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How many pizzas are we gonna get today We're hitting up three spots


So we're gonna have one whole pie, a smaller whole pie and then slices. If our gut doesn't burst open by then. That's gonna be tough This kind of pizza is good for this weather It is chilly it is rainy. It's hefty pizza, so it's gonna be nice warming and comforting stuff So we're ready. It's quite a perfect day to carboload. It is raining and chilly here in New York and we're gonna go get pizza. We're not just doing any regular pizza crawl today. We're not getting New York-style pizza. We're not doing thin crust. We're doing another style that's been sweeping New York in the last few years. It is Detroit style pizza. And what does Detroit style pizza It is a square pizza that is made in special blue steel pans. They kind of curve like this. And the really defining characteristic of it is the crispy cheese edges on the sides. They fry in that pan, it's just a lovely thing. We're gonna see how all three of these spots today do it. We're hitting up three spots in three different boroughs. Starting here in Brooklyn we're heading to Manhattan then our home borough of Queens. Let's do this. Alright, so our first stop is at Emmy Squared. It's gonna be like our appetizer pizza for today. We'll have to see have to see how big the pie is. And the interesting about Emmy Squared is they were the first ones to bring Detroit style pizza to New York, so they've started this trend. And Detroit style pizza has only gotten more popular and for a good reason. It's got that sauce on top, which is also become a popular thing. And those crispy edges. We're very curious to see how each place does the crispy edges on the side. We're very excited for this pizza crawl and we're excited to show you the best Detroit style pizza New York has to offer. Gonna get a Colony Squared. Anything else That's it thank you. We have here is the Ezzo pepperoni it looks very crispy, It's got those good roni cups, it's got cheese first, sauce on top. There's pickled jalapenos in here and there's honey, so it sounds like there's gonna be salty sweet spicy combo here. And you can see those crispy edges. The edges look quite crispy here. The crust looks thinner than I expected, which is also good because all the eating we're gonna do today. Alright let's get down and dirty, roll up the sleeve and do this. See that crispy edge from the pan. Can smell that pepperoni, smell that pickled jalapeno. Alright, let's take that bite. It's pretty hot, hmm taste the honey right away, has a little sweetness. Jalapeno not too spicy adds a little kick, because it's pickled. That salty pepperoni is so good. Yes and look how thin it is. I'm very shocked at how thin this is. This is a very thin crust here's the bottom Always very good I love that salty sweet combination very tasty. We first tried it at Paulie Gee's that way. Got us hooked. Williamsburg has a reputation for being very hipster and it is a good explanation for it. But the cool thing about this part of Williamsburg, Southside Williamsburg, it still has some of that old-school feel to it. Traditionally is an old school Puerto Rican neighborhood you still see the flags flying here. You can still see some real old school looking apartment buildings like this right here. So that's what's interesting about Williamsburg that a lot of people don't talk about the Southside It is raining too this is the days in New York that suck. Days like this It's not cold enough to snow, at least it would look nice. But it's pouring rain and it's cold. It's extra wet is wet, but that's why we're carbo loading eating heavy food today. Warm us up a little bit. Nah, what am I kidding That's just an excusem we're just gonna eat anyway That was cool we were just on an old-school C train you don't see many of those trains that are not digital anymore. They have to manually turn the train route. I think that goes back to like the 60s and 70s, maybe even older. There's not many of these left. So now we are in Manhattan, we are here for our second stop of the day. It is called Lions Tigers and Squares. Oh my! Now the oh my's not in there, But what it's named after are the sports teams in Detroit. The Lions, Detroit Lions football and the Tigers, Detroit Tigers baseball. And squares cuz the square slice. It's a very clever name and the spot was opened up by the people who own Artichoke Pizza, the very popular chain here in New York City for their heavy artichoke slices. So now we'ew gonna take a look and see how they do their Detroit style pizza. Can we get one regular, one sausage What to start with first The classic sometimes they say it's like racing stripe, which would make sense given the car the Detroit car culture. Lot of sauce there. Edges look on point, let's take a bite. It's excellent, the sauce in here is very herby, taste oregano, some parsley on there, a little bit of parmesan on top. Now, let's try a bite of the crispy edge. Very crispy, but it's still light and airy. It's thicker than the Emmy Squared slice. Very good. This classic pie they all come four slices to a pie. This one's only five bucks for a whole pie of this. Great deal. Oh man look at that fennel seed right there. Now it's time to try the sausage slice. The crispy edges here look even crazier on this. Very dark caramelized cheese, there's a lot going on. I can't talk about it anymore, let's take a bite. I love the fennel seeds The reason why I think these crispy edges are so good because all the oil from the sausage drips over on the sides to caramelize it