Jordan Bell

Want to say hello to everybody out there Is it Chip ok very good I wasn't sure!
I want this to be a positive one I'm going to make this very easy for the Princesses The Queens, the Fairies, whoever we

Hi guys welcome to this video we will answer all your questions about how we plan
To continue our travel life at the moment our baby is born at the end of this video we will ask you a question so make sure

So like millions of other people this weekend I went out and saw the brand-new
Movie Us from the amazing Jordan Peele there's a bunch of channels out there doing reviews of the movie as well as throwing

"This is a news show" (Intro ) (Monkey Noise) Sup nation! It is Thursday, My name's
Philip Defranco And this is where I talk about news-y type stuff and things. I want to talk about Brian Williams Brian, if

In Jordan peele's new movie us the beach scene was the perfect depiction of a trauma
Response so in this video we're gonna break down that scene discuss trauma so maybe you can learn a little bit about your

H: I think the first question I'd like to ask would be how did you meet LBJ and
What were your experiences with LBJ J: Of course, everyone in Texas knew that Lyndon Johnson was a premier political figure

There are a lot of theories going around about Jordan peele's brand new horror-film
Called us and as we know from his first film get out there Jordan Peele likes to squeeze in a lot of social commentary so