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In this episode, Im gonna show you my first zombie makeup. I hope this gonna look like a real zombie and I definitely want to enjoy doing it. Please enjoy watching my video until the end! My motto is that makeup is like a magic spell, the human face is like a canvas, and your blemishes will turn into charming points! First, I start by applying some contact lenses. I use Geeenie Matte White. Please check the link below about these contact lenses. Next, I apply some Woochie Spirit Gum on my forehead. Then, to create a bump, I use Mitsuyoshi Makeup Wax. Roll the wax like clay and attach it to the part where the gum was applied. Use a spatula to get a smooth transition between the wax and the skin. This was more difficult than I thought. Then, make a hole. This time, I use a syringe to create a scary effect. Adjust the hole size to the syringe. By the way, I insert colored wool felt into the syringe. Again, use the spatula to smooth even more. Next, apply the same steps to make cracked lips. In order to make these cracked lips look more real, I apply different shapes of the wax to each side of lips. After getting a smooth transition between the wax and the skin, use a spatula to make scars. I recommend you to wipe the spatula once in a while. That prevents the wax from coming off and you can make nice scars. The finish looks like this. Then dry the scar parts. While drying them, apply a dark color makeup, using Rapunzel in TBC-do fairy tale lineup. In order to look dark around the eyes, apply a mat color (blown color reduced redness) to the upper and lower lash lines. Next, to make a burn, I use Makeup For Ever Flash Color Palette. Apply yellow, blue, and red respectively. Moisten a brush first and then apply the color on the cheek each time. The base yellow creates a real skin effect. Then apply blue for spicing up. Try not to apply too much. Finally, apply red over these colors. Smooth the colors by finger. In order to create further color depth, apply Fake Blood over it. Then, apply Mitsuyoshi Kerosukin Pro (Smooth). This is a liquid for a special makeup. Your skin will be pulled and make wrinkles after applying it to the skin and drying. It looks like a real burn! Apply repeatedly if you like. The Kerosukin Pro has a little strong and pungent smell. Apply a black eyeshadow around the skin applied the Koresukin Pro. It makes the burns look even more real! As a finish, sprinkle Mitsuyoshi Blood Paint (Thick D type) evenly over the burn. Create a burn on the other cheek and forehead too, using the same steps. Next, color around the dried wax applied first. *Note: The liquid latex and the foundation were already applied after the wax was dried. My concept is to be injected bacteria into the forehead. So, color purple first, then add red or black to create a nice color gradation. To make it look real, draw blood vessels, using the Makeup For Ever Flash Color Palette, which was previously used. Draw a red thin line at a time. To create a real skin effect, add yellow and blue lines, like you did to make a burn. Add a darker color near the bump. Then apply Mitsuyoshi Blood Paint (Thick D type) on the top of the bump. Then, apply glue directly into the hole. *Note: I recommend you not to apply glue directly as I did. And then attach a syringe to it. You can attach anything you like instead. After drying the glue, the finish looks like this. Next, apply colors on the dried waxes around the mouth like you did before. Create shadows along the cracked lip, using Love Liner Liquid Rich Black. Apply the black liner inside the crack as well. Like you did before, apply yellow, blue, and red respectively on the dried wax around the cracked lip to create a real scare effect. Gradually apply Mitsuyoshi Blood Paint (Thick D type) on the top of the wax to create a grotesque effect as you like. If you apply both light red and dark red Blood Paint together, you can make the cracked lip look more real. Apply the Blood Paint to the lips. Apply the color to the other side of the cracked lip too. Apply more blood, using a Cinema Secrets Black Stipple Sponge. If you pat the sponge on the skin, it looks like scabs. If you press the sponge to the skin and then slide it down, it looks like scratches. If you want to drip some thick blood, apply Mitsuyoshi Blood Paint (Thick D type) with a brush. Apply blood color around the neck or the cloth to create a scarier effect. This time, I tear the unwanted T-shirt around the neck as a costume. I create burns on both hands and arms like this. Please try if you like. Wear a wig and arrange scary hair such as tangles and cowlicks. Completed! *Its hard to talk (Lol) This time, I made burns, cracked lips, and attached a syringe to the forehead. If you learn one makeup technique, you can apply it to different parts like neck, arms, and hands. My concept is a girl who becomes a zombie after being injected bacteria. I purchased all makeup products I used from Tokyu Hands this time. I will be glad if this video will be helpful for you when you try a zombie makeup. Im looking forwards to hearing from you, I value your opinion, feedback, and request! Please subscribe my channel or give me a like. See you at my next video!