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People can be mean! What we start doing as a favor, they suddenly begin feeling


Is your obligation Today we will talk about Beto who is 32 years old. Family should be accepting and loving but its not always like thet. Beto started helping his family economically but the day he decided to start his own life and fell in love with a woman, they didnt like the relationship and of course, that you had someone to share your money with! The people that should be the most loving and caring and understanding end up being terrible I dont even want to say it but some familiars end up being leeches! Even moms! Who suck up blood... Absorbing as much as they can... I really love my family but we should all accept that family can be very absorbing and that they can be hurting us more than they are helping us! Theres family relationships that are just not good and we should learn to say..... How do we say it Can you lend me some money That so difficult word to say sometimes... Do you want to come with us to the trip Because I dont like you, because Im not comfortable, because Im saving... I wont go because I dont care if you gather today, I need to lay on my couch... watching tv, and my soccer match, because I work all week long... But why dont we learn to say no Were ashamed, or scared to be criticized... what if they say Im not nice What if they think Im not humble... oh, shes such a bitch! What do you care if they have something to say I know Beto it is easier sad than done but they are family and will continue to be no matter how many nos you give and if you explain them in a nice way how you feel plus you confess that as you tell me you lost your job, they have to understand! And now it is your girlfriend who is helping! Comunication is key! Let them know youre in love and that you gave while you could but not anymore, plus youre in love! And have no more money to give them. So, today lets learn to say I dont want to, Im not coming, I wont lend you more money! What do you think Monica Monica: Give your family time to understand this new life you chose. Your priority should be your partner, dont feel bad for choosing her. Tere: If you want to learn to say NO, or just share your story, please send me an Inbox to my Facebook in my fan page below or an Inbox to the fan page of Tumeromole. We are listening!