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Emblem free houses in the last episode we entered the next month did some stuff around the monastry we are done with the monastry gave everyone gifts except those things I don't know if I can do anything with those things but yeah give everyone a gift didn't unlock a single support much to my surprise and yeah there are so some things that we need to do first of all the white heron cub this month only geez I need to pick someone to enter like this dance thingy and yeah spoke with every character in my house like teacher people like mono Allah Hanuman and all that they can't participate but every other character for my students can but some people gave me some signals about who wants who wanted to do that and some people were like no don't pick me Demitri for example was like please don't pick me or Felix to do I think Ingrid also and only people who really wanted to participate where our lips and flame who straight out just s can I enter this and yeah every other people were just like maybe but yeah so it started soon between those two and I decided to pick flying because I have a suspicion because look at the right side it's like of students just left soon Malin and you know pray to inspire the allies in combat I'm gonna go straight out and think that I can get a dancer like this I like to dance a job class or whatever and that would kind of make sense because I can't make anyone a dancer and yet by giving me like this limited opportunity to get one I the game kinda makes like sure that I can only use one dancer because I would be kind of wrong if I could make everyone a dancer and yeah that's what I think is gonna happen and yeah knowing that or presuming that makes this choice a little bit easier because and it is like or attack mage and yeah flame while being a healer still I don't know it's like a mishmash and my Sirius is a lot better as a healer so yeah this if I can really make her a dancer or something then yeah maybe I want to pick flame because yeah everyone else has a set role more or less but flying is like or I don't know replacement hila so yeah why not her also she wanted to so yeah why not your future you have to know presented for the white here I've got speak to my heart from one preparation about the competition you speak to your whites here on Cup represent if you can give them at their one dance length do so and take charmville and please okay but first let's talk with Manuela she was down here so I really can make someone into a dancer I did not misunderstood see the thing is I know that you Timmy Tommy nada ataxia Ecotools yet I hit it then and I go they know you saw Sarah that I could I know means of any constant strums usually about thirteen okay charm thirteen so what is her charm that what she needs to win 21 1769 21 so lame is gonna destroy everyone in this competition or what so it's just what charm is like this is what dance unlike a step doesn't matter no am ia good dancer yes okay had a man in the background oh my no I also do it's kind of weird so in some increase by five all right I guess I'm a dancer just now he's chomp 26 mehmed's might hit rate and avoidance all right that also makes for a good dancer because but I don't know if they go like classic dancer what classic dance has some classic dancers also good fight but modern dancing class could usually fight okay the winning concerns about this workshop so plane is totally gonna Ace this okay um I hope oh yeah I still have to like I don't know do this with this one soldier no way me too I guess I don't really feel like I have feelings for any of those characters if I'm being honest and that I don't really like and I don't know if I want to immerse myself into this game but yeah in terms of that I don't really feel like I fell in love with any of those characters but yeah the one that I'm like the most of us flame so there we go playing comes to mind okay goddess how is that isn't that like this one area here so yeah I just hope that I don't know I just bait flight into a dancer the sockets this was but I are you kidding me okay I was about to say if I need to look around again I don't have time for all right let's do this one first because before I forget FINA forget that the last time yeah black magic tournament today Oh black magic Annette I can also choose a net yeah do that no no maybe maybe Hanuman I think I let it sway fastest oh yeah oh oh I'm sorry V+ poor let's do this yeah she's fast but she also takes a lot of time well actually also quit occasionally it's good all right OOP stopping it Oh cocktail they all have crit chance and I like it they quit once like she's dead okay I want to heal while the finals yeah yeah just quit chance kidding me Oh quick quick quick semifinals coach n0 wait I even when this wait seven that's like good after yeah wait let me just count seven the knee is at 20 a tool and he hits she only has 12 left and she hits again and then again I have to heal dang it something I can do this dang it please quit no there's no way oh god really and she's dead yeah Rick Ross here what she I read all that was not something really good so yeah alright then match to complete that but whatever let's go some let's go lets go let's go and eat something to cheer us up again yeah alright let's do this today's special oh wait I I planned that out of screen I know the only people who are not at 100% Ingrid flying did you and Felix and Felix and flying and Ingrid and did you can support each other so yeah I need Lane and Lane and Felix and Ingrid and to do there we go to do and get yeah I know saw that light camera in time so yeah and now flame and Felix line appeal a lane and Felix come on like the same stuff how there we go okay so many experience that I still need all right still no no god damn it every single time all right everyone is full okay some people don't have completely full but I don't care too much about it Messi doesn't uh net I have something to do for you we're gonna do this one quiet thingy for once and yeah and it and why yeah I hope to get some motivation out of this so yeah I also get