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Hi guys welcome to this video we will answer all your questions about how we plan


To continue our travel life at the moment our baby is born at the end of this video we will ask you a question so make sure you stay tuned but first I'm Angela and I'm Tino we are Dutch nomads couple we travel around for two years now since 2016 2016 so we are a full time travel couple and we are expecting a baby at the end of October a mini nomad, in 2018 we want to travel full time with a baby so yeah it's one big new world where we are yes in so that's why we ask you to send us questions because it helps us a lot we can make up our mind we can search for possibilities and there are your perspectives yeah new ideas you know ideas thank you for yeah sending us these questions we made up a top 10 list yeah top 10 questions we get from you and well let's dive into it yeah so the number one question is when will you hop back on the road after the baby is born at the moment we are in the Netherlands and we are preparing our rental home where we will bring our baby home yeah and so you can watch it in this video we will stay in the Netherlands until the baby is born and then after that we have to recover yeah I think about until January yes yeah yeah that's what we think now and how we feel right now yeah because we want to travel on but of course we don't know soon as possible yeah and we think it is possible in January but yeah it can also be February yeah it depends and we're flexible absolutely question number two yeah how do you decide this second question is how do you decide the destinations we are traveling to first of all we make a dream list both yeah and then we mostly we convince each other yeah we have to prepare a presentation more or less so if I want to go to Argentina and Tino wants to go to Myanmar yeah then we convince each other why we end up in Argentina so you know who's the better presenter but at the end we always go somewhere where we want to go yeah both sometimes beautiful things cross our paths because people reaching out to us tourist boards or travel agencies yeah or other companies so that's also something we follow if it's in our travel, it fits in the program at we say okay let's go and yeah yeah we are flexible yeah so we go with the flow because with the baby it's it's a different thing because then you have to look out for diseases or no is it safe or yeah and is health care accessible and yeah that are new things we think yeah yeah more yeah we are more aware of it yeah yeah it all starts again with a dream and make a dream list and then see what's possible yeah question number three what will be our first destination to travel to with our mini nomad well South Africa yeah is there gonna be it's on our list for quite a long time question number four will we travel as much with our baby it will be different we think yeah also because it's really everything is new so we think we will traveling more slow like one month at one location so they at one places yeah Airbnb our apartment yeah and from there we do some trips yeah an explorer so yet the surroundings and so we think every month another destination would be great but we have to experience it yeah that's something we don't know yet yeah because we don't know the rhythm of our baby and what will be our routine but yeah for now it sounds good do one month another destination yeah that's the challenge question number five is your nomadic travel life something you see as temporary no we see it as our life we started it two years ago and we feel really confident with this yeah and comfortable yeah we enjoy it being location independent really and have the freedom to go where you want to go whenever you want to go so that's something it's really in our core values yeah so that's something we will continue for sure yeah as long as we have fun and we feel good about it yeah yeah that's true that's what we always say it's not that it must be like that as long as we feel comfortable and yeah enjoy it that's the way you go yeah question number six do you consider homeschooling in the future for your child on the road you meet other families who are traveling full-time and then you can discuss the possibilities and to see what you can also ask what their experience experiences are yep so I think yeah we can learn from other families who are traveling full-time see what fits for us yeah what suits us the best and also for our child yes really it depends on yeah that's true I think it's really beneficial for our child but of course we don't know we have no experiences yeah one thing is really great because you can do it yourself and on the road your child will be educated all the time but I think the one thing is less is because the social interaction with other children we'll see but that will be four in four years from now in four years from now yeah well question number seven is what do you think is the most difficult about traveling with a baby I think it's difficult when the baby maybe if the baby is sick or something yeah then it's really difficult you then you want to be close to your family or yeah and also with holidays or yeah Christmas yeah and although difficult to you know be that I have to carry an extra backpack and a stroller because you have to carry the baby so I'm gonna be fully packed it's good workout yeah I think that's the most difficult thing family and friends we are going to miss them very much I think we will go more often to the Netherlands just for a short time to have a connection with the family because yeah we want our that our child can see their grandparents yeah yeah of course more not only via Skype you know also in real life yeah yeah and I think my mother will come but your mother see it as an opportunity to travel more baby that's beautiful and it's a good nanny for us then ah sorry mom no yeah yeah will be fun that's also a nice bridge towards the next question okay number eight great yes because what is the most beautiful thing ah what are we the most excited about it yes travelling with a baby for me yes for you for me it's really that we will be with the three of us yeah have the time for each other and see each other every day yeah see how the baby our child is growing up growing up yeah yeah every day every minute yeah I'm really excited to show him or her the world when it's growing up and I imagine already when we are homeschooling teaching about lions of penguins and you can see them right there yeah that would be awesome, that would be great yes and also to learn new cultures yeah I think yeah we want to give our child a free life open-minded and anything is possible and if you want to travel the world it is possible yeah and so it will be a real world citizen citizen yeah but if he or her maybe you don't want to travel it no could be yeah we think it's good for our child but ya know she gets another opinion yeah that's fine so we have two other questions question number nine how is it possible to live a life as a full time travel couple well that's good question we started in 2016 and with a plan we sold our stuff we rented out our home started traveling yeah we had us we had our saving money and that makes us made us free to experience with different things in how to make money while traveling so we did many things but also capturing our travel adventures in photos and videos and we started our YouTube channel and Instagram for family and friends in the first place yeah you can still see the first vlog no don't look at it that took off and growing and companies for and brands for reaching out yeah then we had our sponsor first sponsor deal from there we were content creators influencers yeah any name with that we make money now and and that's still unbelievable yes of course we lowered our costs and that makes it easier you can say also the other way that how we can afford to travel our full-time travel life is follow your heart but of course that's such a wide answer it's really abstract and that's what you said in the beginning we experienced with a lot of different ideas online training coaching and we also did something in a hotel do you remember in Playa del Carmen which was not a success for us that's not where our heart is that's the experimental phase and I think we can say by accident we stumbled into this what we are doing now being influencers and still nomadic enterpreneurs yeah question number 10 which revenue stream do you recommend to start off with a full time travel life well I think in the first place something digital yeah that's the most easy thing if you can sell an online course then you can set up the email marketing and yeah you can sell your ebooks or your online course yeah I have to put some effort in it and you have to be passionate about it because otherwise it won't work so but that's the first thing yeah digital marketing that's true yeah and also consult travel agencies or other brands how to utilize your social channels or how to create content etc yeah yeah but that's something that develops along the way yeah started with digital marketing with the online course yeah yes for us these are the revenue streams so difference yeah streams of income and but if you are not really digital minded and you want you want you give yoga lessons or you give teach English yeah it's also possible yeah but the other part is lower your costs so you don't have much pressure it's also working yeah yeah that that's for us was also a main driver to lower cost rent out our house and sell our stuff yeah and get rid of all the subscriptions of Netflix and yeah it's really clearing your head and we love the simplicity of living this way yeah just have two backpacks yeah these were the top ten questions we received from you thank you very much it helps us a lot and hopefully we answer your questions very clear and our best English I hope you understood it yeah but I think it went very well and yeah if you like this type of Q&A videos please let us know in the comments below so we can give another Q&A in the future yeah maybe life and maybe when the baby is here yeah so that would be great let us know and yes it's the end of the video and we promise you to ask you a question and that is what would you like to see from us as a travel couple with a baby in our future videos let us know in the comments below comment space below this video yeah thanks for watching to this video if you liked it don't forget to give it a thumbs up share it with your family and friends and if you don't want to miss our future videos hit the subscribe button it then we always say enjoy your day follow your dreams and we see you next week on Sunday bye