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As many of you have probably heard by now singer-songwriter actress Demi lavato


Suffered from an overdose today and she is currently hospitalized and today I was browsing around on Twitter and there was it just some awful awful tweets and today I'm gonna be reading I'm so stay tuned what's up everybody this is Chris from the rewired so where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you are new to my channel my channel is all about helping you out with your mental health and also to decrease the stigma and increase the awareness around mental illness so make sure that you subscribe to my channel because I try to make as many videos as possible to help you out so today the problem that we're talking about is the stigma around mental illness but more so with addiction there are some awful awful awful tweets going around on Twitter today because Demi Lovato had an overdose now I will say what are the updates around this story is that she is stable she's doing fine apparently her friends had narcan and they were able to revive her and then she was able to get the hospital narcan saves lives I'm thinking about doing a video about what happened that led to this overdose and if you would like me to make a video on this give this video a thumbs up or leave a comment down below because I definitely have some things to talk about when it comes to her friends and what was going on that led to this overdose but also like we're gonna be talking about the stigma today about mental illness and addiction so make sure that you share this video because I don't think a lot of people fully understand what's happening and what's going on so I'm gonna be reading some tweets that I saved I will say this before I get started I saw so many tweets saying you guys are being terrible about Demi Lovato you should be making jokes about what happened in Demi Lovato I 100% agree but I will say this I found more tweet saying that you shouldn't do that then tweets that we're actually doing it so I found that just kind of interesting anyways I'm gonna be reading some tweets that I saved and few different types of tweets the mean tweets I'm gonna get to at the end and by the way I'm not gonna censor this I don't think so if you have sensitive ears or for your child you don't like that kind of language you can go ahead and take off but I'm gonna be talking about some of the hypocrisy that people were tweeting about as well as something from the Surgeon General so let's get started so this first tweet comes from the Surgeon General and it reads mental health and addiction are chronic conditions that don't discriminate and recovery is not a linear path I'm praying for you Demi Lovato you have been an advocate for the mental health or substance abuse communities and we stand by you hashtag pray for Demi one of the responses says you're the most powerful doctor in the country don't pray get the administration to improve funding for treatment and research related to mental health and addiction and then somebody else replied look at these things it's not like they're mutually exclusive or something so I do have something to say about that on the side where you know I do appreciate when people say thoughts and prayers and stuff like that I know that's like do something about it like you can do both now a couple things about this specific tweet when it comes to Demi Lovato's like I completely agree with what she's what this person tweeted in response I completely agree with it but Demi Lovato is like a multi-millionaire like when it comes to like treatment like she can afford it but I'm glad it was said because yeah we are currently on a path in the United States where we're decreasing mental health care and addiction treatment we're decreasing funding for that when we're in the middle of an epidemic so yes we need to do that but increase you know the funding for research when it comes to addiction and treatment like evidence-based treatment or is treatment that is scientifically proven to help people recover and we need more funding to see which methods actually work there's a lot of really cool stuff going on and they're doing some research but like if you think about the war on drugs and the war on cancer like when the war on cancer started they just sort of funding research like crazy and the war on drugs they started locking people up like we need to do what we were doing for the war on cancer and start funding research and finding people more effective ways to receive treatment but this is a difficult task I work in an addiction treatment center and it's hard it's hard man these next two tweets they're of some hypocrisy that was pointed out and I do want to talk about that a little bit so this first tweet says is so funny all these people want to show their support for addiction for Demi Lovato some they don't even know but will turn and give up on friends they've known their entire life the minute they start using and the next tweet says Demi Lovato overdoses on heroin and everybody in America is upset but if it was a local who did everyone calls them apps I don't know what Bob saw makes fun of them etc y'all different so I appreciate this getting pointed out like I'm not somebody who like just goes around like starts like Twitter drama or anything like that or I don't like go get like morally outraged like they do like talk about some very very true things here I saw some other tweets where they were comparing what happened to Demi Lovato and then Amy Winehouse is saying Amy Winehouse like people were like talking terrible about her but now oh my god oh and you know maybe it's because you know Demi Lovato does pop music but she's like a Disney you know child actor and stuff like that like who knows like we do need to talk about this like this is one of the biggest problems with addiction it's not just with celebrities like there's so many people who's stigmatized addiction they look down on drug addicts and alcoholics right and then when it happens to somebody close to them then that switch flips then the light turns on and now they care now they see like oh my god this can happen to anybody it doesn't just happen to terrible people like there are excellent mothers excellent fathers there are you know people who do a lot for the community that struggle with addiction it's not just these terrible people so I do think we need to start looking at that and just sort of understanding like addiction doesn't discriminate it can literally affect anybody out there but like like what they're saying is it's like we can't just feel bad for celebrities because there and stuff like that like like I've mentioned in my other video about why I talk about YouTube drama on here like we need to take lessons from these things we need to learn