some Authority they didn't get any are cutting it whatever alright now I need to where's my dad didn't you want to talk with me or something oh and also apparently I missed one quest Cameron's requests when did I miss that losing opinions careful sales of Red Rover and weak yes I did that okay I need some X level who or do I get access from set up still want to be a hero for any commodity there we go that's not I get a lot of here right Rhea can you give me out 40 I was about level and give me a lot of Wow do I really need more squad okay Hanuman where's alloys or Dilbert Alice you should give me access right I mean I'm gonna level up authority in a way because gambits someone wants to talk with me apparently come on and walk rate or something okay Gilbert do you leave me access I don't even know what you class you're supposed to be and you like no you look like well you do look like a knife so yeah yeah also still think I need something better okay I want to talk with me now probably I'm gonna surprise myself who wants to talk with me who could possibly want something for me out my way I'll say that sup kimiko totalbiscuit is my so can you cock it agree okay Jimmy to always walk trot share what is you know somewhat of the impulses to you what are these two days you okay more did you notice I seen no Connie some otaku don't know any Kakaako sabatelli you rainy what as well children look through structure motive she's doing a skunk or cool motto cuts through touch manual Kony dice Q Aramis in know your tamale oh cool what does not say only you donate em adaptive matter dice your musical rocket science bikini or dizziness or down sorry Rico tomorrow talk or another cameos conga kono chosenness i used to chemically Toa name is no ha no stop so nowhere 10/10 okay Matt acoustics Marco oh no what a similar mo mada kimi no else can you treat or email the moto Model T the scuse us to touch upon your nominal water kimi no koto under how Victorino in Agra you don't trust me well that one is obviously cause I'm taking your cameos in my stable no no sorry talkative of soda Nani come on dinosaur ever seen tamale akira-kun touchable seen to Nina Rosario in Ohio so testosterone ah Jimmy magician no cotton sweetie anything about myself sorry his last name is eyes now that's what I hear I think so how you already know a little quarter stimulator I don't know no toaster is totally different heckler and me maybe you are my father Joe DiMaggio's are you stupid on the Remo mong-koo even a hosta so there you hit was the hot rock you need not the regular it doesn't know I'm not sure this guy well this guy's mo Tokyo she's through Tokyo Yoda tah-dah she's toasted okay you also did a cameo cannot tell you you're sitting on it so much dialogue you don't know my time is over okay alright then we're done here right right I was already also fishing on screen so yeah let's do this real quick all right you listen dump yeah I guess not do this as fast as possible okay good question in case something happens like last time you know what let's give those characters some stuff because my students already feel like there are weights from don't know what else to give her more forties I guess wanted to give her flying thing it just in case I come across like this one situation again where I need more fly us because I figured out the light cannot make anyone a fly up sights Ingrid and that kind of sucks so yeah in case things need to be like I don't know you have to be loaded more stuff I think I need some more like fly us all right um who else I'm just training up all the girls I just realized no she doesn't have four let me give you flying you can turn them to are Pegasus Knight right and I don't know let me give you writing I guess make it like alright I call for interest all men on a horse all men horse or horsemen at all anyway I took care of all the goals of screen so ya know oh ok and when I asked them to take part of my experiments you mustn't instructions students run away from me no matter how sincerely I play do you have any suggestions they would not run off which the word experiment maybe scare ya your motivation was false oh yeah no I took care of all of that all scream don't ruin my plans someone's birthday Bernadette has birthday oh god this is gonna be awkward absolutely I wonder I said it is that a good or bad sign and they're like oh this tastes horrible oh so good I didn't expect the view from the bridge I don't know I'm counting on you close calls your ambitions overcoming weaknesses mighty weapons dealing partners but I got a perfect well they had a perfect tee time at her oh I don't have gifts this control is like a really weird okay of course I get like perfect tea time with the most Awkward count all the courses awesome not like for points and writing that it's kind of a waste all right getting some stuff hopefully nope yeah a little this is such a cool future alright and time for some parallax hopefully we can do this in this part still no supports also I guess okay well there's nothing to do in the monastery so yeah power okay I guess kinda yeah I saw I agree let's help her then why do I don't hurt him enough predict could be upset a little boy alright doesn't make sense to retype now after I saw those cutscenes so yeah I was realizing if the fire emblem free houses calendar goes up to 12 then what only seven calculus okay the Klenner only goes up to like seven months twelve months then we are at the end of the year so wait isn't that a No can I put some people know and I can control there that's that's pretty good okay what do I want to bring with on the level okay how about you you you and all the non-students I guess Felix you're still 18 how do you I met your brother so yeah I need a heal my he lies all the way up there alone I don't think I need to rescue all right won't be dead won't that tip called right that falls somewhere no but yeah reserved in those cold increase someone fucks parents mmm this looks too easy rape here awesome okay right now this all looks a little bit too easy like yes we want to use we want SWAT master what are you the boss my pair collects