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Whats going on guys I'm here with Rudy Sanchez with Smash Gyms in San Jose and


I feel uh super lucky to have the man of mystery doesn't usually do this I had to really big him I was very persistent annoyed the crap out of them until he finally agreed and I want to introduce you guys to him he is a multi-unit owner smash gyms of a few locations in the Bay Area and one in San Jose as well but yeah I want to ask him all the things aside from martial arts I've been wanting to pick his brain about aside from martial arts I know he is totally stoked about it aside from martial arts aside from business so overall good dude a very smart dude a marketing nerd like myself and we probably talked for way too much for hours before you said okay we got to record this we got shit to do but what up Rudy thank you sir I'm grateful Rudy is a black belt as well in Brazilian jiu-jitsu so wait I can curse this is my show don't fuck with him but yeah I wanted to just talk to Rudy kind of get some insights and hopefully give some value to you guys so let's start first for getting to business really you're telling me so you are from your dad with the James Lick like yeah my both my my dad and mom to James Lick like um my dad was born in San Jose and my grandfather was actually born in San Jose so I'm third-generation San Jose native what about you did you end up doing the Bellarmine thing what about you unit development date now hashtag Eli Eli's is the youngest my brother Eli is the youngest so on I'm 12 years older than him so he was able to do the Bellarmine thing but the (I'm just teasing you Eli) but the firstborn firstborn went to Mt. Pleasant sick sick and then um it was decent back then yeah my brother sister my went there as well then my younger sister went to Mount Pleasant and then another sister that went to Evergreen let's keep it real we had an amazing talk it was going so good by the pool but it was hot as shit and then this gardener from across the way the starts blasting the mower and I like alright we are not giving up on this I'll try to pull from whatever I can from that but let's keep things flowing so what I asked you earlier was you know tell me about the very first location was in Sunnyvale and I want to know the little stuff I think it is brilliant people don't see all of that you know instead of going with the 24 hour fitness going with somebody else's name it's much harder to become you risk it all and then actually franchise out for those who aren't familiar yeah we're not actually a franchise but yeah I'm the blue print of that of that we grew it yeah you guys grew it but the very first one was Sunnyvale that's right that's right I am going to convince him to become a franchise so we opened the first one in Sunnyvale in 2010 late 2010 I had some partners that I was doing some marketing with some local gyms this was in Sunnyvale the marketing we were actually doing it online and for some gyms in Texas and it was it was going well and then meanwhile I was training with Michael Jen in his garage Michael had closed his school ten years earlier because he did not like business or doing the marketing and um he was on Capitol and Aborn YES you remember that yeah right thats crazy so yes that's where I first met Michael and he had closed his gym ten years years prior while training his garage Michael is one of the first 30 American jiu-jitsu blackbelts savage he is just really really I thought I thought to BJJ documentary and other that guy in his garageI don't know his name is but obviously but yeah Michael is the man right yeah he's a super talented instructor yeah he had focused on really becoming a professor a professional instructor he's really really good and I was training with him in his garage meanwhile I was doing marketing for gyms so the short jump to say hey why don't we open up a gym and and so I went to Michael and I said hey I'm considering opening the gym would you like to teach there and he said yeah that'd be awesome if I don't if all I have to do is transfer my skills to people this is what much my passion is I'm happy to do it so and you were doing the same thing you are just combining your skills you are actually doing what you love to do with your free time right right and so we open now on and you know the biggest thing you asked about the little things that the big thing I always say is that we just have incredible support and it's a all these people came all of our friends and family came to help us and and was it and I know we were talking about earlier you know we were talking about and reminds me of the talk with that Onnit owner as he gave that example he mentioned Willie Nelson we he was like the Feds the government everybody's always coming after him but he had so many friends so much support and just always such a good person to everybody he met that as soon they took him in 20 people were calling that did didn't even know to bail him out or sue the sit out of them and he didnt do anything special when he said that this is the Onnit CEO it kind of stuck with me because it's like if you have the support if you're a good person yeah do nothing but good believe it or not literally not even the government can touch you right if you that support thats what sorry tangent I'm sorry that's what that reminded me of and I think that's the kind of sense of community I saw when I walked into Smash San Jose we were talk about all those things and I'll answer the question question for you I asked him how he smash came up with their name and I was impressed that he didn't but you sent it around to 10 to 12 yes right to get the consensus one of my friends came up with the idea and we all put in like four names and then we all voted on them and then smashing one yeah I like the idea that immediately and it caught on so you got Sunnyvale done first leap you took was San Jose and we had an amazing conversation but it's okay we had are going to have a better one and when looking around because you are originally from San Jose you mentioned shout out to Sam that it was tough to find certain spots but Sam ended up connecting you with a spot and yeah coach Sam Spengler from Quimby Oak I had told him that he was driving all the way from this area to Sunnyvale to train his Jiu-Jitsu Coached me coached Eli yeah ten consecutive championships and but continue on I am sorry sam is an amazing man he is the reason I met you yeah that's right so he connected with me someone who found that location on Quimby and Capitol and we were super excited to to bring something home you know I grew up in this area my brother grew up in this area um and that's where we left off Filip I don't know if I am saying his name right it's Filip because that correct probably because that's correct yeah yeah so he checked it out Fil and Mario were were involved in the Sunnyvale location and involved in the Sunnyvale location in helping as instructors and on and they they had wanted to open up their own location and they were definitely on the top of the list they had just contributed so much to Sunnyvale so I told them hey we found this location you guys want to come look at it they looked at it they jumped on their amazing partners always a great vibes from Mario yeah I do the Indian telekinesis right on him oh yeah which sometimes I am wrong but Mario is awesome incredibly positive guy dude yeah and that's and thats hard to find and it says something