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Want to say hello to everybody out there Is it Chip ok very good I wasn't sure!


I want this to be a positive one I'm going to make this very easy for the Princesses The Queens, the Fairies, whoever we bump into I want to ask them one question the The question is going to be this, what from your story, your story, as a Fairy, as a princess as a Queen, what from your story you want other people to learn from It could be anything I know I know this will be easy. But I'm very excited because it's a positive thing. It's very positive You Look like a Warrior. I have a question for you. My audience wants to know what is one thing that they can learn from from your story Always be brave and always be yourself Do what your heart takes you Thank you so much Pocahontas. It's always a good when you can meet Tinkerbell You like my Magic Mirror You look very glittery today. Looks Nice. I have extra Pixie dust. My audience has a question I go around asking princesses and fairies They want to know what is the lesson to be learned from your story I was worried about being a Tinker I really - I want to be A Tinker. Who doesn't want to be a Tinker my story was about accepting yourself the way you are and I had to learn to love to be a Tinker and learn to find that my Talents are just as important as a talent of Others Accepting yourself as you are. I i love that my favorite response So far. You have good taste. Thanks for asking questions. You love questions We don't have time for more. We'll set up an interview next time. You promise Okay say good bye! you can always count on tinker for a great response i think you she today I don't know we'll see we'll keep going but she was delightful And pretty glittery. I like glitter. Do you like glitter Maybe I should wear glitter. Maybe not i'll get more looks than I am right now people are saying hello to me I like meeting people, Ilike meeting people here like meeting my audience. It's fun We're going down ... it's nice to be recognized usually it's just Flynn. Look at this face and you have posters around. If you had to choose one thing! always power your dreams To easy. We think the same. We're married. It happens, you know Want to say hello to Jordan for me Hi Jordan hope to see you here one day! Time to see some pooh. Who doesn't want to see some Winnie The Pooh Looks like Fruit Loops No Winnie the Pooh store would be complete without Ariel. I think these are the cutest things right here this This is like a ball of Pooh, Pooh of ball. I get to meet Eeyore, Pooh, and Tigger too! This is all you right here. How you doing I see you got the umbrella here. the sun is a lot for you We got to talk about Tigger. He's a little hyper. A lot hyper. You are the cutest thing in the world! You! But don't tell Mickey I said that. you are extremely adorable. How are you doing How's my hair look I was just on Splash Mountain. very good very good I've never met Pooh before and I'm ashamed of myself. Don't be mad. You're one of my favorites, Can I get a hug alright very nice Love will always thaw a Frozen heart. You took my answer Anna. You shouldn't waste time arguing. Not worth it. And to always eat chocolate. And don't get married on the same day you meet someone. We're not talking anybody here in particular are we Special mirror! Not like that Queen. No I have nothing to do with her. Don't take her apples either. My audience has a question for you one thing from your story that they can learn from now I met Cinderella ... I would say that wishes always come true. Can I get a hug Bye everybody Hi Jeremy how do you do Come see me soon!