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There are a lot of theories going around about Jordan peele's brand new horror-film


Called us and as we know from his first film get out there Jordan Peele likes to squeeze in a lot of social commentary so in this video we're gonna break it down and discuss what the hidden meaning behind us actually is what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you're new to my channel my channel is all about mental health what I like to do is pull different topics from like movies pop culture in general to try to teach you how to improve your mental and emotional well-being so the end of that stuff make sure you subscribe and bring that notification bell so in this video I'm going to be talking about us there will be some spoilers but not major ones just if you've heard of the movie us you're probably gonna know about the things I'm gonna talk about but another quick disclaimer I am NOT on licensed therapists or psychologists or psychiatrists or anything like that I will be citing a doctor in this video though all right so yeah anyways quick rundown of us okay so a family the Wilsons you know with the mother being Adelaide and then the father being Wade they go on vacation it is where Adelaide experienced a traumatic experience where she saw a doppelganger of herself and now they're back right and the doppelganger Wilson family comes over and terrorizes the Wilsons okay so watching a bunch of interviews with Jordan Peele and everything like he talks about where the idea of this came from and he said this it's also a movie that I think is best when it's personalized it's a movie about the duality of mankind and it's a do a movie about our fear of invasion of the other of the outsider and the revelation that are we are our own worst enemy yet spoiler the tethered they are coming to kill everybody to take over the United States there it is that's a spoiler but anyways let's jump into this so this actually reminded me of an article from dr. mark Goulston so dr. mark gulstan he is super super incredible guy he is one of the best there is with you know treating people who struggle with suicidal thoughts he also has trained the FBI when it comes to hostage negotiation and Mike we were saying with Jordan Peele he brings in a lot of social commentary and these last I don't even know how many years we've been living in a very scary time right with mass shootings always happening the most recent one being in New Zealand so the first topic I want to talk about is when Jordan Peterson said part of you know the the overall theme of us is this fear of the other okay and dr. Mark Dolson actually wrote an article after one of the mass shootings where he tries to hack the mind of why people do this all right and it's interesting if you tie this in to the tethered and what their overall goal is so he he states that typically what occurs with such individuals as the following process and a descent into hatred and murder one perceived injustice mixed with humiliation whether it's real or imagined these individuals often perceive the world saying to them you're stupid you're ugly you're weak you're nobody etc so think about this in the context of the tethered right they are you know these clones of you know the people in the United States but they are forced to live underground they have to eat raw rabbits you know they don't even really have a soul these types of things so they are oppressed down there number two that Mark Dolson talks about is isolation as these individuals pull away they become greater prey to their imaginations and the thoughts above so on the social context we see this happening with a lot of you know the mass shooters and things like that but for the others they were isolated down there with their own ideas their own beliefs and everything like that all right but anyways like you think about it when were you come to find out what the twist ending is Adelaide is actually wet right like they they swapped when there were kids so she's able to talk about this belief with all of them that the people up there are bad and terrible we need to take over and all that and something I was actually discussing with dr. Mark Dolson after he sent me this article that he wrote was that's one of the downsides to the Internet as I see it there's just my opinion like the Internet is an amazing thing I love how we can be connected with people all over the world develop friendships bonds and all that kind of stuff but one of the downsides is you can create your own echo chamber right you can find a community of people who has those same beliefs and even you know the the perceived injustice you can find a group of those people and just talk to them and build up these ideas alright so the next thing that he talks about is agitation these individuals then proceed to have observation bias they look out at the world as if it is saying all these things to him and then confirmation bias this further justifies the vengeful fantasies and beginning of plans or even acting on prior such events that were not stalked or taken as a full risk all right so these people win when they get into this idea that when they get into this echo chamber even they all they see is that all they see is their being treated unfairly okay next the last straw often we will discover some events sometimes even small or trivial from our point of view but given the foundation created by the above three steps it essentially causes a moral lobotomy at the at that point these individuals act by reflex and with an eye for an eye revenge for perceived injustice and to the degree that they have felt that the world has put them down and pushed them away they will find a way to get in and get even all right so this is actually interesting something you know I've talked about with some people who saw us like the timing of this was interesting like it just happened to be when Adelaide and a family came