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Months and months and months ago david dobrik got exposed by another youtuber and


In my opinion it was actually for the greater good what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you're new to my channel sometimes what I like to do is pull different topics from the YouTube community or pop culture or internet culture and try to see what lessons we can learn from them to try to improve our lives so if any that stuff make sure you subscribe and bring that notification about because I make a ton of videos so yeah this has been a video that's been on my mind for a little while like cancel culture is a big thing it's been going on for a while now and it's it's absolutely ridiculous I think I mentioned it in another video I'm thinking about doing a whole video about how cancel culture is one of the reasons why so many people are so anxious in 2009/10 and probably waiting years to come as well so yeah david dobrik months and months and months ago he was exposed by another youtuber and it's probably not the situation that you're thinking I'm talking about the situation I'm actually talking about is from August of last year and it was from none other than Elijah Daniel alright so those of you who don't know who Eliza Daniels is he's a he's a YouTube creator he's a rapper he recently got engaged congratulations Elijah but anyways so Elijah Daniel made a video around the time that what do they call it drama get in what's going on when you know it was like Manny MUA and laura-leigh and like Nikita dragon and Gabriel Zamora and all that stuff was going on and everything and you know Elijah Daniel was like inspired to make a video and he he titled it something along the lines of like David dobrik don't work is a homophobic racist to come back and be like you know it was like basically what he was talking about what matters like like people were losing their minds during that time and it's still something that happens whenever like controversy kind of comes up once again this is talking about how like youtubers were like going through their their old like tweets and everything and deleting anything that might be problematic and everybody was like freaking out because that's kind of what happened with Laura Lee Lauren Lee's old tweets were like brought up and everything and Elijah Daniels ended up like showing that even david dobrik one of the most lovable dudes on the platform had some what would seem problematic tweets I want to explain more of like more of what comedy was like back in those days I'm not excusing anyone of anything I'm not making excuses I'm not defending anyone anyone who's a politic all that's their shit but the Internet back then was very different than it is now like and I think a lot of people I mean especially I'm seeing a lot of like this person's homophobic this person is homophobic because they tweeted like that's so gay but in 2012 in 2011 2010 2009 that's so gay and fat and things like that were acceptable things to say and the point Elijah Daniels was trying to make was like the internet used to be a different time a different place where like people like just said things and they said whatever and they did things you know they talking say things that might be deemed homophobic or racist or whatever like those of you who don't know me like I'm actually half african-american I'm like I know this I grew up in gaming culture right like I'm a gamer I've been playing games since I was like five years old like original Nintendo right like that's what they're doing then I got into online games and like in online gaming like you know people toss around you know racial slurs sexist things and you know like and I was on like the football team and the wrestling team and the track team and you know in that kind of like masculinity culture there's like homophobic things that be tossed around everything and like not saying that that's okay but today is very problematic right it's fascinating to me because like the title of this video I believe David Ober got exposed quote-unquote for the greater good because the larger Daniels brought up a bigger conversation and it's kind of like so there's this old like philosophical question right where where there's like a trolley going down the tracks and if you're keeps going on the path that's going it's gonna hit a bunch of people and kill them right or but you have the option to pull the lever is switches tracks and it only hits one person what do you do right and this is something where well it's just an interesting question and I made a video about the Avengers a while ago about the the war between Captain America and Iron Man and Iron Man is more of a utilitarian right where he looks at just like the most realistic situations and says okay this is probably gonna give us the best net game so like when Elijah Daniels did that like I got it right like david dobrik got like a little bit of flack but it created a greater conversation and it also made it onto the philip defranco show like even philip defranco like talked about this story so what are the things i want to talk about is it's just like this idea of judging people based on their past i made it i talked about this i think in the shane dawson video I did the other day but it's absolutely ridiculous to judge people based on their past especially when it was like a different time but people were different as well like you look at people like david dobrik right who's in his 20s you know like he was a teenager not that