parent doesn't look too bad which is kind of worrying me like what is the catch that's something really annoying coming up right okay should be fine right let's give Manuela oh yeah I forgot at Justin's okay that those signs mean that she can get here right Manuela and flame can support also so ohm ohm and wells I don't know I the man I guess who can you spoke with Annette and it also gives healing at all screen signs mean that they can occasionally get here right I hope okay I'm gonna send everyone down here yeah let's go should be fine you tell me come on this is the only thing that I'm this is the only challenge in this game then in this battle then shouldn't be too hard right after swarf crater equipped okay I actually do have to use rest animations okay no you can only attack the Nosferatu and you probably have one more range right oh you don't move awesome so I can just go up yeah yeah just get there as fast as possible I want to come up to me I can equip what he was what must uh got-dang speed 1624 why are they why are those guys so strong okay this might be a little bit more difficult than I thought that we used to forests may be gods well maybe we can kill him before I can do anything okay boom well that was kind of a waste of a turn and they didn't move up there good okay we have to take care of just what messed up because that is just ridiculous but you can do hmm we just can I do look at that another guy no I didn't know then I have to take care of this guy haha oh wait that's that's actually good okay boom what class damn it on okay that's a major it's no problem just gonna assume that this image of there won't destroy it yeah don't worry who's gonna kill this guy you she's an Omaha shot right no I wasn't that was like fight off I guess okay are you going up against them the blob is a brawler it's one way what are those clothes I need to get some people focus on me and Manuela you can still not reach this guy oh I totally forgot to give a border are you okay it should be fine wait if he doesn't move what am i doing and I can just just place her down up here and she counted everything and gets us up up right home and oh yeah what am I doing here there we go and you didn't even stand right in front of her just good just now she can run away and wow you are stupid the other guy would have moved first then you could have just gotten like I really dislike those attacks zero so they attack it was going a lot but I expected okay who is hitting me from up there well Archer of course and I can't counter against right next time she should be able to get pastor is that nope of course not okay you you can't even reach you gotta be killing me can't even kill okay you have X breaker so Oh doesn't look too hard except there's something annoying coming up which usually is the case I'm just gonna move Oh awesome awesome okay you can reach me you cannot reach me pop here all right just make sure we can get to Manuela how she laughing after she got hit okay I think my eyes can tape and this is what masters saying to you right now it would be really annoying but knowing my luck what's wrong here you gotta step out of the force to attack someone who takes no damage all right this guy didn't move also you know we can just walk all the way around here could probably send some people up there what yeah I decided I don't oh hey yo what's up Bob got hefty yeah let's just move her down here she can get hit by are you kidding me um steel bow okay there's no way she can get hit from that double tie mean and want to do enough to kill her do this yeah okay my plan I had stuff like that's gonna happen and I got being too up toaster X crepe awesome you'll come after me no no any of that damage to his fing now it does all right Hey and she is not dressed up to battle like this is not like what you should wear your fighting this guy gonna leach me know she gets 14 back right now fish heads with Nosferatu yes it's supposed to be like that all right becoming very common ah dang it zero how yeah he's going out for her but no she can counter oh she can quit shink encounter she can quit she can kill this night oh oh that's it awesome those guys they're gonna J's what no it's still reach how about now rule don't have those counter right okay twenty-eight geez some of those units are just ridiculously strong but so they they can take that he needs my people up there okay all right no no you're all coming you want couch what's this pink so strong did I not get any experience just now okay you have your bow equipped but it doesn't kill Wow and this thing is almost killing her what do I do now okay what do I do yeah you probably can't no no don't you have like I don't think after they quit right okay um this thing no strong 18 how strong thing I have an idea 8:28 party first of all let's do this and place it wait can I oh there's so many things that can go wrong yeah all right awesome now you I've got that after can reach her right god damn it who's it going on why is he going up on my main character now Manuela is probably gonna get subtext on that package slide right twice which is pretty bad if I get felt like an iron smart he's still gonna get no she's not gonna get doubled and she's almost surviving all of this all right I think we're hi I need my other peoples up there now they're coming now you're going after her hey who just shot who does she play in there okay thank goodness and I switched to the iron sward didn't even it oh thank you tape up there alright um this guy no problem wait this wins effective against what are you assassin okay I wind attacks but you don't have with wait you just said you had went why am I seeing things Nosferatu okay she's gonna take oh she's gotta get doubled but she's healing herself off like crazy so yeah okay first of all you eating okay now you um let me just see what I can do so awesome and now I'll just do this mm-hmm hmm you're going on you're going after her right you attack 19 times true when I hear myself up or you can do that now she barely survives and if she gets defense and nope okay wait can you uh-huh there we go don't even want to risk