even more. It's like extra oil to fry that cheese. This crispy edge is even heavier than on the regular slice. It's damn good and there's that little bit of syrup there for the sweetness. It was confirmed. That was good Stop number two it was a big success Lions Tigers and Squares, they have a lot to live up to. You know with the name they even say Detroit Pizza on there. And you know what We've never been to Detroit for the actual Detroit style pizza, but they do a damn good rendition here. The crispy edges were really on point. I'm thinking the sausage had all that extra oil that leaked onto the sides that really crisped up the edges even more. It had more crispy edges in the regular slice. The regular slice is excellent the sauce was real zesty, it had a nice herb flavor in there. It was still very light, it was thicker than the Emmy Squared, it wasn't so doughy it had a little chew to it, it was nice and crispy. We love crispy pizza, it was delicious. The guy, he was a cool dude really cool dude. He added some little extra to it. This spot looks like a basement of a Detroit man cave, you know All that's missing is just the Detroit Lions on in the background. You have Barry Sanders pictures, you have Motown pictures it's a very cool spot. What's interesting is the pans, they're like double pans for one. So you know as we mentioned before, the Detroit style pizza big thing is the pans the blue steel pans. Because they were repurposed. They used to be used for auto parts. The thing about Detroit GM Ford you know the auto making manufacturing those pans were then used to make food like pizza. So far, two stops. Three pies. Still have two slices left from Lions, Tigers and Squares. I ate a whole pie. Jumi's being much better about it. Not eating the entire pie. I'm saving the best for last Well.. it is very good. We've had it before, So this is the only one where we both have had it before. It is the only place you can get it by the slice and it's a place that you can only get on certain Sundays. It's a pop-up that happens from time to time. Very rare. We're walking to our third and last stop Back in Queens we're in our third borough of the day, third and final. So a funny thing this place is called Boston Pizza. I grew up here in Astoria for the first half of my life and I was like Boston Pizza What the hell is that You know especially being a New York sports fan. I'm like Boston..psssh. But then I learned more about pizza and the reason why it's called Boston Pizza is because they make a Greek-style pan pizza. Funniest thing here it's a pizza pop-up. It's a Detroit style pizza pop-up at a place called Boston Pizza in New York City a tale of three cities. We actually wrote a blog post about that we'll put that in the description below. And we're back in Queens. Steinway is very festive right now it's the holiday season after all. Oh I'm ready we've eaten a lot of pizza, especially me I've eaten a little extra. But I was preparing for this. Fasted for about 15 hours before that, so good to go. And after this pizza, that's all we're eating til tomorrow. So far I'm sleepy. Hi! What do you guys want We have cheese and pepperoni Detroit style squares. We got the pepperoni on top, got those good roni cups curled up. Up close with the oil very crispy edges jutting out. Let's take that first bite So light and crispy The outside edges, they're almost like Cheese Nips because that white cheddar in there. Reminds me of a freshly made Cheez-It or Cheese Nip. So light and airy. Let's get a bite of the regular. Sauce is a little soupy here. Cheese pull. Love the fresh basil. Definitely the thickest of the three we had today. But it's probbly the lightest airiest crust. Makes the most sense though. He makes the dough hand made. Some of this is even freshly-milled flour, which is rare. Blended that in with the other flour he uses. Ok, so success. We got three Detroit-style pizzas. Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. And now we're carbed out. We are so stuffed oh my god we are in a carb coma here. But, it was all worth it. It was delicious and each one was very different. That Emmy Squared was very thin the edges were not as crispy they had a different style to it. Lions Tigers and Squares they had a nice showing today. Very crispy edges, you could taste the Wisconsin brick cheese. They're the only ones of the three who use the traditional Wisconsin brick cheese, they were very tasty. And then we finished it off at Serhan's Detroit style pizza pop-up at Boston Pizza. That was the thickest crust, the really nice crispy edges and what we really liked a lot about it is the fluffy airy dough. It did not feel so heavy even after eating all that pizza. We strolled in there stuffed and we strolled out about just as stuffed. We hope you enjoyed the video today. Please hit that subscribe button, that like button, subscribe hit the bell you get the videos right when they come out see you next time. Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself. Come on down and get some of this Detroit style pizza And I'm like God, once you have my pizza, you better not cheat on me! Hahahaha There's something like you know like the way people talk about like muffin tops. Ever watch that Seinfeld episode top of the muffin to you Yeah it's a kind of the idea there Detroit style pizza is something special. Great to see that New York is adopting it and loving it. Three that we had today they're all very different. This is the only one you can get it by the slice and it's exclusive you can only get it every so often, generally every other month