-female duet mission! A duet mission! A duet mission~ someone will have to perform alone. Whatever shall we do Hmm... creating beautiful harmony between a boy and girl with completely different voices wont be as easy as you think. But behind every challenging mission is a great prize. The best duo to win first place will be appointed as the ambassadors for Shining Star School! And one more thing! The winning team will geta new wardrobe! The ever-so sophisticated Noble Rosettas fairy tale fantasy world! A beautiful conch-hued dress, a cute apron, and a curious-looking rabbit watch! Paired with striped tights, adorable bells,and a rabbit ribbon. Wonder Alice coordi, complete! Do your best if you want to be the face of your school! A boy partner How will I find one A boy-girl duet mission for Cookie Day... what an appropriate mission, Calliope. Plus the winning duo can become the best couple in school. Its a great opportunity to let yourself be known in school. But the students who arent popular wont stand a chance. You cant sing a duet alone. Thats quite harsh... no cookies, no shot at the mission either. I just hope that such students will not participate. Dont you think Hera will win this duet mission Of course! Its game over if Hera performs with Noah! Oh my, girls. Naras kind of popular now too. No way. No boy will want to partner with that country bumpkin. Isnt that Naras Magic Agent Wait, is that a message or what Wait, this thing is stillasleep! Nara, your last performance was really cool. Will you be my partner What No, she wasnt! Give that to me! Would you like to perform with me I'm not that good, but Ill practice hard. She has a lot more messages. Theres no way Nara is this popular! What do I do I deleted her messages! Are you sure Try to get them back! What are you doing on Naras desk Thats where my Magic Agent was. Oh...interesting. So...the thing is... So... so... the thing is... Yeah! It was on the floor! Oh, is this your Magic Agent It didnt make a sound. I didnt even notice it was there. I almost walked past it. No, it kept going ding-dong... Shes right. Its like its owner. It has no presence. What! See-a, calm down. Its okay... Im sure some people who want to partner up with me sent me messages... Hendel, did I get any messages Is that you Hm... I havent gotten any... Not even a single one I overheard a male student say that he saw you perform last time and decided not to partner with you. He said hes worried about his reputation if he performs with you. Those are such harsh words... Does this mean you have anti-fans The show is coming up and you still dont have a partner. She already has a partner! Oh, really Im sure she doesnt. Do you all have partners Of course. 58% of the male students positively reviewed our performances! 20% of that 58% showed interest in my dancing! I found a suitable partner that suits my performance style. Yena, you too Someone told me they liked my voice during our performance. If you cant find a partner, do you need help Call me if you need me! What You think Nara, the leader of Melody, wont be able to find a partner Is something bothering you, Nara My darling Noah! Nows the time to give him my cookies! T-take these. I made them myself! Is this really for me I thought youd give them to Jin. Did you say Jin! Come on! I dont have cookies for Jin, that nag! Im sure theyre delicious. It... it has a unique taste. Really! But is something bothering you Its so unlike you to sigh. The...the thing is... I havent found a partner yet for the duet mission coming up. I guess Im too ordinary to be popular. What are you talking about You shine so bright when youre on stage. You have a gift of making people smile when they watch you. R-really Of course. I should return the favor for these cookies. Will you be my partner My darling Noah... Whats happening! This cant be happening! How did Nara get Noah!! Will you be my partner Isnt he so dreamy He put out his hand towards me. That idiot is still so vain... He is dreamy... Oh, my. Hes like a real prince! Isnt he Isnt he! Hes not dreamy at all, okay! You have no taste anyway, Jin. I didnt get to give these to you earlier. Please accept them. Thank you for these. Thank you for these. You... Woah! Thats him! Must be nice to be popular, Jin. Stop it! Ahhhh!! You're already glowing, yeah~ Sneakers filled with sweat and memories Dust them off and get ready~ Let's promise on~ someday again~!! Nara. What do you think a duet is A d-duet Think about what a true performance is. Thats your assignment till the show. Duet Assignment This is the duet of your dreams with Noah... Looks like you wont be getting on stage. Jin! Tomorrows the performance. What are you going to do I dont know. Why did Noah just walk off like that Are you serious I saw you two rehearsing. You were singing the song alone. Really I thought I was singing with... You were yelling so loudly and singing by yourself. I was What is a duet Its about balance and creating beautiful harmony together, dont you think B-balance Harmony Think about your first performance with See-a. Think about how important the balance