this oh yeah she's like no it's a net comment hit for grants huh it's like what Perry at faiths I think only a little bit less morbid okay now I basically have to wait for all those guys to walk all right all around there which I don't swallow which didn't doesn't matter there are still people up there why is that SWAT master looking like a smoke master like doesn't seem to be that much of an issue you need some level and you can focus on healing now okay can I get some of those people look at me no way in the forest speed 1615 steel ball no problem another same weight yeah yeah take some magic boy I could put him over there just Brawley a little bit safer adds to that oh he goes after him still you're gonna escape you're gonna escape aha everybody is before they escape of course and you instantly move are you kidding me what did he had yet like I have to redo this mission for this one item again God dang it that's just my luck it's no way I can make it up there on time no no I don't think so there's just what NASA wants would be help there all right everyone let's move out oh really I can't walk in like that no I don't think I can do that look at that uh-huh really after we do this mission for just one item I want that item so of course I'm gonna redo this question well yeah let's just do it come on I knew it was he's a rape you I want that and it's just gonna when I hate that come on every single time I know I know this was too easy but then again what did I expect like I mean they couldn't have it couldn't just have like one easy what is going on with my controller now why did my code for that at all I mean I just know that something else was gonna happen so yeah I gotta read through this mission off-screen get that one item because yeah game is just trolling me like usual me like seriously I knew there was something coming that was something annoying coming up so far every single chapter at some really stupid thing and I had to deal with I'm just gonna go end ok you can you kill him no baby no we have nope oh yeah at least this mission wasn't as difficult oh yeah we doing this mission no problem I think but still like you're just gonna expect it I survived this okay it thank you and a man is still down there we have Nosferatu log four times you better be fast enough to not get doubled I swear to god sky completely ignores me Wow what what's going on here those how are the people out of nowhere I he's not even gonna go after me you know I could always I could always miss yeah that was kind of sorry for ankle I should probably have checked his skills because usually SWAT masters have like what was it called advantage or something but I like some about okay I'm just gonna let you walk down here I cannot move my people somewhere all right you stupid idiot all right you know the drill gonna redo this mission but I will not show like any footage or something I mean it's not like anything you miss except me killing this guy all right assassin all right okay let's go with the 100% and Wow and I can't hit any what what is going on here they said nope alright then let's go with this you only have nostril that doesn't mean killer Oh well let's see if this all works out okay this guy don't know no danger you need to eat children thank you all right we got it I think you didn't even recall you didn't need me for a one space with a can't counter you what's wrong with you now you have a steel axe that should not double him right oh good job and let's just do this okay there we go here's the one what I gonna restart so yeah don't care about experience that just ends there we go what how they are still people up there God dang it oh I thought we were all done but since this guy isn't moving I guess I'm gonna like redo this mission and then I'll yeah I cut when we are about to defeat sky and yeah we do it like that okay okay thank you wanna quit shines hope you enjoyed spots and now I see you later I mean why why and I'm back yeah only the boss is left and yeah I managed to get that right here can show that or can I yes warm and yeah wasn't as hard I just moved everyone right up there and let Manuela take care of some people okay so in a forest use Nosferatu and yeah she got a few levels to I guess and she mastered her class which is really good so yeah and this guy not really difficult to deal with we just look at his stats know when using an x-acto slams breaker let's teleport uncommon for today depends how I lost nothing nasty so how about we do this or main character should not have any problems yep I have to return on makes me think we don't know hey that's not too bad I almost expect you to interpret what it doesn't kill and that's what made us all right and yeah Hanuman you can just go and do this and the situation is dealt with that's with relly which are supports and all that I guess and yeah he goes for on and you're dead I should protect you just died you just call me all died and all right oh yeah she's like a free HP or something got a little bit difficult for the Pegasus knives what yeah oil and water 24 turns and my main characters somehow managed to be MVP and you gain a battalion okay cool I'm gonna continue because there usually is a cutscene and moose uh-huh no months right I guess so me that's it author another me I do this yeah do colloquialism viola welcome tonight I hang a community of copious akio isono nani mo kimi a cordovan I mean you're Tyson you're a doctor ooh nice texture so nobody no one who can join in August we touched a to you honey madammadam is you Kahuna what does she so most honest Munira now us became friends again alright I'm obviously not gonna start another quest but I think it asks me to save after I come take another quest so yeah let's do that right now and we're obviously gonna do this one first because Lane and here incentive what setup will probably not be playable just like alloys so yeah this will probably be a little bit annoying I assume yeah and the next part I'll see you all in the next power log an ocean view hope you enjoyed this part please consider leaving like a commis pipe let's see you in the next part bye bye you