from these things and what I mean by this is if you were affected in any way by this Demi Lovato overdose like you need to really sit back and reevaluate and say huh do I have more compassion for this person I've never met who's a celebrity then I do the guy on the street right do I have why why is that why is that why do I have these this compassion why does my compassion discriminate if you will like you really need to check in with yourself and see what's going on because something I really try to advocate for and I need to make more videos on this it's just we need to have more empathy and compassion for people in general we can't just pick and choose who are gonna be compassionate towards or have a little empathy towards it needs to be this whole well-rounded thing like if you were affected by the demi lovato addiction you know and overdose but see what you could do in your community see what you can do in your community there are drug addicts and alcoholics out there living on the streets where if they were to get clean and sober they might be the next person to make a difference and a positive change in this world okay so now let's get to the mean tweets and this is gonna be uncensored because we need to get like the full like brunt of this but these are the ones that like really break my heart so let's go ahead and read them what a great day today update for overwatch came out one-year anniversary or fortnight is today huge no man's sky multiplayer update was dropped today DJ five night club DLC was dropped and Demi Lovato overdose on drugs what an amazing day like this table stuff like I I'm sure it was a joke polite especially like with a James Gunn situation right now like I don't like men learn learn watching these videos passively like learn from this like this might be a kid this might be a dumb kid you know what I mean done extensive whatever but like it's 2018 like people are going to dig up your Twitter history like if you become anybody in this world you work your whole life to be successful people are going to find their Twitter history like is it really worth like this dude literally has no likes on this like is it worth it is it worth it for somebody to go and dig this up for you saying something so terrible and wretched like please learn from other people's mistakes like it's 2018 nobody is safe from this stuff become a better person all right next week how are all these celebrities gonna feel bad for Demi Lovato she's a druggie and it was her decision to take heroin I've got plenty of videos on this I've been done plenty of videos one of them I'll link up in the info cards up there like there's plenty of diseases out there that a result of decisions and choices sexually transmitted diseases lung cancer from smoking heart disease from eating unhealthy or living an unhealthy lifestyle right we need to quit looking at addiction as this different thing like there's so many illnesses out there that are a result of the way people live in the choices they make I don't get how people can struggle with other diseases because of the choices they made but for some reason we need to talk down to drug addicts and alcoholics because they made a choice between number three fuck Demi Lovato we not gonna treat her like a victim like okay nobody's I don't know some people want to be you know treating like the victim but like personality disorder like you need to understand you need to understand probably more than 80% of drug addicts and alcoholics they they use these as coping tools for this terrible path that they have like working in my treatment center I cannot tell you I cannot tell you it's probably 80 to 90% of the people who walk in my office I sit down and learn to learn about their stories we're talking about childhood abuse we're talking about childhood sexual abuse we're talking about rape we're talking about PTSD we're talking about so many things and we're like oh don't victimize them they made the toys like nobody is living this incredible life and they're just like you know what I'm gonna pick up drugs I'm gonna become addicted to drugs and just ruin this whole thing know most people most people who become addicted had a terrible terrible past and if you watch Demi Lovato's documentary she had a lot of struggles growing up last week Demi Lovato can shove a massive tree trunk up her arse her own fault and we don't give a shit like that's the other thing too no tweets no or no lights no lights on this tweet like like why I don't know I don't know man like I get it I used to be an internet troll when I was a kid and like I might make videos about that and like some of this stuff you mature out of it and things like that but man like this is why I teach my nine-year-old son about compassion and empathy and I teach them loving kindness meditations and stuff like that these are humans these are people and like I hate to bring like politics in it when we look at look at what's happening with like immigration and things like that like it's because we're not looking at people as people we're looking at them as outsiders or numbers or whatever it is these are people okay like I don't care like who it is but like when there's a death like it's not even the person but even if I dislike the person like I feel bad for their family I feel bad for their children I feel bad for their friends I feel bad for their fans like even if their fans had like a messed up view of the world like I feel bad for anybody who loses anybody and this kind of stuff is just straight-up insensitive no matter what the cause of this harm is anyways like I said Demi Lovato is going to recover and like I might follow her journey and make some follow-up videos about what she needs to do because I do have some opinions based on the knowledge that I do have about seeing different articles and just the way she lives or lives and stuff like that so again like if you're into this kind of stuff if you want to follow this story or you want help with your mental health or if you want to help other people with your mental health subscribe to the channel go ahead and share this video and all that good stuff but I would love to know what your guys thoughts are about these tweets and compassion and empathy and the stigma around addiction and mental illness so make sure that you leave comments down below alright so if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you are looking for that little subscribe button it's right there it's right below this lo box alright and a big THANK YOU to everybody supporting the channel over on patreon and helping me to spread a message of hope to anybody struggling with mental illness if you would like to help support the channel you can clear the tap right there alright thanks so much for watching get well soon Demi and I'll see you guys next time