about him so he is the head instructor at Smash San Jose yup so train Jiu-Jitsu with Mario he knows a lot and gives a great experience Lorna he knows a lot just a different anybody with a basketball to Jitsu background has my ah has always has my say looks like I still have my text on but let me get to my man crush but I don't have a man crush on Fillip I just constantly which means you have one which means I have one but no the point was I've seen it so many times him killing the American Ninja Warrior watch you're going to get some comments on this so you I've told him yes you better join if the only thing that is stopping you is signing up I'm going to sign you're ass up I don't even know if I said that already in this video it is probably twice but yeah Fill is an amazing athlete and just like he is I call him the mutant he's just so strong so flexible a gymnast yeah and jus a great athlete and a great business partner he had and he had really took ownership of the day-to-day operations at Smash San Jose I always see him working on flooring working on something Saturday I was here working on flooring working on some that's awesome I heard somebody saying it was probably Rogan or somebody the best body type for martial arts it was surprising like probably a break dancer or something right cause there are so or a gymnast that sounds right but where we left off this is perfect this is where we were going into what you told me about Jacob Palamino this is what we were you're going into oh yeah he was first Freshman to ever to ever win a state title title in California he made wrestling in California he made history you know so you can imagine a 14 year old freshman competing with seniors or 18 19 years old and you know during that how time of your life there are big changes and just he came from a legacy family and that's one of the greatest families ever in the history of California and I knew something was up all these people were coming from far just individually like trained with him he is always doing one-on-ones he was the prodigy of his family he was the youngest he was the prodigy went into the state tournament won it as a freshman as the first ever and so when we opened the first location I had known Jacob from the local wrestling community and he would drive all the way over to Sunnyvale just like Sam Spengler and just help there and you know for free to volunteer time and and so when we open the second location he did the same thing he contributed just incredible amount and so now he's an owner at Smash San Jose yes I didn't want to cut you off I wanted to say congrats to him you were just telling me that he just became owner so that's very cool but talk about the Thank You economy you know he probably doesn't even follow GaryVee but give give give and you're going to get rewarded somehow you know I've been fortunate that I think that's the philosophy that almost all of the smash partners giving to the community huge sense of community you have to give yeah yeah and Jacob was a great example of that and Fil and Mario as well well for anybody listening even if it's not even a great you know the typical corner location of franchise location whatever you know that you knocked it out of the park when that type of thing doesn't matter just from word of just of mouth just from people knowing that this is the spot you can be you can be down the street in an alley under a basement but everybody wants to go there right there's something great about the it the people the community and you're going to win no matter what town you go in in my opinion so that awesome thank you but then how do you keep that going but then again I think that talent that like attracts like yeah I think it attracts more people yeah I think it attracts people with a similar philosophy do what we saw is on and they don't have it you just psshit they are not going to last anyways yeah if they don't fit the culture if they don't fit the culture right we don't fit the culture so on and that that went down to our instructors and to our members and so I think we just have this really really close a community that I think the people in the community will do anything to help each other it's a crazy thing with martial arts because because even if you are like that from an athlete or martial arts persepective from just an athlete martial arts you're not going to last anyway so the way I mentioned how it mixes with business and with partners too that they all have that same type of loser mentality then they're not going to be good at what they did their background and then they are going to get weeded out anyways right yeah so negative visa wait so working working with martial artists I'm sure you already have that part taken care of right that they have great work ethic and a whole bunch of discipline but you keep avoiding talking about you you went to Mount Pleasant where did you go to college oh just evergreen I went to evergreen for a while and then you started cashing in on this SEO is this when banners were big haha I got somebody who made a lot of money from it because yeah I mean I I think I'm just I don't do well on academia I think I am just an entrepenuer at heart thats mean you are an entrepreneur yeah and and so um I at first started working I mean its means you just can't stand working for someone else what that it well for me I just I loved doing it I guess I'm not as big on talking about theory I like just getting in there and I was fortunate at first I worked for a local grocery chain that they had four stores and they gave me family owns so they gave me a lot of responsibility I became supervisor very young a store manager at like 22 and then at about 24 I was bouncing around all four stores as an operation manager but they weren't well it depends on your trainer obviously but they weren't micromanaging they put it on your shoulders but they kind of gave you the flexibility I had I had a great mentor named Troy Tittles Troy just let me dol whatever I wanted to try and um thats the best way to learn and handed me a lot of tasks and good advice and so I learned a lot and then from there I did I did financial services and financial services on learned a lot as well I had some great people I was working with Cena Azari and his group and again just learned a lot from them it was uh it was a we said Texas fitness no that was I'm marketing now I'm sorry am forwarding this was the second job yeah that does a second line in my experience and I think um so you're saying you're saving up this time well in financial services I would I think I got was hardcore sales experience like you know the ability to not be shy knock on someone's door you just call the lead you know and it is letting you come over to knock on the door and then you sit at the kitchen table and and ask them to see their finances and it was just a really really great experience and I will do that everybody needs it you need to become a doctor at the end of day you still gotta sell yourself in some sense everybody shrieks an idea to them like no I'm marketing I'm not a I'm not a sales guy the reality is you shall have to sell to some level that's a big trend every thing is if I say cold call you just will think well what if I said okay you got to call these ten people's which I'm sure now you're just introducing yourself let you have fair strangers and believe it or not I do something a friends that I one thing I thought about myself