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GOTHAM NEWSCASTER: Today, the shocking murder of the newly reinstated Detective


Jane Kulesa last night uptown. The Apokolips War continuing overseas with no end in sight. In other news, the city is deeply saddened today by the death of Gotham icon Bruce Wayne's ward Richard Grayson, 29. Mr. Grayson valiantly gave his life defending a Gothamite from an armed mugger last night in Midtown. Grayson's longtime family friend, Alfred Pennyworth, reported the murder as attempts to revive Grayson ended in failure. (Barbara crying) ALFRED: Oh, sweetheart, ok... Let it out. You can't keep it in. You must let it out, sweetheart. Alright, Barbara. Alright. Let it out. Every day, Barb, OK I'm sure Dick would be here if he could. (Barbara scoffs, laughs) Do ya know where he is, Dad He's visiting a girl. Kory. Koriand'r. Koriand'r. I bet her real name is 'cilantro'. They just changed it to sound more European. Whoa, whoa, whoa. If this is gonna work, you gotta slow down. And... (Barbara grunts) JIM: Good! Good. You feel it None of this would've happened if I'd been faster at that door in the first place. Blaming yourself doesn't change anything. Now, focus. BARBARA: Ah, I can't. I can't do it. It's just, it's too hard. JIM: You've got your mother's strength in you. I know you can do this. Come on. Ah, it's just...I feel so stupid. It's as if I'm not even moving at all. JIM: It's slow at first. I could've stopped him. Ohh, come on, kid. I taught you... I taught you how to walk the first time. I'm gonna teach you how to walk again. Come on. Let's do this. Barbara. Listen to me. The news Dr. Cross just gave us is unparalleled. We're still here. You can do this. The only way that maniac wins is if we give up. VICKI VALE: Along with career crimefighter, the Black Canary, he toppled various Edenspring drug rings circulating throughout the city, uprooted the Riddler's hold in Kittredge Park and liberated the Narrows completely. Rumors are circulating, however, that his crimefighting career was cut short. (Barbara sighs) I'm sorry I wasn't there. BARBARA: It's OK. I just... Thank you. Is there anything I can do HELENA: Look, I don't mean to intrude, but... I heard what happened. Given our history, I was hoping we could put our differences aside and... I'm breaking tons of laws being here, so could you just not call your Dad Nice hair, Dinah. BARBARA: It is, it is nice. Thanks. Thanks, I just got it done. BARBARA: Yea, I like it. We don't know anything for certain. I've been over and over the data, and there's just something missing. The blood was contaminated and the killer used a high-caliber round. Untraceable. A sniper... The trajectory of the impact from the roof seems to suggest that it was from an elevated position. BLACK CANARY: So it's obvious that someone wanted Dick dead. Kulesa just got in the way. So now what happens I don't know. I just don't know. You know, you really should warn me if you're gonna throw me into harm's way. You told me she was gonna get put away, not murdered. Look. Whatever happens, we're here for you, OK Warn me next time. Or what Don't forget why you joined up. Hero. Ok. BLACK CANARY: Mr. Softee! HELENA: Look, whatever happens We will get you some ice cream. (Black Canary & Barbara laugh) BARBARA: Can it be sorbet instead Avocado ice cream. They make it. I'm pretty sure. I know they do. I've actually tried it. Didn't love it. BARBARA: I was really disappointed that I didn't like it. HELENA: That's unfortunate. LOEB: Strife, I've had a very long night. I don't have time for your usual dramatics. Detective Collins and I are about to have a meeting. Door's that way, chump. Why don't you let the grown-ups talk You think you can just lie to me and then walk away Not this time. LOEB: Is that whiskey I smell on your breath, Strife I think it is. Oh, shocking. I would've liked to see Kulesa rot behind bars and then die alone. Rather than on some roof with some thugs. I think you knew what she had planned with Ivy, with Glenn. And you sent me on a wild goose chase for nothing. Lindsey was right. C'mon, Gillian. Time is money. Shut up. Where's your girl, Candace Excuse me You killed Glenn. That's enough, Detective Strife. You're off the Task Force and suspended until further notice. Your firearm and your badge. Now. I'm gonna find out what happened. Good luck with that, partner. BROOKS: