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Yo! What's Tootsie For those who don't know, when I say what's tootsie I mean what's


Up, I hope you all are blessed since the last time we seen each other. Also, being toots is everything good, so if it ain't good, it ain't toots So, If I'm not myself, I'm not Toots, you feel me But, Welcome back if you already know me. If you don't, welcome to the safe space, where we chat and a good ol' time! Intrigued so far Don't miss a beat. Smack that subscribe button and ring my bell, baby. Let's get it started! Today I want to talk about something crazy. I know erbody love ya girl Jenny from the block, but not everyone on the block is a saint. Before the diehard Jenny fans come for me! Let me explain, Your girl Jenniferrrr, Dancer / singer / actress Emphasis on Actress, has been making a career out of lip synching Jacking other people's vocals with and without permission as well as strong arming lyrics, and music in a race to release hits on the radio NOW, I am not going to blame, JLo entirely, She has had some influential managers and Puppet Masters in the music industry Who saw HER as a viable entertainment product. Meaning, she did her job damn well, So well, that she was able to fool you all for a couple of decades. Before you all think I'm just talking a bunch of nonsense, I want to show you a video clip about a some situations that has got me heated and I will also, share the video source, because to be honest Y'all gotta watch the whole thing! But y'all pause the video, and grab some popcorn real quick cuz' it's about to get poppin! (Play Video) I'm going to stop right there. Now this is what pisses me off All of these truly talented artists Being bullied into giving up a piece of their talent for this talentless creature. Here is my question to you. Do you think JLo, genuinely recorded her music in the past If so, tell me which song. Type the answer below right now. I would love to read your comments. Excuse my French, but maybe her pussy cat was the Meow Got these powerful music moguls were burning down the industry to get her ahead! And I really loved Amerie when her songs came out. Mad shout out to her producer too Because I loved that sound, that vibe and that energy And they had the NERVE to decline her song because obviously somebody was eyeballing her track. that is just disgusting and I am appalled I went and searched Amerie. She is still doing her thing I put her YouTube channel link in the description Please support this beautiful black queen. Here is my next question. When all of JLos BS comes to light, do you think she should continue to judge other people's singing ability I want to hear what you all got to say about this. Type your answer down below. Other than that, Thank you so so much for watching this video. A lot of content like this wont be monetized because I don't want to take the risk. But, what you can do, is Subscribe and turn on your notifications and share share share, so I can continue to deliver to you fresh content, aiight! Peace out!