was I would love just talking to the uber driver when you're picking it up and then in those 20 minutes felt like leaving a brother safe and yeah I started to notice it too but that meant shit but I think that basis even though you're doing what you're doing now will you move on when you talk to your partner's when you pitch to them you're still selling yeah you're something else you're something yeah right that's not my answer sir sure that's right that's right and so I think I just learned a lot I learned about the sales process I learned on how to explain myself well in uncomfortable situations you know and then from there I got into all my neck and I had a friend named Scott Warwick who had a marketing startup that and he convinced me to to quit my job and work with him he was like you're in a tough businessman I think she's actually fitted in a crappy business he said he told me about the Internet he's already severe and taking that leap and trusting this kind of what made you go oh yeah he had a really hate necessary said screw it I'm taking the leap yeah but everybody's afraid yeah they want to stay safe I think I think I learned what I could from the financial services a trip that I was on and if you want its guy you're going to hear anything that I did not like no but obviously scouts pictures decent help you're like kitty will this make sense you're a little never done shot I knew from training under friend shamrock we trained together under French arm off just there and I when I yeah use all your Frankel's inhaler I know you've got a TA and I'm Camden Hills I settled it yeah inside the way there I remember the face when using the jump Sol commercials are used at your training in those basketball but yeah so so we met um training martial arts skater and then stopped on told me hit you know I'm raising some money that's marketing startup and he told me all about it sounded really exciting and I trusted them he's a good friend of mine so I jumped him there and that just kind of blew my mind like so what Scott did with the money that you raised was he acquired a bunch of smaller startups that had these really really talented motivated entrepreneurs that have founded that so um I remember the first day sitting around the table and you know it was a couple of groups of people were Scott had just bought a company and it worried them yeah and so just I learned so much from you guys I learned I learned you know PPC and media line and email marketing and affiliate marketing but I also learned how to be an entrepreneur I love that the fact that he bought them all out it's good because it's the startup mentality right and a lot of times you would think okay we bought them out you know they're gone now they're gonna vanish but instead they don't hate this is a guy that bought us out and they think of it as okay there's no there's no we're all right we're all one and now that because you know star people there's been to fuck their there recently for funding there look at all the stars out there some kid that comes up to me and says he needs money nurse sharks in yeah exactly now I got what I want to get I'm still here now and I use how can we grow together did something really interesting and you had a good leader he knew all these people are ready okay and so he raised this money and he looked for the most talented people you know and each other cut them in on this thing and so on it what they were doing the same thing on that yeah it was like they all have their specialties along any quieter company so they would work with that guy just company PPC pay-per-click you say yeah email marketing affiliate marketing display marketing all this kind of thing on so I learned a lot from that group and a group of those guys and I ended up breaking off and trying to couple startups together and on and that that's what led to smash that's we were doing Texas marketing and for those of you logistic out there is no idea of town Julian marking use google it I shouldn't tell you but I didn't come across it on seeing one more YouTube answer these dudes talking about our nerd you seen that too but essentially you have it but just basically websites will pay you for it will correct me if I'm wrong with you can go to a wall a Walmart's website go to the section you'll find an affiliate marketing on certain things that they'll hire me to do it and no huge yeah basis it 84 first referral sells okay and and so I am sure he had learning to quit web of his blueprint and how that works yeah so on yeah that's basically willfully American units if you can give lefty maybe eight and you link to someone but with me cells I go through that link or that coupon code or something and then you get Commission's off of itself and timing is everything in life that might may not be big now but at that time it was just fresh oh it was jobs awfully early your timing was perfect so obviously what you're saying to me a little chunk of money doesn't major physical yeah I'm just guessing no I mean I was just lucky to be to be introduced to these really really smart talented people and then I have some time you know to figure out what I wanted to do well I was fortunate I had support from my family and my wife Dabney and um and martial arts is a it's crazy that you're saying all these things and indeed weird homeless town oh I met him through football I meant through whatever so we almost don't care about the subject of internet marketing or whatever but do people know like and trust you and def another question because he's my guys make shamrock that not eventually he's thinking okay this is my guy I can trust yeah I'm getting somewhere outside oh yeah yeah I just want to say that the team is pretty crazy that personal in history when it's our anthropology yeah yeah yeah yeah well that's true and I think it's on like it I think people always say like businesses friends I totally disagree with that I want to do business with because I'm working on something that's all I do and I spent so much time time doing it I want to spend time with people I like and if you had a personal history with them the trust is there I don't want to love each other down and for me I would advise you about brought that up when you see anyone who speaks or anyone who's out there nobody's done without partners oh okay and of course again you need flowers every time I love my daddy a hundred things I'll never feel a shoe they done better than me the one thing and there's so many things we disagree with was his thing Rosie I will help anyone as much they want me to help them the Roman I don't do partnerships no I don't know if that's some type of secret trust issues you thousand people have that type of stuff but in my mind I completely agree with you I think somebody is more diplomatic you're only going to get so far I keep thinking back it was your quota for videos I think it was you but you said something along along the day if you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go yeah that's it yeah that's it that's a great quote it's definitely not mine or rooms I think it I tried to look up that quote because they don't like it so much I think most legitimate source says it's an African tie and you know what that means is the unit was the person somebody else they heard from another provider yeah well we've only talked we're just repeating what other people told us right when we listen we might learn something yes Dalai Lama did a Kroger but