was with your friends... and how that balance created such amazing harmony. You're so so handsome My eyes my eyes are blinded I can't breathe because I'm trembling Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby baby baby Oh I feel so embarrassed I can't look at you I love you just like this the longed end of wandering I leave behind this world's unending sadness But I... You get excited when youre with Noah and you dont harmonize with him, but just sing on your own. What would it sound like if two people are singing and one stands out too much Um...thats... That would be a failed performance. Its not a real duet then. That means youd be disqualified. Um... youre right. Thats why Noah said... Do you get it now Yeah, Jin! I think I know the answer to Noahs question now! Ill go back to rehearsing for my duet! Thanks for today. Hah. Wait. Is she practicing for a duet alone Jin!!! Can you help me So you want me to be your practice partner Noah told me hed see me at the performance. Practice with me,please Well... all right then. ...filled with sweat and memories, Brush it off and get ready, lets promise on ...someday again Hold on, hold on... youre still too loud. Think about how you want to balance out with your partner. Ah! My bad! Hehe... Tell me that you believe in me listen to my song I sing Until each and every dream we practiced every day comes true~ Are...arent you going to sing What kind of manager sings this well Who are you, Jin Stop talking. Lets practice. Right! Oh...okay. Now! Lets begin the duet mission. Huh Is this a duet Vanilla thinks that was just a solo performance by Hera. Very, very much so. We agree! Hera doesnt understand the criteria of this mission. What! That was a perfect duet. No one recognized it. Hmpf! They have no taste. Ahh! My darling Noah! Youre so cute! Look! Noah must be Naras partner! They look good together! Nara gets to be Noahs partner. I never wouldve imagined... It seems like Nara is more popular than Hera now. My darling Noah! Hey Nara. Did you find the answer to my question Yes,I understand now why you asked me that. Looking forward to seeing you on stage.See you. Beto, come on out. Theres something you can help me with. I wont let that country bumpkin perform on stage with Noah. Wouldnt Noah much prefer taking a nap than get on stage with her Do you mean like Sleeping Beauty All right! Supersonic snore Zzz waves! I can do it! I can do it! A duet performance with Noah! Our turns coming up... why isnt he here Next up is a highly-anticipated couple. Noah and Nara! Will the two please come to the stage Where are they Did something happen Nara and Noah, please hurry up or you will be disqualified. Gasp! Yes, yes, Im coming! Open Magic Agent! I want to be the shiniest star in the sky! A flower on each shoe! A beautiful pink rose dress added with lovely frills, Cloris Cubic Rose coordi, complete! Nara is alone! Wheres Noah Is Nara going to perform alone Uh... what just happened Has the performance started already Nara, please begin your performance! Darling Noahwhere on earth is he Whats happening right now Shes on stage alone for a duet performance. Shes disqualified. Wherever can Noah be Hehe... this is as we expected. Thats right! Why would Noah perform with that country bumpkin Stop it. I feel bad for Nara. I'm still clumsy Jin! You do not have to hurry You're already glowing, yeah~ I did everything to stop her. No way! Sneakers filled with sweat and memories Jin...you came for me! You did a good job, Nara. Just do as you did earlier! Thanks, Jin. Someday again Till the day the world is filled with our voices Tell me you trust me listen to my song Until each and every dream we practiced every day comes true~ Will you stay by my side even when I fall Even if I get lost for awhile Thats perfect harmony. You found the answer. and can't walk on... Following the stars, starlight coordi twinkle! Will you stay by my side Even if someday the days I dreamed came You are always in my heart on the spot Will you always smile at me Can you tell me that you believe me In front of the world Like the dazzling sun Even if I'm brightly shining Like the first day I will be there with you That was an excellent duet! Isnt it a problem that someone else performed It doesnt matter who came, as long as it was a duet. The important thing is that the two voices created harmony! Now! Just as we promised, this is the prize, Noble Rosettas Wonder Alice series. I hope you create more beautiful performances with this card. All right! Shall we begin with the modeling work for our school R-right now Hm... I cant feel anything. Cant you two be more friendly Friendly How do we do that Come on, just act natural. Aha... Oh! Thats it! I like that! Lets start shooting! Whoa, whos this! I think Ive seen her somewhere before! Is she... Stop it, you guys! Haha. You two are the face of our school now. Its too early in the morning for this nonsense. Arent you going to be late What Ack! No! This is all thanks to you. Thank you... Youre late too. I know. I know. Hey girls, wait up! Wow! The ambassadors are chasing us! Stop saying that, Yena!