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Tek! What are we going to do Weve lost enough men


All the Bothans are dead. I know, Zira. We must retreat. The tractor beams are switched off. We can easily... Commander. With all respect. We must finish our mission. We are only four. Four of the best, I have to say. Even if thats true! I am commander and when I say... It would be foolish to give up after all this sacrifices. We have lost too much to retreat now. Enemies! Simo. Stay ready. How many are there, Lejo What do you see Maybe ten. More come from the other side. Its time to escape. First we get the data! You call that ten Lejo, watch out! We must go now! No. The whole alliance relies on us. I am the commander of this mission, so please let me... Tek, are you okay Im fine. So we will do it now. Simo. Simo. Hurry up! Whats up, Zira I hope so. Shoot your way through the imperial forces to the main computer. Lejo will help you. Tek is wounded. Ill bring him to our ship. We will prepare everything for our escape. Well meet in the hangar, clear I copy. Good luck. Come on, Tek. You wanted to leave. We have eliminated most of the rebels, mylord. But I fear they will arrive the main computer. You know what to do, Colonel Cole. We shouldnt let them escape too obviously. Yes, mylord. Now I just have to copy the data. No pressure. More stormtroopers for me. When are they finally here I dont want to be discovered. Relax. Watch out, there are stormtroopers. Why does noone guard this ship Weve got the data, you copy We have the data! Hurry up. Were on our way. Watch out. The ground is electrical charged. What now That should be a jump of two meters (6.5 feet). We should be able to do this. Colonel Cole. They escape. Let them do that. But one must stay here. Bring me the one with the dark hair. Damned. Hurry up. Simo! Simo! Dont worry about me. See you. Where is Simo I had to leave him behind. We have to start. They are on my heels. Unknown shuttle, identify! Its me. Commander Tek Acheron. We have completed our mission with big sacrifices. Weve got the plans. Great. We will inform everyone else. Good. The plans get analyzed rigth now. In maybe two days we will hopefully get the results. I hope our work wasnt completely for nothing. At least we are alive. Not Simo. I dont believe him to be dead. They probably have thrown him into a cell and will interrogate him. I do not want to be in your skin. Hello Does anyone hear me Someone Hello Does anyone hear me now Who is there Thats not important. Is this communication safe Listen. You casually burst into our channel here. Would you please choose someone else to joke around No, you listen! I was cought by the empire. They have brought me to some planet. Inform my team under Commander Tek Acheron. I must go. I dont know what they want to do with me. You understand Yes... I have. I understand, that you seemingly have no idea what to tell your enemy... ... and what not to tell, Simo void. Cole. Would you give me your communicator And come with me. No, I have no time. At least not in the next few weeks. I am ordered to the new battle station. So its true They build that thing a second time Yes. I will take one of its sectors. But I should be carefully in what I do. Because the emperor will also be there to supervise the construction. Thats how it works. And what are you doing during that time So, were done now. Yeah, finally. What do you think, why Cole wanted us to do that. Its an order from above, thats what Ive heard. We want to set a trap. So youve made it far, Cole. Captain or something Colonel. ok You remember the first time we met You were stormtrooper and I was... A depraved rebel. Like today. From infantry to colonel. You have no possibility to get promoted. You are still private, isnt it And your friend, Acheron, is he still commander You are poorly organized if he is still in charge of something. He shouldnt even be allowed to fight. He is incompetent! But thats no wonder. He is a rebel. Your tries to fight a perfect system are for nothing. Even though we where able to steal your data. For sure you know, where your base is right now, isnt it I dont know what you are talking about. It would be good for all of us if you tell me where your base is. Im sorry, I dont listen. You know what to do. Yes, colonel. Major. Colonel. I have a task for you. Folks, look! Our spys have intercepted this imperial conversation. Listen to this. No, you listen! I was cought by the empire. They have brought me to some planet. Inform my team under Commander Tek Acheron. I must go. I dont know what they are going to do with me. You understand Yes, I do. I understand that you seemingly... That definetly was Simo. Can we follow up that signal Why should we We wont be able to save him. We have to. He is our friend. Even if there would be ten friends! We cant risk that. Imperial bases are too hard to enter. We cant leave him in the lurch. What if you where on his place I would know you would be smart enough not to come and save me. Youre wrong. We would do anything. We will do anything. No we wont! Thats my last word. Lejo, would you go Have you found anything Yes. Simo is on Cisius. Not populated. The base is near the equator. Dense rain forest an all that. And almost no troops. How far Not even three parsecs. I will send you the precise coordinates. Thank you. Ill go alone. You try to follow with the freighter. Knock Tek out or something. Land the ship one kilometer (0,62 miles) in the west. Theyr sensors dont reach that area. Keep everything ready for an escape. Wait. We have the order not to follow her. Lieutenant, send some of our scouts. Zira. Why are you here I thought, we dont risk that. Thats more like a guideline than a rule. And the others Well, Im not officially here. Enemies come! I know. Come with me. I hope you still can shoot. Ill try. Are you okay Yes. And you somehow... Colonel, I have found theyr escape ship. Dont worry about that. It must stay undamaged. Sir, a second ship. Destroy the escape ship. As you wish. Whatever. Was