it's absolutely true it but let's let's keep it moving so then we opened our third location when we open the third location in native pieces yeah that was I was happy for you guys but yeah I was you know yeah I could go on a combination of square footage everything you got is envisioned cuz you can't get it perfect and when you're out from 0 to 1 you just learned so many lessons and for me when you go from one to two you had a lot a lot of lessons but I I agree with you when I feel like we're a little from two to three it's like we knew we could continue the lesson campus right and we get to continue to bring in talented people in and do it so what happened there was I was looking in the Milpitas location with a partner of mine on Lou Noble who's a longtime friend and I've been active in martial arts space for a long time and the teachers that I was interested wanted yeah that's right that's right so I walk I'm training partners and so Lou and Jake Tannenbaum who's a friend of sweet the box off they went to Cal Poly together and they wrestled Jake's a great guy he worked the Apple at a time and on and so we were looking for a location and well PETA's and then the owner of Gia why dear his name's mark mark and Marla I'm gonna be on the same remark made on set by Mac and you just totally cool it it oh sure he's gonna be cool with my face and I know what he's doing and noon where I was supposed to be today I missed about three months in working out but he still comes in at noon and like if you you know the scene teaching games is a class or he's hopping into teaching his own but you met mark attacked you yeah he connected me with really I bet but mark named Zhang is a amazing guy he's like one of the best kept secrets I think and local martial arts community on both oh yeah he's just he's donated and supported so many local gyms and local fighters that I usually don't give shit up crisis yeah he does yeah yeah he's amazing guy so mark introduced Rio tonight because we were going to help either so he said hey man I think you guys will get get along really well you should talk Rudy and I had actually met 20 years prior just through the local community but hadn't talked in a long time and so Rudy and I sat down and and hit it off right away we had a kind of the same vision for what we can do together and uh and we were able to link up and then on and so he was super involved and open the Milpitas location with Jake and and a Lou Noble and and the feminine that the gatekeeper Lainey Rickey want to get things done essentially he's going to he quite worked his tail off ground up although he's going to do really well work well happily it is a workhorse so he's there all the time he's super super serious then you think it kick box martial arts in heart and I think right opening up did yes okay yeah yeah so he has crossbars for reason yeah yeah that's exactly right so then there's this other partner that came in his name's Tony Caputo and Tony ran a human with dentistry there's actually one by smash San Jose and then one Milpitas I think so bukhan dentistry is family runs them but you get a small gym called no penis boxing okay and no Peters boxing see spaces yeah yeah and and opiates boxing me without joining us as well and so they moved over yeah what you're looking for is great trainers great yeah absolute you guys don't know anything I think I said that outside to you but you can have the best location together that's whatever when you walk in there I bought the chain when it's Rex cuando alright will you put in guys like Palomino and people will drive out hours ago cm and iron sharpens iron right being around each other is you have to worry about we all hold a journalist novelist Elvis true yeah we all hold each other to a really high standard we all and and so whether that in teaching classes for our members or or just doing what we say that we're going to do so we hold each other's about so that that won't tell no penis got created what we put together the commercial are to meet business at some yeah what it's also on the huge picture really well thank you when you're on here so it's also not just the martial arts on that and we're you and I met through the martial arts and that best waiter focuses on but we have these really really high level fitness instructors and so what we noticed was we combine the networks of our kickboxers and the guys and the people that have like a CrossFit background and fitness background kettlebell boot camps and so on I see another then there's a huge insane value have people will literally pay for advice from them I would given him a lot of shit because of the debate stuff about these secret groups but you're slowly winning me over where you know I don't see the huge version of it but he's dominated during internet marketing right before me but I don't mean to cut you off but now I see not only building a sense of community but when you're in there you guys might be chatting back and forth and somebody throws in something when nutrition comes up but you have Canada twelve experts talk to you or even though it's a general because there's a lot of experts out there this and that and what which look tells me something that this is what worked for me you listen you're not going to find that on Google on right and somebody who's trying to to test it so I thought were second I'm talking to one of my basketball teammates or somebody respect knowledge oz which is probably why people love the background scenes you know I kind of stuff your shirt by champions like that you're literally when you have a membership especially you're getting that right we did that aside from the funny gives them the gentle turn oh shit that's Jeff important and I was telling me he made me Denny to notice somebody you sparked a few relationships already in video we've got marriages now that is a very like and that's where kind of like-minded that's the reason they cross paths that's the reason they showed up together so yeah yeah yeah we're super proud and it's all good we've had so much support from these local expert instructors who who just have this really deep network in whatever their are and discipline is right and so when you combine all that it's just incredibly powerful that coupled with the community support of the members and the instructors has really built smash they're almost all on almost all of our members more than half of our members come from referrals and that that means that like better yeah that's right that's right that means that people believe in it they're having just a great experience and they had a trainer trusted source that that they know I can trust that brought them there so there's not a single doubt in their mind right that it's not going to be good I totally songs about 45 minutes right now Debbie's here kill me so I want to make sure I get anything else in but I could talk about this is all day I'm almost jealous because that I think the key all the books we read all the bullcrap is you go there not to farm you do whatever okay what do you do in your free time that doesn't feel like work whatever that is from everything I read you can turn back into some source of oxidation they may not appear to you because you're like wha like playing video game space there's millions of dollars of 17th kids playing video games is day right I don't mean I don't care if knitting yarn is your thing nobody wants to take the leap but there's a way to create suicide