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Hey, my name is Dominik and I never expected to make a beauty video one day some

People just asked me about my hair because I didn't cut my hair for 2 years straight so no cutting and no hairdresser at all because I thought the hair of Jason Momoa the new Aquaman looks cool and I just wanted to try it and now I have 39 Subs and I find that to be SUPER COOL normally i just use Instagram, but I enjoy Youtube and yes.. now this video is here the reason is.. there are a lot of hair routine videos for women out there I not much for men, so I wanted to show what I do to make them look like they do now this video is especially for men, because for women there are already enough of those and I even watched some of them but they were just not a good fit for me.. because I'm a guy For me it has to be very simple and fast because nobody wants to spent too much time in the bathroom first step is of course to just let them grow and after a short while you will find yourself in a phase that just looks awkward I DONT WANT TO SAY THAT I LOOK GOOD NOW but I like the look and that's why I don't care what others say and when you find yourself in an awkward phase and you find yourself ugly AF then just put a hat or a beanie on your head and wait for it to get better :D until you can make a bun because that were my first goal because then it's going to be easier and yeah.. that was my first goal because I think it looks cool well this is the length now and thats pretty exactly 2 years now and after a while growing your hair out you start looking for things you can do better ..which products to use to wash them because I washed them just with soap for years and after a while you find your own routine and I want to show you mine now BTW: There is no company paying me, when I show any products I only have 39 subs so who would pay me for that I just want to show the things I use for my personal use every day and I used affiliate links to show you the products in the description and yes, when you buy there I would get money out of it and would be very happy if you do so, because it supports my channel it is always the best offer that I could find on amazon Well, my hair are always super dry (furztrocken = dry like a fart) and they were super messy when I came out of the shower until I figured that a good nutrition is the key for good hair because a healthy body produces good hair it's logical you have better hair when you live healthy what you do afterwards is more or less unimportant because it's dead tissue and there are some tricks how you can make them LOOK better but when you're not healthy your hair sucks from the beginning on this is why the first product I show you is something for a good nutrition I personally use the products of this company for many years now and I want to show 2 products that fit right into this topic first product is the Berry Blend what the company does is to harvest the berries on the degree of highest ripeness right at the point when mother nature packed everything in it whats supposed to be in it.. then they extract the water and sugar from it and then put this granulate into the capsules so theres everything in it what you need out of the berries and this is why it is so healthy for you But why did I picked the berries for the video because it's proven that the consumption of berries improves blood circulation and even prevents from getting cancer and the positive side effect is that your skin, hair and nails are going to be more healthy The second product are Omega Acids because they support the growth of hair and the hair grow stronger and thicker it prevents from loss of hair and makes them more elastic so they don't brake anymore for example my hair never break regardless how often I make a bun it helps against dry scalp skin and it nurses the peretricial so these products I would recommend to anybody regardless of you growing your hair out or not Now the products I use later on for showering and so on first tipp: don't wash your hair every day with shampoo just pour water on it to refresh them otherwise your hair will get fatty So as I said I only used soap for a long time but with longer hair you'll recognize that you shouldn't do that so I asked a friend and she showed me these products first it's John Frieda Frizz Ease Shampoo & Conditioner and additionally there is a Serum So use the Shampoo & Conditioner while you shower and afterwards the Serum I didn't know something like that even existed but I have to say it makes them hair look cooler So use the Shampoo & Conditioner while you shower and you leave it in for a short while and then wash it out then you towel yourself and then you put the Serum in the hair while they are still wet and then you just let them dry.. I don't use a hairdryer I just let them try on their own I think this is better for the hair after that I use a Hairgel or a Foam So this Nivea Gel Or what I newly found is this Fructis Curl Foam What they do both is to give more structure to the hair so you can see every single strain better. That just looks healthier Important while using the foam is to put a good amount of it in the hair until it looks all wet and then just let it dry like it is whey will look wet while they are already dry, but thats how long you have to wait. When they are dry just towel them to break the strains up then you will see a good structure and all the strains are separated from each other And as a last tip you can do that every other 2 weeks or so I use coconut oil because I saw it in some beauty video but I have to say it really works for me when you use it sometimes so just put a lot of it into the hair wait for an hour and wash it out properly it makes them hair feel heavier and it really helps me against frizzy hair at least thats what I think just use your shampoo, conditioner and stuff to wash it out and then just style it the way you want so you don't have oil left in your hair afterwards so it should just support the hair so and that's it that was my routine let me know in the comments if what was helpful for you normally we only do travel vlogs on this channel when you want to see more of those I would be SUPER HAPPY if you subscribe and yeah thank you very much for watching