long ago I'm a 33 year old man you know so ten years ago whatever like I was in my 20s but also for somebody like myself and why I try not to judge people on their passes I'm a recovering drug addict and alcoholic I'm coming up on seven years sober in a couple months and I don't want people judging me based on my past because I used to be an awful terrible terrible terrible person right but there's still some things from my past like you know just jokes I've made the things like that well I'd just be like like what did logic Daniels is saying like it was it was a different time well one of the most fascinating things to me I think Ethan from h3h3 productions made a video about my kids reacting to Seinfeld like in 2019 or was it 2018 I don't remember what that video was like but like just showing how like offended or like touchy like kids were around these subjects Oh Seinfeld one of the most like non-controversial shows ever created like ever created right like if anything like from back in that era like Roseanne use like some more edgy humor and like you know around that time people were like time to get edgier and edgy or add to your right but yeah I just think it shows like the time that we're in with this like outrage culture like I really feel I really feel like so many people are just waking up in the morning and I think it's subconscious I don't think people intentionally do this some bite but we're living in a time where people wake up in the morning and they're looking for something to get offended by they're looking for it and here's the thing I'm not a psychologist or anything like that but I'm a nerd when it comes to psychology mental health the way our minds working everything and like there's a thing called selective attention theory right where our brain focuses on what we train it to focus on and when you combine that with confirmation bias it creates just like a recipe for disaster so let's say you don't like somebody you don't like that person right and then you you read something that they they tweet it out or an Instagram post or you watch a video by them because of that bias that you already have you're selective attention is going to figure out what things they said that could be taken in an offensive way like oh my god I cannot believe they said this like one of the reasons I love comedians is because they do not give a damn alright they just don't care like so many comedians like I listen to a podcast like I was just listening to the Christie Lea podcast and like he's talked about it I know Bill Birds talked about it some other comedians have talked about it like every joke is going to offend somebody it's going to offend somebody and we're such a selfish and self-centered type of species where we only care about our thing right like if you say this thing in offended me I care about this you know what I mean like for example if they may like you know fat jokes I thought oh my god oh my god but wait but then if they made you know a joke about something else I'm like that's funny you see what I'm saying like we get offended by things that are personal to us and we care way too much about things that really don't matter and I really think that context of jokes like jokes especially like I'm a huge believer where like comedians you know they they are there to make us laugh at you know this this sometimes for rendus world that we're living in this crazy world that we're living in and they're they're there to bring some light to some serious topics you know what I'm saying but kind of the last thing I want to talk about again like with Elijah Daniel's using david dobrik um you know to get views on that video but it was for a good reason and and here's a thing like there's so many topics that i want to discuss and because of things that happen with me I'm like I don't know if I should but these are the types of things that get my wheels turning like is it okay right is it okay to talk about this this one person if it might be able to get out a more positive message for the rest of them I think that's what a lot of commentary channels struggle with sometimes I talked about this a little bit and I never response video I made but I think commentary channel struggle with this a bit as well and I think Leon Rush is probably somebody who recently went through this and it hasn't been talked about it's something that I noticed no where he has figured out a way to keep doing what he's doing without necessarily like pissing off specific people but anyways I am still like like my man Tony Stark I am a utilitarian where I believe like if if we have to talk about one thing to get out a more positive message like I think that's important I think that's what it is you know what I mean but I would love to know your thoughts on this whole topic down below in the comment section whether it's about like kids at all or like you know ah the you know effect one person to help many other people let me know your thoughts on that down in the comments below all right but again allows you Daniels congratulations on your engagement I have another video planned about david dobrik and yeah if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if you're new make sure you subscribe and bring that freaking notification bell baby because i make a ton of videos and a huge huge thank you to everybody support the channel over on patreon you're all amazing and i will be answering all your questions for the monthly patreon Q&A this week alright thanks again so so much for watching i'll see you next time