give but you get what I'm saying yeah I totally burned the fire in your belly where you work extra hours and you never did I imagine with this you know even some were working for the technology come here as I'm looking for fare subway it's one thing but I knew that I don't know why I can't stop watching martial arts and eventually that in real estate I love it but you found a way it's on you really to to make that your fashion than that that's really a beautifully the National PTAs you got your one-year anniversary only members invited every not everyone is involved at you so after watching this or either you send us out to thousands of people that because you're invite my demand himself check it out and I'll throw that dated man you make sure while we interview at your time commander here you never let me use again Oh what else should I ask so I said what's working love for BJJ obviously then Michael pulls you into his garage you mentioned that earlier we thoughts on before you know day care explain the concept of social fitness I think that's pretty intuitive yeah what would people can people get with origami yeah so on the social fitness network is something we created in October it's a totally separate company than smash and myself and a lot of other gym owners who wanted to kind of keep their brand but give as much value to the members as possible interesting so so we teamed up a bunch of local gyms teamed up to service each other's members so if you sign up at 1:00 you can actually go to all the rooms in the network and right this is just how many don't lose their they're not being taken over by somebody but it's another stream of income yeah so out of that so I just hired a great experience working Mike Scott down yeah only kind of a mom pretty cool so so I created a company and I started reaching out to pay per click today per click engine connected to local demo nation and I what I realized is there's kind of a unified realization of local small businesses that we are not each other's biggest problem it's the gin I would say the gin down the street is not your problem with problems are internal or great it's like government regulation anybody thinks like that is like a last or voted loser mentality that's right big box gyms virtual competitors this kind of thing and government yeah yeah the government right that's why you sort of the tentacles me but didn't you just in Utah I just made all that up well yes that's okay we control we can control yeah so so all the other tumors on the join realize this and we realized that we're stronger together and there's something new that's very very few very few that we sat in front of our a round I'm sorry fashion actually might be actually on didn't get it or we're afraid of it but most of us just said you know let's try it and and it's going really well our members instead of having one location have 30 day areas and to go to and that's a great thing for you to say you know what Marty tribe you like it yeah yeah but you get stronger with posilutely okay okay so I'm gonna for sundry transparency I know what's in it for them what's in it very well yes what I really did was I'm trying to do well no I mean it's it's mostly for to win foot for the for the gyms you know we're and it's numbers right so the idea was how do we bring as much value as we can to our members and support the local small business I've become very passionate right about helping small I thought I didn't understand it I love that I don't know if you change the price man at all but just to start off with the private person was so low that I never got a chance on you eventually I'll talk to you and ask you about it but the stronger your members and power against the more it's going to dictate you having that ability to bring been effective anybody who's listening initiative what what is it now so you pay X amount you would age in we're talking with Hayward while you're here you're there I ain't yeah right so the idea is that if you go to the website it's 159 and ID choose a home John okay and you basically can access that what I'm asking next so you cover the whole it home gym but you got to pay anyways but it is you're favoring on their home get that gives you access to yeah I give you a therapy and so value isn't a social visit yeah and that gives other people an incentive gym owners call easy I want to be a part of this yeah yeah so it's going really well an idea I hear again is to help connect some of these Fitness communities what myself and other gym owners realized was that our members actually all know each other and we will train to get out open mats and this kind of how that happens people we're going to check out more sourcing there you to start hacking into here you get a social fitness and network we hope the hell is this social it was the thing we got and those owners Olivia you know eventually as a growth be calling you out to say anyway so so I love the beautiful again I was or overwhelmed by the local support of gym owners a lot of really really great gym owners on just a love division already have been thinking about similar things like how to our apartment with more gyms in the area and we just kind of got to be dialog entrepreneurs I'm going to do all this I found on their own and you combine you thrown in mentality the beautiful thing I mean makes life very calm show you what you see nightmares of owners let's say the product was different the ve goes right in catch it or whatever but you combine that with martial arts and brains and I knew talking to Marc to after 15 minutes that okay this is what he loves right and what he's also savvy on and that okay precise textile that we used to go through everything or here to go through that that's really cool to me so if before Michael Jack doing did you already have an interest oh yeah so I was training on martial arts as a kid Randazzo a child and uh and when I was 19 I started train with Frank channel Ricky were teaching a class at American Kickboxing Academy sory disguise yeah and that's where I met Scott and and so that was the first real training I Frank name God area yeah I was issued us monument after Nam he was a bit was out there lost in pain is definitely on it that's right that's right so so I met him and then from that relationship like it just I met a lot of people there during that little walked in there it was just like well actually did a teach there at um long time but I met a lot of people in the community watch one big group that really helps national day that I want to mention is Jane sto go and come week so about six months after we opened smash San Jose I started talking with Jane and come to I admit because I had trained with Frank years before and we were able to merge our groups together and um and that helps mask on was a a ton so their support at San Jose combined with Jake Palomino and feel and Mario and everyone else that I could name amount of people that contributed just keeps leading to better anybody's things are led to mojitos which I had times Pokemon all the partners there and so so yeah if you never know how do you think I never knew going to thanks last about the UFC Fan we're going to leave I never thought I'd under jam that was just a hobbyist don't say hi say he'll mention yeah I know what else yeah I was just a hobbyist and I love training martial arts but I'm not a competitor or a fight or anything like that I just I just love training martial art Westham