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Hey, my name is Julio, and today im here to react to the trailer of the new serie


"see" will be realese in the new plataform of Apple: Apple TV+ Next November 1st. Intro last tuesday November 10th the Apple company in the Keynote every september of each year did present the new streaming plataform called Apple TV Plus the realese will be next november first and the cost inicially of 5$, 4.99$ they offers too in the keynote 1 year free suscription who buy the new products they presented in this keynote the new Serie "SEE" has Jason Momoa the famous Khal Drogo of Game of Thrones is known too for the Movie Aquaman of DC movies the serie present a post-apocalyptic world where the people lost the vision capacity they can not see the history begin when born 2 babys, they have the capacity to see they are sons of Jason Momoa in the serie then begins a war between tribes, they dont want exist this boys with the capacity to see the Serie have 10 Episodes and the director is Francis Lawrence (hunger games and Im legend) The Will Smith movie lets go to see the trailer 3, 2, 1. beautiful scene, nice cinematography (translation english to spanish) (translation english to spanish) (translation english to spanish) (translation english to spanish) it's amazing They can see from planet of the apes producers (translation english to spanish) beautiful desing production beautiful babys Jason Momoa always looks as the boss of the tribe nice takes excellent november 1st It looks excellent, lot of action scenes Its looks trepidant, exciting and how i said in the trailer Jason Momoa looks good as tribe boos, is a tall muscular guy He looks powerful when you see him on screen, then i think its good there Now begins to the end of this year is A battle between streaming plataforms Netflix is actually The number 1 then the release of Disney+ and Apple TV+ My personal and humble opinion is Netflix will lose a lot of suscriptions but i guess it will be for Disney+ The catalog of Disney is almost infinite and Big in the keynote of Apple TV+ we saw a little catalog on screen maybe they have more, but they just show the original content maybe, 3, 6, 9 originals on screen (the snoopy one take my attention) will depend on how looks the catalog I guees it wiil be step by step and how I see Disney have all to win this battle to the end of this year I don't have idea if Apple will release the streaming plataform to latin Amrica in November, I'm not sure, maybe they will do the same of Disney And release the streaming plataform to 2020 for the rest of the world nothing more to say,Suscribe it to my channel coment, suscribe Adios bye