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So the Cubs just won the world series, something that hasnt happened since 1908


A lot can happen in 108 years, though (at least nowadays), so what was going on in 1908 In 1908, President Roosevelt the first one would have been looking at a very different map of the world outside the 46 states of the US. European colonial empires were still a thing in Africa and southern Asia, the Philippines were a US territory, and many now defunct nations existed. The Weimar Republic was 10 years from existence, the Korean Empire was only a few years from falling to Japanese colonialism, Arab nationalists had started rebelling against the Ottoman Empire (still nearly a decade before T.E. Lawrence came along), the Russian Civil War hadnt even started yet, and the Qing Dynasty of China was on its last legs, having not even adopted their briefly used anthem, gng jn u (), but Patrick Stewart still looked the same as he does today. Cuba still got somewhat along with the US, but most of the rest of the world hated each-other. Of course, this was a time when tanks were newfangled, cavalry was still used, airplanes had just come into existence, and nuclear weapons were as futuristic as phasers and photon torpedoes are to us. The NBA, NHL and NFL didnt even exist, and the MLB had only existed for 5 years. Before that, Americas national past-times included assassinating our own presidents and being mean to women and black people . Humanity was, obviously, over 60 years away from visiting the moon, and 50 from even going to space, but also take into account that the first person to reach the south pole, Roald Amundsen, did so in 1911, so humans havent even been to the south pole! Cars were still newfangled, as this was the end of the horse era, and baseball itself had only existed for a few decades. The last time the Cubs won, flowers also hadnt evolved yet, people watched from the tops of the dinosaurs, and they celebrated after a game with a trilobite BBQ, assuming that game wasnt cancelled by asteroids striking the early Earth. Basically, what Im trying to say is that its been a really f**king long time! Hopefully I wont have to make another one of these in 2124! Thank you for watching this video. Dont worry, if you enjoyed it, there will be another one just like it in a week, not 108 years, so if you want to be notified of it, subscribe if you havent already! See you in only 7 days!