fair enough geez Dennis will teaches the kickboxing class yeah James brother Ron so Finley yeah chemically you're not family but it's family and awesome so they moved in and Jane works for Bellator to help local women I guide my DM dear one search yeah I'm sorry Jane yeah yeah yeah so let me get at mark if you say I review that yeah Jane is a really a special person in the local martial arts to Mary's version of a marquee she was a fighter and then a gym owner let me sit for a long time sure at around exciting deals with daredevil come compete as well is he hurt no way I'm getting to use I think it's her brother it's your brother okay gotta her brother teaches a really young kids kicked off in that and then the weekend but he does the hidden charges all the testing yeah yeah yeah yeah he's on like yeah invented to help now she works for a locally owned organization Bellator be able to co get a great promotion that's amazing the thing James is a Bellator Sam sighs Jerry that's so mean it's crazy if he told me local guys right come into that but yeah co-come is meeting you can't say Tuesday without oh you've done everything either pioneer theory awesome absolutely everything there's just so many guys trying to trying to fight like companies like well you just he's just an amazing athlete and and different local animal fetus that drinks and Sam had me come a few times I was only 18 18 I tore my knee at the first school I went to and I was in this middle period me and it's crazy but some of the best workout that I got Wow healing was I never did so much goddamn ab work in my life just be walking around / sticks and the gentleman who is at Milpitas now I always forget his name he's the decider Germany's kickboxing Jose I lost it was a philosophy all / then when I mentioned them because like when I was at you I would attend all of his classes that's crazy because this is 2006 Jose teaches both at the Sunnyvale location and oculus location duty exams the want to do yeah I would be if I was nearsighted I'll be 6:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m. and more penis and then he teaches Tuesday nights and Friday nights in Sunnyvale and then I'd use a couple other classes and so first time I came to Rudy the grams group really oats I saw him and I reminded him and told him I think writing him up because then you forget how far you've come over here that was a good little mafia strength and training center was kind of here where I was trying to tell you guys about it where you feel I was looking hard round opiates right but but that's so cool to see how far meeting with that kind of come you know it was so small I just was my first day and kind of shows up with on it is his wrestling gear he's like look you or you get a little work at me out now I'm like I'll go to the bathroom I came back about 18 15 years old but Bobby Sam brought me to all that you spend amazing mentor amazing coach in my life well the hardest-working guys I knew it still takes 20 months yeah is amazing amazing guy the reason again that we met we can talk about this am so glad we covered a bit business aspect of it obviously March launches that your passion I think the hardest thing for people is to combine those two because at the time they don't even know what their passion is a lot of it in front them but they don't realize it right and and so when you got your black belt that was under Michael John but so wasn't okay Michael Chen was long the jujitsu instructor so he uh I got on my ball to Michael so I said Michael bathroom which he got from Joel Moreira rumor yeah sorry yeah I remember it now yeah Michael's training up a lot of different instructors are over the years yeah I think I think he's had shuttle comforter seminar so maybe telling a blast exactly yeah yeah so yeah I love martial arts and it's just given me so much you know we open the first gym with just huge it's in mine and get that adding classes and kickboxing and kettlebell which became very popular and then bootcamp classes and the strength and conditioning and so now most of our members over half of our members do the fitness classes you know it's a I think it's a far wider than that let's get interesting you're a kid in readers field you saved a little money your about you want to you're hungry you want to open up you know from scratch here your typical super smash you know your wrestling champion your old cross meet whatever what advice if any looking back could you give that kid obviously don't need to download for about four hours or something Reviva but if you we had in this an elevator an elevator pitch to him would your town with the approach yeah I mean Iowa I think that um I guess obviously not gonna give up that's what you really want to do by the way oh yeah I mean it's there the perseverance thing it's new you know and I guess if you're talking about like high level um you know not specifics perseverance is huge I mean really great don't be afraid Azrael well I think perseverance focus and then um thank you we're dying language it we're talking about national intelligence earlier and so I think those three things if I had to say you know um off the top of my head are are what make people successful on especially in business and I wanted to I really school much feels and basically I want to say you got a have hard people agree that you can be athlete at heart but unless you're talking about it I think in business you can have all diesel room for emotional yeah I mean being empathetic any personalities everyone look for maybe your your dad many times I together they're not wanting partnerships maybe talented and hardworking and not not to meet them for me I will be no actually believer and that means emotional intelligence that means that you have to be able to forgive me and I means your teen ask me is it different can we all make mistakes I make so many mistakes all day long you know and so the people around me have been forgiving enough to look past that and then I remember that when I think Daniel sick and watch one single similar question I think wash you got great players so it makes life easy for you guys to agree on that well when you guys are only going to make any type of crucial decision together I'm sure you guys all get to get in mind closed doors and nobody knows about we'd be lying to say that there's never going to come a time when normal people disagree on certain things how do you how do you guys kind of work there out for anybody who has large teams I did I talked about I think yeah communication she's right there if you know me how it should I was talking that's always easy right some people I hate those Crucial Conversations right it helps that you guys know each other I was telecommunication is so so important I've heard Lee calls the left one okay right and so I found someone the other day that you have to choose to continue to communicate its if there's ever this person was in that snapshot when in doubt communicate you have to communicate because as soon as you choose not communicate you are choosing separation and that that's the beginning man so it definitely have to turn out now if anybody outside the organization like myself silence of guellen- I would talk to me yeah yeah I lack time situation very nothing but honest wait you're choosing set a wait opposite producers definitely right right right we'll just know you're choosing so separation if you're not communicating but not if they available