that part of the plan You need some help Tek, you came! Colonel Cole, they did escape. Very good. We let Simo some time to tell everyone the information he ha got from us. Prepare a cruiser for me. We will attack when the time has come. The nano droids in Simos blood will tell his position to us. Thanks a lot. I dont want to be captivated by the empire again. We almost thought you were dead. And probably... that would have happened. I know, I know. But rules are rules. And what about morality We have had the chance to rescue Simo. It was the only right choice to take that chance. Indeed, the rescue was easy. But dont assume it will be as easy next time. In that case not even Lejo will persuade me to take the risk. We have got a message from Admiral Ackbar. We have to meet at our assembly point. Did you reveal something to the empire No Tek, I didnt. You know me. I kept silent like a grave. No tracking device or something I have searched him for that. He is safe. Its not important what I have divulged... But what was divulged to me. I have got some information in there. Extremely secret information that not even the imperial commanders knew about. On the Death Star, the new one they build right now, there will be the emperor. He is there to supervice the building process. Lejo, connect me to the admiral, now! Already done. What Bring me the admiral, Ive got important information. Commander Acheron. You have performed extraordinary services to the rebellion. What is your information We have rescued my private. He has got the information while he was captivated. What exactly, commander The emperor himself will be there. He will be on the new death star. That changes everything. If our information is correct, the battle station isnt fully oporational yet. That could be a great victory for us. But we dont know more by now. The data will be fully analyzed in two days. After that we will convence a meeting with the rebel fleet.... What happened I dont know. Commander! The radar shows something. Imperial cruisers. Start the hyper drive. We must escape. That wont work. We are surrounded. With a ship like ours we would collide with them. They will get us. We must abandon the ship. The escape pods would be too slow. It would be easy for them to shoot us. Zira, your A-Wing would do it. It only has space for two of us. So take Lejo and fly away. Yes, commander. And whats with us We must delete all our data. They are not allowed to know anything about us. And they are not allowed to know that we know what we know. So we destroy our ships computer. And then We blow up the ship. But now I need your backing. To delete the data takes a long time. That also works. Do you activate the self destruction I start the hyper drive. As Lejo has said: We will collide with one of theyr ships. Maybe that distracts them so that we can escape with the escape pod. Come with me. We have one minute. I hope we will be found soon. And hopefully by the right ones. Seemingly that definetly wont happen. What a shame. You have brought it that far... ...and now that. You dont believe how sorry I am, my friends. But your death penalty is completely justified. Thats your own fault. You cant kill us. We know too much about the rebellion. The rebellion is history. It will be. If you would know what will come to you. No. If you would know. Some last words Yes. I would like to... what the hell is that So we escape into the forest. There will be nothing. Better than being shot. We will jump. Simo. No. Ive got you! Who are you Talk. No matter. Come with me if you want to live. Wait! What is going on here Sty calm. We will talk when we are safe. And where are we safe My hideout ist some leagues away. Follow me now. You are a jedi! A jedi No. I am not. A long time ago I was on the way to become a jedi. But I was exiled from that way. Did you witness the clone wars What happened to you Thats right. The war was almost over and my master and me were on an important mission. It looked good for us. Victory was near. But then our own troops shot at us. And your master Died during the crash. Why have you been so far away from here The base you came from gets food once a month. I always take my part. But today nothing happened there. They didnt get food. But that will be important tomorrow. Sit down. Tell your story. Can I also have something Well. Take that. But dont get used to that. I have organized my food so that I can survive alone. We only can hope that the transport ship will come soon. Did you catch something No. I am happy not to be caught myself. I... Did you meet the seclumi spider I hope you didnt hurt it. It kept the soldiers away for years. They seem to ignore that. Ive seen some of them, not far away. I think they search for us. No. They only search for you. They dont know Im here. I have also seen the transport ship. I might have miscalculated by one day. We must be fast so that they dont spot us. The last soldiers have noone behind them. And usually the imperial officers dont observe them anymore. So noone would notice if they are gone. At least not instantly. Because we are two now we need two boxes. Listen to me. I will take the last two soldiers... and you intervene if something goes wrong, understand Yes. But dont call them soldiers. They are stormtroopers. How could I know Im still training. Old for a jedi apprentice. And way too powerful. You know Somehow Im scared of you. We must go before they notice what happened. Wait! We can enter that ship! We can... escape. No, I already tried. It doesnt work. They control every corner. Look at you. You could bring me a nice promotion. Yeah. But you dont look like anyone who could get promoted. They somehow have found us. More will come. We must flee. Where will we go Somewhere. Man, Im hungry. Take what you need. We have enough. The rebellion. The empire. It seems so far away in this forest. Yet the stormtroopers search for us. How long have you been here 25 years Maybe. We must escape from this planet. Why The rebellion needs me. We are shortly befor a