back this particular summer and went to Santa Cruz Beach and all that but in the real world like there's something that causes them to finally snap that last straw where they act on these things okay but dr. Mark Dolson brings up this this interesting point where he talks about a moral lobotomy okay so when when you are perceiving this injustice when you're in this echo chamber when you start to get agitated like you get this moral on the bottom you write like right or wrong goes out the window and it is time for revenge okay lastly he discusses lowered impulse control quite simply mental health is the ability to experience strong emotions without getting emotional experience anger without becoming angry in Psychological terms is referred to being able to contain emotions ie feels them without acting on them the greater the degree of mental illness the less of the ability to resist acting on impulses be the intrusive towards others or towards oneself lowered inhibitions can also be caused by drug and alcohol abuse although most mass shooters are not usually high on drugs because they are instead high on revenge so when you look at the tethered and what they're going through it's easy to you know put all this into perspective lowered impulse control the moral lobotomy running around up on top doing this mass murdering all right of you know the original families and all that okay so I just felt look fascinating you know with Jordan Peele talking about this fear of the other and this this kind of coming into fruition right and you have to feel the other you know like you know the families above being afraid of the tethered but they kind of had a good reason because the tether just can't straight up and started killing people but the tethered had the fear of the other which were the people above the originals right so aside from that I just want to talk about some my own personal experience because something that Jordan Peele also talks about is we are our own a worse enemies okay and that's something that's really interesting to me because and another thing that's interesting it's just art in general just we see it through our own lens our own life experience what we see how we interpret it and all that but I saw this as like self sabotaging behavior not dealing with certain parts of yourself and it's becoming this thing that ultimately destroys you right like a lot of us from my experience you know my personal experience as well as working in a treatment center a lot of us don't want to deal with things from our past right we don't want to and it bottles up in a bottles up and eventually like especially what I found out by being the son of an alcoholic mother I started to have a lot of self sabotaging behaviors alright this could be in romantic relationships this can be in professional relationships I would self-sabotage at work there's also an excellent book called adult children of alcoholics if any of you watching this are a child of an addict or an alcoholic whether or not they're clean now I recommend this book I'm gonna link that book as well as mark dual Stein's article down below but yeah when I read that book I started to realize how many ways I self-sabotage and there's a variety of different reasons that we do so right but the way I was kind of seeing it and looking at this self-sabotage when you see the tethered come up and you know they start murdering the original families like we see that we destroy ourselves and there's more of a you know our own mental health cycle psychological type deal that we have to deal with you know if we don't feel what we need to feel it will destroy us this is why you know I recommend therapy to everybody if you're watching this like I know it's kind of taboo to say oh you do therapy but I'm just letting you know from my experience and like dealing with like people in my life as well as the treatments that I was working at everybody could benefit from therapy everybody we all have something from our past now even if we think we've worked through a lot of us haven't so if you are not in therapy and you would like to like make sure you like talk to your doctor talk to your insurance company there's also an affiliate link down below for better health online therapy if you want to use that option but if you have an insurance provider call them up see what therapist will recommended and this is especially true like in my last video I talked about trauma so check that out because there's so many things especially from our childhood that are affecting us today and we don't even realize it and we need to work with a licensed professional to kind of figure out what the steps are that we need to take to live like a better more fulfilling life like I'll tell you this when I started working through my past like I was at a place where I thought my life was like just an eight out of the ten but like when I really dug in deep and got down to the roots of some other things that were going on like I realized that my life was never at an eight it was really at like a six and now I'm like at a nine like I am able to deal with situations that come my way in a far better way than I would have six or seven years ago you know what I mean anyways for all of you who have seen the movie ask from Jordan Peele I would love to know your interpretations or if its own any of the topics that we just discussed like when it comes to the fear of the other and all those things let me know down in the comments below all right anyways that's all I got through this video if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if you're new make sure you subscribe and bring that notification bell and a huge huge thank you to everybody supporting the channel over our patreon you're all amazing if you would like to be a patron and get involved in our monthly Q&A and smiths of content and all that you can click the top right there alright thanks again so much for watching I'll see you next time