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{spaceship engine roaring} The biggest thing I'm fearful for is that people did


Not run through their plans, they did not go to their basement they did not take those actions, they did not hear the sirens, that is my biggest fear. because if they take those actions, it can save them. It was about one in the morning and an EF3 tornado actually passed through our neighborhood and we were very lucky that we did not have too much damage from the storm. My parents made it fun when we were little kids so we would go downstairs we would put our helmets on and we would sit in the basement and watch James Span which was our weather guy. When it came down to actually time it wasn't a question of, you know, this is what we need to do, it was just an action. It was run upstairs, tell them the alert is going off, turn the weather on, get downstairs to a safe place, wait on the storm to pass. I would not have woken up to just a siren going off. My room was in the basement. I never even heard it. So, having that backup alert, via text, via phone call I honestly didnt wake up 'till the phone call. So, knowing that about myself, thats part of my preparation now is to have, you know, text alerts, to have phone call alerts, to make sure I have what I need to be prepared. I was so thankful that not only did my text alert go off, not only did my phone ring from my shcool, but my friends called as well and said, "we saw the news, we wanted to call you and tell you the storm was coming." So, being a community and saying, I know that someone lives in a path of the storm, I'm gonna give them a call and make sure they're awake, it's so important because without that phone call we would not have been in our basement, we would have not been prepared and it could have been so much worse. So, it's important to realize that it's going to be quick, its going to happen before you really have time to think and you have to be ready for that, even if it means practicing, practicing, practicing, for the once in a lifetime chance it'll happen.