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Hey, everybody its mystery adventure weekend It's time for our next weekend adventure


And Jacob has found some places for us to go It's going to keep it a secret until we get there. It's mystery adventure weekend Joey and Janice's J. Beckham So we are currently waiting for gabriel to wake up from a nap He's been asleep for about an hour and a half which is awesome the weird any other day is awesome, but we're hungry So we need to go eat lunch before we begin our mystery mystery Adventure weekend so once the baby wakes up, we're going to load him up go get some lunch and head out I Can push the talk button no no wait go baby All right Let's go I Told Jay get to go in there and check on the baby And tell them not to wake him up to check on I Didn't wake him up then. What is he right now, honey It just happened to wake up when I went in there during go get him up And load him up When we come to I up in one segment And then it's mystery adventure weekend time Every time he has a new outfit. I like to have a mini photo. Shoot So we've got new onesie on today, and we're going to take a picture He's a kantam you do oh yes, you do wait. Don't go rude, I Have a lighting is right I Don't even lighting you guys Hey, buddy Hey, Gabriel Gabriel You don't have to make a red mark on your forehead room where you were dreaming There's a student driver Like there's something in me that always wants to like mess with them I know that's wrong C'mon see. I just really want to Possible guys terrible job have to do on hot Saturday pippa turn Milder temperatures 101 reroofing a status knows So Daddy's adventure took this into Highland Park Which is like undoubtedly the most beautiful and most expensive area of Dallas So I still don't know what we're doing. He's wandering around trying to find what it is. We're looking for a lot found it I've got to find a way to get this the stroller their Monster House falling behind another Monster house Trail We have bagels go down there But we have a baby couple of Mountains everywhere random runnerguy Pleasing gabriel you think that he's taking us on a wild goose chase You enjoin the nature All right, Daddy what we doing over here over there turn around go back that way they go across I Found it for us Sound what are you so close to me Wtf honey Teddy Bear sketchy why why not I can't know about this Camera if he does y'all a beer you want you too Teddy bear laughs oh What's happening check them out You don't tell you now. I wish that was private. There's a dude Are you really in this climate Gabriel Yeah, or you think boo With you with baby Weird oh You sit on a teddy bear Converse it. Maybe is a giant one well the most giant I should say Take a picture of my phone yeah one two three So here's some proof that Sara was here liquid giant Teddy Bears Giant Teddy Bears We think about random adventure number one may end up 20 it was sort of get a little hot you eat my hair or on it close it apologize go see what else is right here, so I really want to get into this gated property because there are all kinds of random statues and stuff in here like that somebody's bust I Know if you can see the other stuff through the woods There's all kinds of statues, and this is gated just private property Island partnering everything needs yeah, but I want to go in there. We've got statues of people on a bench This dude's face and then you can barely see it. You can't see it at all It's a giant statue of somebody Some back first mystery adventure is over and now we are on route to our next one so the result with Teddy bear part That was teddy bear part oh So now we're on the way to the next one what you think gabriel Yeah, got a little hot out there. We couldn't stay too long Hey You can do it, too The next stop or as you pulled in appears to be very yard, honey What are we doing here You'll see turn the Air backward I Wanted to bring my partner-in-crime To meet another famous partner in crime Bonnie and Clyde Cool We are at the grave of Bonnie Parker Bonnie and clyde Shane where's claude. He's locked up in a somewhere else can't get to hurt you Really weird honey really weird history history May she rest in peace Well, we survived another one another weekend adventure You know that weird there towards him it was historical anyway If you liked this video give it a thumbs up Tell us in the comment somewhere else. We should go what else we should do for one of our weekend adventures And be sure to subscribe to our channels that you get to see more don't miss any future Videos and be sure to click the little bell network subscribe button, so it notifies you when there is a new video Tells you where is it we're going to give this one some dinner some banana soup I Played Banana suit because we put too much breast milk, and it is now stupid. Yeah, oh well Let's see it'll eat it. Yep, alright. Thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time Oh, just realize that I'm filming a hurt