to talk to help with that too is on we help guiding principles as a company a manatee right and if you have guiding principles if there's ever a problem go back to your guiding principles and you could say look at this does not match with the culture but we're trying to build here and and you'll be surprised on how often we can apply those taking problems graduate so forget about martial arts realism for people that are talking your two best friends of your real desire entrepreneur mind because those they should be your CPA and your attorney yes you don't want to ever have to need them constantly but if they is your best friend maybe this is just for solo CEOs but think about the biggest field kit again you had to get a big ass one when you've got a drink is going to do it but at the same time a choice fashion design you know same time you have to be realistic to Allah you know the talk about that with viagrow and reserve a who guides week the numbers obviously you have tax professional and CP is so forth but you guys got to communicate yeah well so you Pat yeah yeah I mean they're delegate that's what that kid should do we have so much yeah that kid needs a partner professional yes and so oh your strength no way you're not gonna yeah and and learn from them no and seek out people without that are specialists smarter than you and hopefully if you actually pay attention live for them they'll get to where we gonna get popular that's that's what I think we're get that so we try and when you see learn from there don't just delegate it not be so depend I think I think for that kid especially if he is on becomes the leader of an organization or stage myself it's really important that you uh it gains a wide variety of skill sets and and they'll just you'll come across problems all the time and if you're just focused on one thing you better have a good partnership with someone else so that is good attic on your dick and to go back to my my dad it depends on what your outcome is what your goal is if you get a double digits franchises property he doesn't need it we can manage that stress himself kuba I think it is depends on what your how big you want to scale bigger if you want to continue to well then of course you have to delegate you can do that help that's what I was your the concept of self-made but some people argue there's no such thing as self-made because I think that's sort of somebody somewhere had to help you so when I heard that side I'm not so naive I immediately stopped saying that's what is that but of course it makes that person okay you're pumping ego bot by saying that I love hearing both sides of things in there I think that's uh that's brilliance is one thing that I was really forcing but I went on tentative love the other thing well that's that's great I think that was amazing you know that I want to give you was valued I'm glad you're bringing up that that biggest real kids because it's not just about hate the pitch and other people do too but I think again when it goes back to up on the meters doesn't even know it but you can give give give that's what do you do and that's exactly great things happened and you're going to continue to learn from other people I think we nailed everything really only took us like you're not yourself a little crafted but so you got talked about social fitness small business 2017 would have been some challenges and you got such a good group that that's the key to avoid the challenges beforehand to avoid them o daycare we need a daycare you did it obviously for convenience factor with the parents and stuff like that well your returns are a hassle for him right yeah it's actually not a daycare but it was definitely after-school program there's already a model that to see martial arts don't give a crap on me they're so nice so I just feel like it enable even there's no remedy violent father but there's no side to it you have to parent got me that you gotta stay open you got to make a bomb the parents definitely paid for that absolutely room right um but my life started that Daddy so Debbie on was in investment thinking and on and did very well she's a super super heir own successful and then on but did not like her job and she was here any so you better gird the flash yes ma'am yeah yeah so um so that I cut you off and she she would always you know Jesse says yeah she uh she's always hear me telling people that hey it's our Asian way okay love her making Bank yeah we're drift alright yeah she always hear me telling people that the best thing I ever did was quit my job and worked for myself and I'm course she took a huge pay cut at first but yeah but she came already of life right probably when she thought just so happy oh yeah not driving you know I mean we just we were so lucky that we were able to work together and so she left Investment Banking started after-school program and was not she doesn't just do that said she she helped build the whole organization kyon she know took what she learned from there oh yeah it was like I had this decision to make right that she was like can't want to quit my job and on one hand as a husband I was like then you made grant money and we should continue to make that money but on the other hand as a CEO smash I knew I could never afford a a person of her caliber so for the organization the good of smash I knew it would be a great thing to bring her on gether we made that decision together and she came on and I'm sure way harder because in general cheap I love fitness to you then yeah I gotta have those things in common she probably for shoes like this is work yeah but without the straight knees anybody who's sitting there in that cubicle right now at the non realizes you knit their miserable there's something we can take from them because you're still learning an organization even that kids living a burger at McDonalds he's probably whatever but if you want to honor those one day what better training can you have somebody's I want you talking about how the cashier know that you're seeing exactly you're getting a taste of yours 11 we learned there but it's like that goes back to is it a cold call or are you calling somebody just introducing by saje your shouldn't introduce yourself and all first like that's not like she okay that's not too bad and that's obviously what Debbie had walls you there that was not time wasted on us that was it but she also saw the blooper there's so many things you can take that I think that I was important in sizes of the subbing of the kid I work for a technology company their child loves or spokesperson by if I ever do want to scale this is out in Tonya grant from there is that was done at the accounting department guy cetera and all that a great stuff I think this was amazing is valuable to to anybody I think that's how long did the take I was a lot of you last night you got to be oh gosh the tough on it haha you know if they said yeah yeah say if know your Pichler how intricate it is you can't explain to a five-year-old right you can't dump it down I think I said for that honor it's not one thing we talked about in tuned enough if you had to explain Brazilian Jujitsu to Kate that's just something that they fit correctly in a few sentences but what would you want me to say it teaches you how to control person that's awesome that's awesome and then one word control control control here it was it just like a fight I mean like I thought leave shots to him you go to book and