What happened I'm out. I'm sorry. Lindsey was right. (Car door slams) (Strife starts car) LINDSEY: Hey, Julie. Hey. We need to talk. We don't need to do anything. C'mon, you're not acting rational about all this. C'mon, Julie. Please. Will you just hear me out I've been trying to contact you for the past day because I didn't want you finding out on the news, but Jane Kulesa's dead. She was assassinated last night by a sniper. What I know. We don't know if there's any . kI noknwow connection with the mob yet. The investigation is ongoing. I just wanted to be the person to tell you. So, how are you JULIE: I'm surviving. I haven't seen you since the funeral. I wouldn't know. JULIE: Are we done here Jules, come on. You knew that Glenn was cheating on me and chose not to tell me. It was you who barred Roland from the investigation and you were supposed to throw her in Arkham. No, Julie. See, you don't get it. Loeb didn't care about the case. He didn't care whether or not Calloway's murderer was actually found. It was all politics. But I actually did what I had to do to protect my friend. We trusted you. You are not the only one who lost someone important that night, Julie. We're done here. LINDSEY: Julie. Please wait. Hey. Listen. You can trust me. Out of everyone in this city, you can trust me. And if you need anything, call me. Good-bye, Lindsey. LOEB: We don't even know who pulled the trigger. Do we, Detective Collins No, Commish. We heard it was a sniper. A sniper. An expert marksman, from what I'm told to hit her where he did. Pinpoint accuracy. Now, where was your man Ghiacchio on that one CANDACE: He wasn't able to make it to the scene in time to save Kulesa. COLLINS: Oh, really I called him and he hung up on me. That's not protocol, is it, Gill Nah. COLLINS: No... I expect to be communicated with properly in situations like that in the future. CANDACE: Detective Collins Watch your tone. Drop the tough girl act. I'm not afraid of you, Candace. You should be. LOEB: Ladies. Ladies. Please. Tony. Ahh, Tony. Let me get this straight. First off, you spring her out of prison. And even though I was against that, I went with it anyways. Then, you have her shadow Falcone. And she gets herself gunned down. And by who You don't even know. And after all that... You still want me to trust you I'm gonna be honest with you. I'm losing faith in you, Tony. Faith. Now, is when you start to lose trust in me You know this nice big house you got That's because of me. All those nice cars you drive around town All that muscle you got Your whole way of life. That's because of me. So unless you want all those things to just go away I suggest you shut the hell up and continue to play ball with us. Because the way I see it right now Kulesa ain't the only one who could be sniped. You're out of line, Tony. Go ahead. Walk away. Walk away, Tony. You're a coward! (Rotelli punches Loeb) (Loeb grunts in pain) (Loeb punches Rotelli) (Loeb grunts in pain) (Rotelli grabs Loeb) (Shoves him to ground) Don't you ever talk to me like that again, Gillian. You're just a cog in the wheel. I'm not the only one. (Computer sounds on login) GIDEON: Secure server connecting now via LexCorp satellite. Welcome, Agent Brooks. (Brooks typing) GIDEON: Access denied. Access denied. Access denied. Agent Brooks does not have clearance. (Brooks shuts laptop) Nelson. They're lying to you. Just like you lied to me. R-Rinoa. I have Kulesa's drive. We need to meet. No, not tomorrow. Tonight. is(Dtaisntta pntol picole ic& e eremgeerncgey ncsiy resinsre)ns Trust is such a fleeting thing these days. (Brooks starts car) Helicopters, distant, intensify) (Sirens intensify) (Crowds screaming, running) (Helicopters, distant, intensif) (Sirens intensify) (Crowds screaming, running) (Weapon fires up) (Weapon fires) (Screaming ends) (Seagulls in distance) (Waves crash against shore) Hey. Barbara. Did you forget me, Barbara (melodic) Barbara... (Seagulls intensify) (Cape waves in wind) (Gunshot fires) You abandoned me. (Distant maniacal laughter) What if you had stopped him I could've stopped him... Then, maybe. Nightwing would still be alive. JIM GORDON: I'm sure Dick would be here if he could. d.(c co He never loved you anyway. He was happy to get away from you. Did you forget me, Barbara He's vis ing a girl. Come over here! Koriand'r. Come this way! (Seagulls intensify) I'll always be here. I'm not done with you.