final blow. They will manage that without you. But you are right. I also wanted for my hole life to get away from here. What is even the name of this system Cisius. And... what is your name I feel that something changes. It is not determined. But the future of the empire stands on wobbly legs. You only have to push it. It must be right now, in this moment. My friends strike out. The force is with them. Good! Your hate has made you powerful. Now fulfill your destiny. Never. Take your fathers place at my side. Ill never turn to the dark side. Youve failed, your highness. Im a jedi, like my father before me. So be it. Jedi. Now, young Skywalker... you will die. you will die. There it is. Alright, Wedge. Go for the power regulator on the north tower. Copy, gold leader. Im already on my way out. They seem to evacuate their entire base. Yes. I think I know why. The Emperor is dead, the Death Star destroyed. So we did it. And its our chance. They wont control every single one of the ships because there are so many of them. We can escape. We can escape. After all these years. Come. That boxes becom havier and havier. Are all freighters ready I want to start as soon as possible. We are almost finished, sir. The last ship is docking right now. Good. We must go to our assembly point. I hope the remains of our power arent too small. If its true what they say, we are in big troubles. I know, captain. Lets go. Hyper space route calculated. Wait... A big ship comes closer. Start, fast!!! Full power to the shield generators. Wait, we take them with us Yeah, we could have left them on the surface. We are in a star destroyer. It seems it is under attack. Yes, but that wont do anything. It would take long to harm it. The shield generators are pretty strong. I have a plan. Do you know from where these generators receive their energy Activate the frontal control valves. Our shields will withstand long enough. We just have to escape, just escape! Concentrate fire on their hyper drive. Dont let them escape. It doesnt work. Their shields are too strong. Up there. Thats what we are looking for. It works! Somehow their shield generators were switched off! Great! Now concentrate fire on their commando bridge. What was that The shields, sir. They were switched off. What What is going on there Seemingly someone has disconnected the energy source. Tek Acheron. Send all troups to him. Surround him, from all sides. Dont let him escape. But sir... Do what I say!!! There is one major problem when you switch off the shields on your own ship. Are here no escape pods We must hurry up. Otherwise we sink with this ship. Not only that. They seem to hunt us. Our ship is seriously damaged. Another hit like this and well die. Fight against that. Sir, where are you going Sir! Wait! I need a break. For my sake. But not too long. But now we must go. Did you hear that They have blown up the bridge. Another reason to go faster. Come in, fast! Oh no! Keep up. We can fix you. At least I dont die on this damn planet. Wo are you Its time to escape.... Commander, in all respects... He is incompetent.... We must finish our mission.... He is a rebel... Who are you They escape with their small ships into hyper space, admiral. What is the plan What do the scanners say A hundred men are on the planets surface. I understand. We will attack. We must interrogate them, where they meet with the other imperial remains. If we now find that out we can defeat them forever. I copy. Lets go. Colonel! Great! You are alive. Is that all Noone else has survived. What are our chances. Bad, sir. The rebels search for us. And there is no way to escape. And we wont surrender. In all respects. We cant withstand the rebels. The empire withstands everything. Lieutenant, we have a message from the air unit. We are unable to locate the imperials. They seem to use jammers and they send forged information of their location. And what should we do Dont know. Ive got an idea. What do we need Something that makes big noise. Another! Weve got their attention. Its time for you to go. I will do the rest myself. Idiot. One of our scouts has found one of the rebels in the forest. And He wants to negotiate. Then negotiate with him. He only wants to negotiate with you. He claims to know you. Colonel! So youve got some time for me. Lejo, what are you doing here I maybe was a bit too uncautious. Is he bugged No sir. Sure Sure. Good. The rebels still cant locate us. Alright. You want to negotiate What do you want You surrender and noone gets hurt. Nice try. What about that You give us a ship, we all can go and noone gets hurt. That doesnt match with our demands. Is there no compormise If you want to leave half of your people here That cant be true! Dont mess around with me. What do you mean You know what, Cole I have a gift for you. After our victory yesterday there was a big party. And what would be a party without that Come, folks. The plan has worked! I have do admit... Stop the fights. We have won. Take the survivors and take them to Hosnian Prime. Well. Thats how a world collapses. A few days ago I thought, the rebellion would end soon. It does. It is not needed anymore. Just because there is no empire anymore Thats the point. No matter. At least I know how to get out of this situation. And how if I may ask I know the postition of your friend. Your commander. Tek Acheron. He is on this planet. I can guide you to him. But only if you promise me to let me go. What about Simo I only can show you the way to Tek. But decide quickly. Maybe he doesnt make it that long. Show me. Where am I On a Nebulon-B. We travel to Hosnian Prime. Where To the Republik. To the Republik The New. Have we won Yes. Only a few remains of the empire are still out there. Just because of us Yes. So the rebellion also doesnt exist anymore Thats right. So were unemployed. I hope so. In other roles. 17773 pictures 14 fps 6 months more than 215 animated elements more than 32 sets based on characters by George Lucas music composed by Brickstorming original themes composed by John Williams