he's got something online yeah Michael um Michael wrote a book a science of submission and then he created was from that yeah he's a super technical on what Michael um I think is is the greatest thing he ever came up with I think it and I call it the genefex and it's when you do any to the black kitty if you are misaligned meaning not in proper position you get weaker and so he applies a lot of that jujitsu in and we really really look at the position of someone's body of it and they're not counter-rotated or and and when we try to get to those positions in jujitsu so that her strong and so on whenever someone's doing something long and not symmetrical or I'll say the genefex you know and so on the multi moment you use it start again their huge value as you get from being apart of slashes no one ever thinks of it but mostly how the players are the best things we learn is to record yourself just secular doing mountain visiting my nose our conversation then I roll back and watch it a second time when I go on the great conversation what a valuable so just oh god no no but we never understand things when they're in the picture where's my vampire with Toby we look back with tangent Michael Jen looking at surveillance cameras when he was like nothing though they didn't have it have this made of my ax here I noticed everything going to actually go back to that when somebody does something good you didn't have the data recording then realize okay ba okay that just shows you know how his mentality of technique his kids are in there going to be monsters but yeah they're just focusing on judo I mean you can't answer that question I'm sure Mike you have a method to your madness probably yeah but I'm sure as much as that is something that he wants him to focus focus on that the fight focusing on both ways yeah I mean there he's doing a great cut out of the decoder part for the kids he wanted they were already doing parkour somewhere else okay we brought it into to smash yeah I'm at one of the outside of all elements would smashed it you're not going to find anywhere else yeah x8 for the kids go on yes you but you shall keep them active it will be pity the huge epidemic especially in America support core I love to see that where it sees those kids inside you know hop around and active I think we nailed him in you know we go four more days and next time we're gonna have somebody pay for us hahaha okay one last thing for anybody that's listening and I'm sure anybody who is that me knows this already well the biggest like big model nerd and the great thing about the gym model is Freddie's listening it is fixed cost I would have Netflix what a long when do you know if you want to get that monthly stream that's what I love about that the typical game owner is your own monthly membership and for the biggest joke it again he knows and press knows that even to get that initial equipment when there's 200,000 to 90,000 because they have a bunch of math extremes whether those people show up that day or there you're like roaming they come once every four months and you're still gonna have that monthly stream that you multiply there and I don't want anything that's no that is the gym all that beauty to anybody who want to be a part of it that doesn't understand this I financial numbers because when you're a bacon Debbie correct me if I'm wrong you hate guys so hey guys like me well you love monthly streams about how what I tell people is on we're not in the fitness business and we're not in the jiu-jitsu business or kickboxing business women subscription and the Jiu Jitsu the kickboxing the famous that's our art that's not as business that there are models of subscription and so so you're absolutely right on if it wasn't for subscriptions there would be no chance we want to be able to survive with it a little bit just chasing people down and asking for the monthly and that's that's the thing with a lot of their dinners restricted that but people understandable is amore has a very to that okay if you do bound and you do leave that is the reason they're you know that $200 fee aware healthy it's not that regal and we want to take me what that would cover you for least year for them for you to pay yeah basically you're going to get a lower rate in exchange for community and you guys are way nicer about it and other people are but I'm saying this my kid in Bakersfield who may not even know that was going to take a risk for that but again that's financial security for him of once you have to be signed up now have your shitty conversation because that will I know why you do this when they set aside two things what what is is it's helping you stay alive it's just a necessary you get I guess more Intel people and then they're not going to mind it's actually I think a lot of times good for the gym number two because they're committing to it very good and they've already decided they want to get in shape we've already decided they want to get good at kickboxing they're staying on the couch I mean this is like pays the decide I should go and instead yeah exactly so it really helps with the retention and it helps them reach the fitness goals so instead of every time having to read aside whether they wanna be healthy or fit they've already decided it they've made a commitment and then it helps them get off the couch oh really reason I brought that up is I literally think that for that reason a business perspective is not your passion that it's actually a better business blueprint you know the restaurant business and all that overhead and so forth with me because once you initially pay that equipment oh I know that little bull oh you'd like to add more equipment as you should have more things that it's going to be profitable for you and I have an uncle in India that we find gyms right but it's helped him because the blueprints blueprints so to finish blew my mind I was thinking outside the box so think of religion too you know lessons here in their book when can you get inside this guy's mind like that and I think that that's it we we hit everything I'm not going to talk about bench girl very very yeah but that was the focus here is when one brains and marketing and business meet martial arts and fashion beautiful things that happen like minds are County so it's really modern ingrateful really fix thank you so much really appreciate that he he's probably declined about 22 I feel very especially I do something for now so when's the barbecue Mother's a Saturday so this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. there's a there's some kickboxing going on and things going on and some gypsy going on and then at 12 o'clock from 12:00 to 5:00 is our one-year anniversary party at nikita's and our seven-year annual barbecue thanks if anybody out there comes across this that ahjumma I want to reach out Rudy here Ilan with other informations is so talked about going to hear more about social fitness I only got three or four Indians I get up there with a bunch of Jason fees so if your hats the place you want to be get sponsorship thrown out there and give people don't know there I know I was wondered with that we will talk with brick and worry Giavanna online everybody need nothing always the innovation concern for you but you already ahead of engaging with social fitness so appreciate again really you're off to magic you were so patient he felt my madness reset it has smashed gyms and opiates Sonny knows and Jose crease